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Seaweed extract. Biostimulant




%w/v 25 37,5 21,8 5,25 1,75 3

Ascophylum Nodossum sp Total Organic Matter Fulvic Acids Potassium (K2O) Manitol Alginic Acid Equivalent Citocinetic Activity

ppm 250

Seaweed effects on plants:

Ascophyllum Nodosum

Health Yield Quality


Abiotic stress tolerance 1-Salinity and drought tolerance 2-Freezing tolerance

is a natural stimulant that is capable of intensifying the vegetal metabolism and the

Post-harvest 1-Improved shelf life 2-Improved storage quality 3-Enhanced nutritional value

crops, especially citrus, strawberries, Ffruit trees, olive trees, ornamentals and vine. It is recommended during the phases of greater fruit setting and fruit growth) or under unfavourable conditions (frosts, drought, hail, pests, diseases, etc.).

Growth response 1-Improved Shoot&Root growth

Active principles

3-Better yield

Growth regulators:

Biotic stress resistance 1-Resistance to fungi 2-Resistance to insect pest.

Betaines: They act as solutes to decrease the negative tolerance against freeze and also the content in chlorophyll in the leaves.

of assimilated elements to the fruit, decrease of oxidant stress). It also contains auxins, gibberellins and endogenous synthesis promoters of these growth regulators. Complex polysaccharides: natural defense of plants against plagues and illnesses.

Application Crops

Fertirrigation Foliar spray

Flowers and ornamentals Horticulture Nursery Industrial crops Orchards, vineyards and citrus




4 5-6 2 15 - 30 20 - 40

100 100 - 150 50 - 80 100 - 150 150 - 200

Details Before transplanting, before flowering After the transplanting, before flowering In case of etiolation After transplanting, before flowering Before flowering, at the fruit set and before ripening

Good compatibility with all phytosanitary products. With products based on trace elements, reduce the dose and make a test 1L



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