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Info on the past quarter, what’s coming up, milestones etc. From one of the execs.

Design & Usability:

Been to Recently?

… if not, then you’re missing out on seeing the pieces you work so hard to create, out there

working hard for you! From Design, to Shipping and everything in between, the team’s attention to detail and consistent quality control is on full display… Makes it easy to see how we’re Better than the Rest. Check out today; see your final product clean, assembled and looking fine… maybe even brag a bit. Your friends and family may not have been impressed by the record number of FP-5000 pieces you cut on Friday, but they’re sure to be interested when you show them the Florence Collection online and what you did to make that stand a reality.

Who’s New? Both are fully qualified and licensed electricians in Australia, and after receiving their credentials in Ashmore, Queensland, they did what any newly certified graduate would do; they burned their text-books and jumped on a one-way flight to BC! Well, we’re glad you did, and welcome aboard! Originally from the UK, Tim’s inner outdoorsman brought him to BC. He’s a camper, hiker, qualified SCUBA diver and is probably capable of building a shelter, starting a fire and killing a bear armed only with some wet moss and a salamander.

In June, we also welcomed Rob Ericsson back to the team. Rob was a production worker with us for about 8 years before leaving in ’01 to open a Karate School. After successfully building up that business, Rob’s joined us again as a Production Supervisor. A bit older, a bit wiser, and able to catch a fly midair with Chopsticks.

Finally, Todd has joined the team for the summer, helping Aaron wrap up some of the ongoing IT Initiatives. Todd is a 4th year Senior Software Engineering honours student from the University if Western Ontario. He has to head back to school in the fall for his last year, but until then he’s part of the CI Team.

Welcome Aboard!

Quality & Dependability:

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Traveling this summer? Don’t forget your Equitable Life wallet card! It doubles as your proof of travel insurance and an emergency contact card.

Better than the rest‌

Lynn, Francis and Tyson! Mom, Dad and older brother welcomed baby th Camryn on July 8 . Both mom and little sis are doing well and back at home Chris Moss and wife-2-be Erin! Chris took a little vacation earlier this month and came back engaged! Just your typical trip to Oregon: Sunscreen, Boogey Board, Glasses, Diamond Ring – Check!

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Q1 2010's Newsletter

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