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Identity Access Management Identity access management (IAM) ensures that the right users access the right service.

Identity Access Management Responsibilities of identity access management : 1. Analysis and design of identity management, access management, and role based access control solutions. 2. Provide identity access management operational guidance to support teams. 3. Perform hardware/software, reliability, security, interoperability, reusability, scalability, and performance analysis. 4. Create and deliver presentations, communicate technical and highly complex security design information to management and public groups.

Identity & Access Management • To be able to make their enterprise practices much better and safer; tiny, medium and significant organizations are now investing most of their safety efforts on carrying out the main identity & access management projects. Identity access management supports analysis and type of identity management, admittance administration, and function structured access manage strategies.

Identity & Access Management • Our portfolio functions companies for most of the significant vendors who supply Identity & Access Management solutions to fulfill the compliance requirements.

Identity & access management