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Sonam Kandhari

Sonam Kandhari

You probably want to look at my work, but ďŹ rst sit tight, lets break the ice a little.

Sonam Kandhari is a freelance Interior Designer with satisfied clients pan India she has been designing spaces for the past 5 years and still loves every minute of it.

Thats enough talking about myself in third person. Im a 25 year old Interior Designer born and brought up in Chennai, India. I wouldn't say while growing up, art was an integral part of me. I was more of a tom boy and played all kind of sports and spent most of my time outdoors. My first love in art began with my love for drawing when I drew an entire colouring book for my little sister.

So now onto the serious side, I graduated with a Bachelors in Design from Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Prior to carving my own path I worked under a renowned architect to gain valuable experience and knowledge.


We are not human beings on a spirtual journey

We are spiritual beings on a human journey

I love the fact that my creativity can make someone else feel happy. Design should be all about emotions and positive feelings. This special relationship between the designer and the client is what drives me. I think that you have to analyze the client, to learn from them, and to listen very carefully. When you focus on your client, every project is a new unique and exciting experience. I usually draw my design inspiration from magazines, internet and exhibitions, but when you love design, inspiration can be found anywhere and thats the best part. So i would prefer to say that i find inspiration in my everyday life and travelling to different cultures.

Project Name : Mr.FoodHub Location : Mahaballipuram Total Area : 15,000 sft

Design Style : Eclectic and Nautical

Mahabalipuram is a town on a strip of land located between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt lake, known for its cultural monuments and temples. Our site is located in the entrance of the town, what we needed was to make heads turn, to create a dramatic set of interiors, a mixture of trends, textures and colors, a blend of Industrial, French and Indian styles. The Structure consists of three Levels, the food court on the first level- Banquet Hall, Spa and Vanity Rooms on the second level and a Rooftop Shisha Sports Lounge Bar on the third level.

Mood Board

3' DN















3'-5" 3'










Level 1 Floor Plan


Rendered Flooring Plan

The flooring in the centre pathway is spreadover with pebbles to instil the perception of the beach, as this pathway leads us to the rooftop lounge bar. The other two pathways are laid down with wooden finish tiles to distinguish from rest of the space. The black and white patterned floor reflects off the colourful carved wooden chairs and hand crafted metal tables with granite tops.

Option 1

To create a dramatic first impression of the space we built a two storey structure in the centre of the building which also helps amplify the space. Monumental chandeliers and sculptures were given 3D Visualization as an option to enhance the eclectic option. The next option was to stay industrial on the skeleton and use colourful French and Indian accents from the base above.

Front elevation of outlets

Finalized Option

Option 1

After finalising on the option with an Industrial skeleton and colourful French and Indian accents from the base above the interior of the food court was sure set attractive for anyone who steps foot inside. Now our next objective was to attract thoseďż˝ driving through so that means the property signage had to make a statement and draw attention to any passerby. The horizontal life sized and Signage Design bright signage that we finalised on was hand crafted and painted by the local villagers around the town .

Option 2

Final Signage

Finished Project Images

The 2 story Industrial steel structure encapsules the food court with alluring chandeliers that enhance the first look. What futher captivates one, is the enormous signage at the foot of the food court. Traditional elements like the stone jali and the balusters have been used to form the balustrade around the seating, alongside the colonial street lamps to spruce up the lighting decor in the space. The seating area features colourful carved wooden chairs, hand crafted metal tables with granite tops reflect off the black and white patterned floor.

The essential feature in the second level are the vanity rooms, these rooms are created to entertain the younger generation to have private gatherings and as the property Level 2 is often taken up for movie shootings these Vanity Rooms rooms are also used to prepare pre shoot.

Conceptualised as Pop Art as it has a great attraction, and who could resist the accents of expressive colours and furniture classics from the 60’s.



Private Cabanna Seating


Live BBQ + Hookah Counter

Women Mocktail Counter


Semi Indoor Dining


Semi Indoor Dining 69'-1"

70'-5" Indoor A.C Dining

Mezzanine- Level 3 steps lower


25' MD Office





Level 3 Rooftop Sheesha Lounge


The rooftops warm tones, blush pink colours and boho sustainable decor feels beach appropriate. Pastel shaded furniture dots the space while white Bougainvilleas, Money plants and Palm Trees lend a farm fresh feeling to Mahabs Beach Club, whose west facing position ensures late day sunlight.

Project Name : Kids Rooms Location : Chennai Total Area : 800 sft

Design Style : Playful Contemporary

Storage for toys takes priority in any kids room, but that wasn't our challenge here. Our challenge here was that we were designďż˝ ing the room for a 7 year old boy who wanted a car shaped bed, and a 3 year old girl who couldn't be neglected. The room had to cater to both, the infant girl and the adolescent boy.

For our little clients we decided to go ahead with a dreamy scenic gender neutral kids bedďż˝ room and a study/play room with a games concept. Sweet details and endearing colours the kids space is our focus, a space perfect for imagination and storytelling.

Finished Project Images

Project Name : Four Bedroom Apartment Location : Chennai

Total Area : 1800 sft

Design Style : Contemporary

Light and bright living spaces, brass decor, designer wooden panels and reflective surfaces was the vision of the client and designer in this Apartment in Chennai, India. A clean contemporary mood board yet a fresh design that is not very common in this city.

This apartment is located in a Gated Community Township in Chennai. The client had initially purchased two adjacent 2 bedroom apartments, which we then put together into one big 4 bedroom apartment. The rooms in the initial plan were comparitively really small, advantage we had in the new plan was we got to expand the room sizes. We decided to make a more open plan, with a spacious living area and then kitchen to be extended out to the dining and living. DINING ROOM FOYER








We used mouldings, brass and marble textures to make this resiďż˝ dence evocative of a European style. Details such as the plethora of mouldings that we applied across the walls are intended to make the space feel more intimate and yet spacious. Other elements like the brass and marble details on the furniture, brass chandeliers, suede and metal chairs are put together to give this apartment a cosy yet elegant experience. 3D Visualization

Inspired by traditional Parisian apartments, the space has a classical and elegant atmosphere portrayed through extensive moulding details, graceful volumes and noble materials.

Project Name : The Slate Hotel Location : Chennai

Total Area : 25,000 sft

Design Style : Luxe Industrial

The Slate Hotel is the first project that I worked on independently, the beginning to my freelance journey and hence will also be very close to my heart. This project was entirely controlled by the millennials. The Slate Hotel is a sophisticated property making use every corner towards expansion of hospitality. The property consists of 20 Bedrooms, a Cafe, a Muay Thai Centre, a Resto Bar and a Rooftop Shisha Lounge. Keeping in mind the Muay Thai Centre we decided to go with a luxe industrial theme for the entire property. We merged elements of luxury design with the longstanding industrial trend, an entirely new look that epitomises style and sophistication was achieved. Comfortable and luxurious furniture and hand crafted and warm lighting is used to accentuate the luxe.

Finished Project Images

List of Projects Worked on Independently Since November 2016 Project Name : Malhotra’s Residence Location : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Total Area : 15,000 sft

Design Style : Modern Contemporary Project Name :AGC Jewellers Store Location : Ahmedabad, Gujurat Total Area : 15,000 sft

Design Style : Modern Contemporary Project Name :AGC Jewellers Store Location : Ahmedabad, Gujurat Total Area : 15,000 sft

Design Style : Modern Contemporary

Project Name : Amtex Product Design Dept. Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 800 sft

Design Style : Eclectic Industrial Project Name : Asian Station Restaurant Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 3,000 sft

Design Style : Asian Theme Project Name : One Bhaarat News Office Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 1,000 sft

Design Style : Hollywood Regency Project Name : Teenage Girl Bedroom Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 400 sft

Design Style : Contemporary Industrial Project Name : Khathurias Apartment Location : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 2,200 sft

Design Style : Contemporary Project Name : Bathrooms Design Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Total Area : 100 sft

Design Style : Contemporary

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