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The Stephen Sondheim Society Members' Newsletter - December 2017 I’m writing this in the middle of packing for my “summer” holiday; anything to avoid doing the ironing! I hope that you enjoy this latest edition of our journal Sondheim The Magazine. Thank you all for your forbearance at the delay to its appearance due to this very difficult time for our Editor David Lardi. I am sure that you will all join in with me in sending our sympathy to him and his family. And many thanks to Craig Glenday for pulling this edition together in his absence. So we come to the end of another year in which, for me, I feel as if I have been firefighting Follies tickets and events for the whole time!! Hopefully it has been worth it and you have all been able to experience the National Theatre’s production in one way or another. On which note, there may be a very few tickets left for our last Follies event: a trip to the last night on Wednesday January 3rd. If you haven’t yet booked with us and would be interested in attending, please register your interest either by emailing me: with the subject line Last night of Follies or leave me a message on the phone (0115 928 1613). Please note that I am away until 21 December so you won’t get a response until after then. So far next year isn’t looking quite as busy but we do have tickets booked for what are currently the two major Sondheim events: the first ever UK performance of Sondheim on Sondheim and the much-anticipated reimagining of Company with Rosalie Craig and Patti LuPone. We have tickets for both of these events, plus the Sondheim on Sondheim Study Day and you will find the booking form for all of these at the back of this newsletter.

Take an in-depth look at Stephen Sondheim’s extensive musical career, from the big hits to the deep cuts, in this study day. Royal Festival Hall, Saturday 3 March from 12.00–4.00pm.

The European premiere of Sondheim on Sondheim featuring The BBC Concert Orchestra . Thursday 15 March at The Royal Festival Hall at 7.30pm. Surrounding a film of the composer himself and accompanied by a host of exciting performers, this retrospective autobiography performed on Broadway in 2010, presents his finest music intertwined with an intimate portrait of one of musical theatre's giants.

The legendary Broadway musical as you've never seen it before. Elliott & Harper Productions present this iconic musical, directed by Marianne Elliott,with the lead role of 'Bobby' re-imagined for the first time as a woman. At Bobbi's 35th birthday party all her friends are wondering why isn't she married? Why can't she find the right man? Why doesn't she settle down and have a family?

Starring Rosalie Craig as Bobbi, and Tony and Olivier award-winner Patti LuPone as Joanne, this musical masterpiece opens in September 2018 at the Gielgud Theatre for a strictly limited season from September – December 2018. We have Society trips to the matinee on Saturday 13 October and to the last night of the run on Saturday 22 December. Unfortunately, despite trying I was unable to get us any discount on the ticket prices.

Membership We have kept our subscription rates at the same level for some time now but as costs are ever escalating we have reluctantly decided that we need to increase them very slightly. They will be going up by £2 per membership type in the UK and £5 for overseas (as postage costs abroad are so high). The new rates from January 1st for renewals and new joiners will be: Annual Individual UK membership (under 60) Annual Individual UK membership (60 and over) Annual Joint membership (UK) Annual Overseas membership Annual Equity/Students Union/MMU/ISM membership

£27 £22 £32 £40 £17

I am sure that you’ll agree that, whether you are a member who only reads the magazine or one who takes advantage of the bookings and events we put on, this still represents superb value for money and I hope that you will continue to support us. Many thanks to those of you who have heeded our request to cancel your standing orders. We would like all of you who use the internet to cancel any previous standing order and in the future renew through the online membership system. Please confirm with me when you have cancelled it – send me an email headed ‘Standing order cancelled’ ( Once you have confirmed, you will automatically receive a reminder when renewal is due and it’s a simple matter to pay online. If you do not use the internet, but have a standing order set up, please amend the amount of the standing order to the amount below by visiting your bank.

Gift Aid Can I please beg, cajole and implore you all to sign up for Gift Aid if you are eligible and you haven’t yet done so. Gift Aid is a painless way of giving the Society extra sorely-needed funds at no cost to yourself. If you do sign up you’ll be helping to support hugely worthwhile events such as The Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year (aka SSSSPOTY). If you aren’t sure if you have registered for Gift Aid you can check by taking a look at your membership profile page by going to click on Sign In (top right) and enter the email address you usually receive Sondheim emails on in the box. You’ll be able to sign in, check your Gift Aid status and sign up for it if you haven’t already. If you have any trouble signing in, please contact or call 07913 875 964 and Nina will be able to help.

Archive We hope to be bringing you details this year of a special Follies-related addition to our Society Archive, so watch this space for further news.

Cruise I have heard from quite a few of you that you are booked on, or planning to book for, the 2018 Musical Theatre cruise with Michael Ball, Collabro, Jodie Prenger et al. It would be great if we could all get together on the ship and stay in touch so I am asking everyone who is going to let me know their details. Also, I have had a request to ask if anyone travelling from London to Southampton might be interested in sharing travel in some way. Please let me have the answers to the following questions, either by email (using the subject line GOING ON THE MUSICAL THEATRE CRUISE) or by post: Name(s) email address(es) I/we are booked on the Musical Theatre cruise in October 2018 and our cabin number (s)is/are: If you have a mobile phone please put the number(s) here: If you have a mobile phone do you use WhatsApp? If you are travelling from London might you be interested in discussing travel arrangements to and from Southampton with a view to e.g. sharing/offering lifts/planning a private minibus? If you are travelling from London what method of travel are you considering? Are you happy to share your email/phone details with other Society members who are going on the cruise?

And finally‌. I have been binge watching the US version of House of Cards (before it became politically incorrect to watch it) and came across an actor named James Martinez. I think he bears a striking resemblance to the younger Mr Sondheim, should a bio-pic ever be envisaged!!


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December 2017

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MERCHANDISE (all prices include UK post/packing. If you live overseas please ask before placing your order)

No. req’d: DVD Region 1 (USA version) 2011 Company (with Neil Patrick Harris) @ £8.50 DVD Region 2 (UK version) Gypsy (with Imelda Staunton) @ £8.50 Victoria Mallory & Kurt Petersen When Everything Was Possible CD @ £10.00 Steve Ross Good Thing Going - The Songs of Stephen Sondheim CD @ £7.50 2013 Passion Double CD @ £12.00 2011 New York Follies double CD @ £11.50 It Takes Two CD @ £12.00 2010 Broadway A Little Night Music (Zeta Jones) CD @ £14.00 1 mug ----------Beer / ---------Coffee / --------Tea / --------Vodka @ £13 inc p&p 2 mugs ----------Beer / ---------Coffee / --------Tea / ---------Vodka @ £24 inc p&p 3 mugs ----------Beer / ---------Coffee / --------Tea / ---------Vodka @ £35 inc p&p 4 mugs ----------Beer / ---------Coffee / --------Tea / ---------Vodka @ £40 inc p&p Ticket orders (please send an SAE for any tickets ordered) I/we want ___ member tickets @ £21.00 for Sondheim on Sondheim Study Day on Saturday 3 March 2018 (12 - 4.00 pm) at the Royal Festival Hall, London I/we want ___ guest tickets @ £22.00 for Sondheim on Sondheim Study Day on Saturday 3 March 2018 (12 - 4.00 pm) at the Royal Festival Hall, London I/we want ___ member tickets @ £38.00 for Sondheim on Sondheim on the evening of Fully booked Thursday 15 March 2018 (7.30 pm) at the Royal Festival Hall, London I/we want ___ guest tickets @ £40.00 for Sondheim on Sondheim on the evening of Thursday Fully booked 15 March 2018 (7.30 pm) at the Royal Festival Hall, London I/we want ___ member tickets @ £80.00 for Company on the afternoon of Saturday 13 October 2018 at the Gielgud Theatre, London /we want ___ guest tickets @ £80.50 for Company on the afternoon of Saturday 13 October 2018 at the Gielgud Theatre, London I/we want ___ member tickets @ £80.00 for Company on the evening of Saturday 22 December 2018 at the Gielgud Theatre, London (Last night of the run) I/we want ___ guest tickets @ £80.50 for Company on the evening of Saturday 22 December 2018 at the Gielgud Theatre, London (Last night of the run)

£_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______

£_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______ £_______

I enclose a cheque made payable to The Stephen Sondheim Society Please send completed form, cheque, stamped addressed envelope for tickets to: Lynne Chapman - Society Administrator, The Stephen Sondheim Society, 265 Wollaton Vale, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2PX email: t: 0115 928 1613 m: 07836 242832