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How to Ensure Quality of Technical Translation Services Nowadays, the proper translation of any document is very difficult to recognize. Presently, in market there are lots of machine based translations are available which are not completely correct and quality based. Before going to deep in the below study , I would like to describe you the major factors that affects the avail of the research and study that, what is a technical translation services? Technical translation services is doesn’t means that the service providing of translation of any IT specific document. In fact, some people also think that the using of technical translators & reviewers for technical projects is technical translation services, which is also not again completely correct. Then, the question again back to the same place that; what is Technical translation services? Technical Translation Services:Technical translation service is the service providing by any translation service provider, based on different technical tools, techniques, strategies and resources. The best example which is fitted here is: Using of various CAT & QA tools.  Using of IT know ledged resources (translators, reviewers, proof readers. Etc.)  Different QA based controls and processing. By using which we able to validate a simple translated document as a quality based translated document. Difference between Translation & Quality Translation:There is a wide range of variety between Translation and Quality Translation. There are lots of factors are needed to be add in Translation, then only we will received a good quality translations. Some of the factors that are affects to describe a translation as quality translation are as follows: Quality of translation starts with quality of the translators, reviewers and proof readers.  Translators, reviewers or proof readers must have the knowledge of all the CAT tools & QA controls and processing.  Major significance and parameters which we may show the exact differences between the two documents. Here we can use the “Change-Report" also to report those issues. To ensure the quality of Technical translation services:After checking and verified each and every instances of QA based controls and processing we able to ensure the translation services as technical translation services. Please see the below examples which can acts as a reference for translation based projects in future.

Source Translation Quality Translation Error Add this content to इस End Punctuation, i.e., सामग्री को इस सामग्री को mobile. “Poornviram” is missing. मोबाईल में जोडें

Add this content to इस mobile.

मोबाईल में जोडें।

वस्तु को इस

मोबाईल में जोडें।

मोबाईल में जोडें।

सामग्री को As per the glossary, the

word “Content” should be translated as “सामग्री”.

Here only few examples are mentioned, through the above mentioned examples it is clear that what is the main difference between translation and quality translation, and to ensure the quality based translation though different technical tools and equipments then we can able to provide a good technical Translation Services. This type of error can be recognized through different QA based controls and processing. To provide a quality based translation services based on technical tools and techniques, software localization experts, experienced translators, reviewers and proofreaders (who has the fluency in the language and error free grammar) and as much as enough capable to eliminate any errors that could have incurred because of any type of involvement.

How to Ensure Quality of Technical Translation Services