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Proficient in  Adobe  CS6  (Ps,  Ai  &  Id),  Corel  Draw  and  MS  Office   Expert  in  Textile  Fabrications,  Application,  Identification  and  Construction   Passion  for  Textiles!   Proficient  in  Technical  Design   Experience  in  Assortment  Planning,  Production  &  Sourcing  Strategies   Expert  in  Print  Development   Expert  in  making  presentation  boards   Know  well  how  to  translate  trends  into  concepts   Expert  in  hand  &  computer  sketching/designs   Know  well  how  colors  coordinate   Proficient  in  Product  Development   Good  Knowledge  TUKA  Studio   Expert  in  photography  and  re-­‐touching  pictures  in  photoshop   Experience  in  Handloom  Weaving,  Surface  ornamentation   Team  Player   Deadline  driven   Love  to  travel  

EXPERIENCE   Ø Spring  2013-­‐  Internship  at  Chaiken  Clothing,  SF   Product  Development  Intern  at  Chaiken  from  April  12th  2013-­‐  June  14th  2013.   Currently   working   on   various   tasks:   trend   research,   designing   technical   flats   on   Ai,   organizing   fabrics   according   to   their   type   and   content,   send   out   packages,   worked   on   invoices   and   other   inventories.  (   Ø Winter  2013-­‐  Internship  at  Williams-­‐Sonoma  Inc.     Product  Development  Intern  at  Williams-­‐Sonoma  (Home)  from  January  10th  2013–March  25th  2013.   Tasks   done:   make   theme/color   boards,   re-­‐touching   pictures   on   Photoshop,   product   research,   organizing,   worked   for   WSI   Mock   Store,   making   mark-­‐ups,   pitching   colors   for   color-­‐ways,   made   send  out  packages.  (  Williams-­‐Sonoma  Home)   Ø Spring  2012  -­‐  Flyer  For  Sunnyvale  Community  Center:   Designed   a   flyer   for   ‘Spring   Pottery   Sale   2012’   for   Sunnyvale   Community   Center,   CA   using   Adobe   Illustrator.  (Friends  of  Sunnyvale  Pottery  Studio)   Ø 2010  Final  Collection  /  Graduation  Project:   As  a  part  of  the  Bachelor’s  Degree  course  of  Textile  Design,  in  Spring  2010  I  designed  a  novelty  print   collection  for  casual  dresses  &  hand  bags  and  names  it  ‘Not  So  Elegant’;  theme:  Indian  Kitsch  Art,  

RESUME: Sonam  Srivastava   2  







and techniques:  digital  print  with  flock  screen  print;  tools  for  designing:  hand-­‐paint,  Corel  Suite  and   Photoshop.  (‘Not  So  Elegant’  Collection)   Fall  2009:   1.   Industry   Internship:   As   per   course   curriculum   of   two   months   internship,   I   worked   with   a   multi-­‐ disciplinary  design  studio  ‘Studio  B’  (,  New  Delhi.  Studio  B  is  a  multi-­‐ disciplinary   design   studio   in   New   Delhi,   India.   Worked   here   for   four   months   as   final   year   Design   Intern.   Worked   in   textile   prints   (home   furnishing),   company   logo,   prototype   designs,   bathmats   graphics,  print  graphics  and  textile  graphics  &  weaves.  Learned  advanced  level  of  Corel  Suite  and   Adobe  Photoshop.   2.  Dissertation  Project:  Ten  weeks  research  project  on  ‘Chikankari’  craft  of  Lucknow,  UP  India,  which   included  surveys,  visits  to  NGOs,  market  research  and  final  analysis.     Spring  2009:   1.   Tex-­‐Styles   India   2009,   ‘Fabric   Folio’   by   Pearl   Academy   of   Fashion:   Focused   on   developing   Prints   and   Surface   Ornamentation   for   market;   theme:   ‘Blissful   Memories’   and   sub-­‐theme:   ‘Resonance’   for   Home  Furnishing.  Tools:  hand-­‐paint  and  Adobe  Photoshop.   2.  DEFRA  Project:  Developed  samples  for  ‘lamp-­‐shades’  out  of  leftover/waste  fabrics  &  yarns  for  the   project   on   Sustainability,   organized   by   DEFRA   (Department   for   Environment,   Food   and   Rural   Affairs,  UK)  in  2009.   Fall  2008:   1.  ‘Jharkhand’  Project:  Developed  weave  plans  and  designs  to  help  weavers  of  Jharkhand,  India   2.  Dastkar  Project:  With  the  Dastkar  Project  (,  I  developed  designs  for  block   prints  and  surface  embellishment  samples.  Tools:  hand  sketch  and  Adobe  Photoshop.   Summer  2008:   Worked   with   Shoppers   Stop,   India:  Summer  Job  as  a  Visual  Merchandiser;  focused  on  Styling  and   Store  Layout.     Spring  2008:   Craft  Documentation:  Learned  the  traditional  art  of  Lucknow,  ‘Chikankari’  and  also  worked  with  a   well-­‐known  NGO  ‘SEWA’  Self  Employed  Women’s  Association,  Lucknow  (   for  the  same.   Summer  2007:   Worked   with   Arvind   Mills:   Summer   Job   with   Arvind   Mills,   under   the   roof   of   Shoppers   Stop,   Lucknow  for  ‘Do  The  Denim  Festival’  in  the  Denim  Lab  as  a  Fashion  Stylist/consultant.  


Ø 2012-­‐13 Merchandise  Product  Development  (A.A.  PD)  at  FIDM  SF.  Current  GPA-­‐  3.91   Ø 2006-­‐10  Textile  Design  (BA.  Hons.)  at  Pearl  Academy  of  Fashion,  New  Delhi,  India  

LANGUAGES KNOWN   Ø English   Ø Hindi  

Note: References  and  Portfolio  available  on  request.  

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