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Tips To Keep Swimming Pool Clean Part - 2 Clean your filter regularly or as needed. The best filter for Arizona pools, in my opinion, are cartridge filters (there are exceptions though), they provide maximum flow rates, waste little valuable water (no backwashing), get the water crystal clean and only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year. Yes, they may need to be cleaned after a heavy storm or once every few months depending on conditions in your pool. It would be best to clean them about every 4-6 months. Just remind yourself to do it each time you come back from the dentist, or every other oil change in your car if you are a planner. If you have an extra set of elements -- which is a great idea -- it is a much easier and quicker job. Soak dirty filters in a 10% solution of muriatic acid or a solution of TSP (Trisodium phosphate). Use a rubber trash can. Wear gloves and eye protection. Be careful! Always add acid to water, NOT water to acid. Afterwards, rinse until clean and let them dry. Put your supplies away until your next swap-out.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Swimming Pool Management, Pool Management jobs & Aquatic Management companies Clean out skimmer basket(s) weekly, or as needed if conditions exist. The skimmer is installed in the side of the pool and its primary job is to skim the surface of the pool before debris and contaminants become saturated and float down to the bottom of the pool. Everything in your pool enters at the surface of the water, the effective the skimmer is, the more stuff it can skim off the pool the better. There is a round access panel on your deck, open it up and dump the contents of the basket as needed. Keep it cleaned out at all times. As you are monitoring your pool, take note as it will let you know if there is an issue: - Are the returns in the sidewall of the pool weak? - Is the in-floor cleaning system working correctly? Your pool should be free of 99% of dirt and debris. - How is the water clarity in your pool? The bottom should be visible and the water crystal clear. - Is the drain at the bottom obstructed? - Is your hose cleaner moving as it should? - Any abnormal odors? Pool Management, Inc. has over 20 successful years in the swimming pool management industry. We have have been providing City’s, Country Clubs, Communities and Home Owner Associations with America’s finest Lifeguards, Aquatics Directors, Swim and water instructors. We assemble a team for your facility based on your criteria. We also have pool construction division that has been building new pools and renovating existing pools for over 20 years. Whether it be Pool or Deck resurfacing, New shade structure installation, Salt System conversions, or pump room repair and design, Pool Management, Inc. has the resources and experience for all your facility’s needs.

Tips to keep swimming pool clean part 2