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Top Bridal Jewellery picks of 2020 ‘Extravagant’ is the first word that comes to our mind when we think of bridal jewellery. Jewellery for a bride is one of the most integral aspects of her wedding planning as it symbolises rather than just aesthetic appeal. Wedding jewellery becomes a part of family’s heritage and is passed down for many generations.

It has a spiritual, traditional and ethical significance, thus making the process of choosing the right kind of jewellery often a bit overwhelming for a bride. The selection process becomes much more difficult given the pool of choices made available by some of the best jewellery showrooms in India. The decision of investing in bridal jewellery is crucial therefore an informed decision while choosing your favourite jewellery type is a must.

Some of the trendiest jewellery types are listed below to help you make an informed and right decision:

THE TIMELESS DIAMOND JEWELLERY The versatility of a diamond piece is astonishing. It fits like ‘Cinderella’s glass slipper’ in a modern design as well as in a design that reflects true traditional craftmanship. Diamond bridal jewellery goes with most outfits, and gives a classic and elegant look while spreading that rich and affluent atmosphere to the wedding. It is a great choice for brides for whom ‘diamonds are their ‘best friend’.

Some of the best diamond jewellery brands in India have been creating captivating jewellery pieces that have a perfect mix of modern and heritage. With diamond as a choice of bridal jewellery, your entrance at your wedding will be nothing less than grand.

POLKI JEWELLERY Polki diamond Jewellery is another type of bridal jewellery that has been taking over the wedding scenes lately. Made up of raw, unfinished and uncut diamonds (also known as polki stones) set in a gold setting, Polki Jewellery tends to shine brighter and exhibit more luster as they are in their natural form.

With a painted gold foil at the back to place the diamonds in between, the Polkis or uncut diamonds are held in place by these gold sheets creating a bezel or a mould for the stone to sit in. This further adds the luminescence and light to the Polki stones. Polki diamond jewellery reflects superior craftmanship and royalty of the Mughal era, where it first originated from.

JADAU JEWELLERY The craft of embedding precious and semi-precious gemstones into a base mould made of thin sheets of gold, which is then heated and later cooled down, sums up the art of a Jadau jewellery. This Mughal originated jewellery making technique requires artisans to have great skill and years of practice so that the finesse of a Jadau piece is not compromised with. No wonder Jadau jewellery is a perfect example of extremely skilled craftsmanship.

The use of stones like kundan, polki, emeralds, rubies etc., in a Jadau piece might get you confused. The best way to figure it out is to observe a Jadau piece carefully. You'll notice that these stones are perfectly embedded into their gold moulds which basically differentiates them from other techniques of jewellery.

KUNDAN JEWELLERY Much like Polki, Kundan uses the same technique of gold foils being pressed to make bezels that would hold the stones. But what sets them apart is the fact that while Polkis are raw uncut diamond, Kundan jewellery uses glass instead of diamonds. While uncut diamonds are used in the gold framework in Polki jewellery, glass along with other gemstones is laid upon the framework, the edges of which are then polished for a neat look.

Also, the back side of a kundan stone is enamelled in different colors which makes it all the more beautiful and makes it one of the top contenders of bride’s choice of wedding jewellery.

THE COLORFUL MEENAKARI JEWELLERY Meenakari or the art of enameling is basically the technique of filling in the jewellery moulds with colored enamel. These moulds are generally designed around the figures of gods, goddesses, birds or animals, and plants and filled with color combinations accordingly. These timeless jewellery pieces are highly favored by brides for the exquisite colorul grace they add to their look.

Meenakari is usually combined with kundan jewellery and jadau techniques. Meenakari pieces are still in fashion and is one of the ‘must haves’ in a bride’s jewellery collection. Bridal jewellery adds that festive aura to any outfit and makes the bride appear truly

resplendent. A bride must choose a jewellery type that goes with the overall look that they are aiming for, including how it sets off their hairstyle and makeup.

Also, remember to pick bridal jewellery that is timeless and transformative in nature. It is advised that one researches and explores some of the best jewellery showrooms in India to lock in on their choice of jewellery type and design for their wedding day to make an informed decision.

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Top Bridal Jewellery Picks of 2020  

Some of the best diamond jewellery brands in India have been creating captivating jewellery pieces that have a perfect mix of modern and her...

Top Bridal Jewellery Picks of 2020  

Some of the best diamond jewellery brands in India have been creating captivating jewellery pieces that have a perfect mix of modern and her...