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May 18 2009

Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

When more is not enough!

But what makes this project further interesting is the fact that


people found the media campaign so convincing that they thought that the fake psychological disorder was authentic.

If you happened to have walk in to a havidol showroom and

The campaign was followed by enquiries about the product

you're bound to believe it’s what it says it is: an advertisement

from prospective buyers, dealers and even venture capitalists.

for a new drug treating Dysphoric Social Attention

People have walked into the gallery and thought it was real.

Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder ( DSACDAD ), an

They didn't get the fact that this was a parody or satire.

illness characterized by a sense of lingering unhappiness. A wonder drug for people who have everything in life but feel they aren’t living it to the fullest and something is missing. Havidol promises to fulfill that emptiness. "If you believe that despite the opportunities,

achievements and acquisitions you already have, something is still missing, then Havidol may be right for you." Text from Havidol promotional material Visitors to the showroom are subjected to dissonance by self

But where Havidol really took off was over the Internet. In the

assesment tests where visitors are lead to believe that they

first few days after the Web site ( ) went up,

really have some deficiency and need to have it all! Large

it had 5,000 hits. The last time when checked it had reached a

screens play cheesy testimonials. They also get to try out

quarter of a million. It got listed over the Internet in real

samples of the wonder drug.

pharmaceutical websites for panic and anxiety disorder. It's been folded into a Web site for depression.

All this looks too convincing, but examining closer one is wrist slapped as a pinching pun surfaces. One realizes it is

Surprisingly people ignore - the not so subtle puns, for

anything but what it appears to be.

example the list of side-effects start with relatively ordinary

Havidol is a faux marketing campaign built as an art project by

effects as mood changes, muscle strain, Dermal gloss,

New York based artist Justin Cooper. It is designed to be a

Excessive salivation but then run into totally outrageous ones

parody towards response to the tactics used by the drug

like - Extraordinary thinking, Co-dependency with inanimate

industry to sell their products to the public ( United States and

objects, Inter-species communication, Terminal smile, Oral

New Zealand are the only two countries in the world where

inflammation and finally - Very rarely users may experience a

advertising of prescription drugs is legalized.)

need to change physicians. Art galleries were dressed up as a showrooms with smiling

The name Havidol is a play on the phrase: "have it all"; its

attendants behind the counters, TV, print and billboard ads

chemical name, "avafynetyme HCL", reads "Have a fine time".

along with merchandise and branding material. Justin Cooper explains Havidol in her statement-

Window displays at the Havidol Exhibit

“HAVIDOL taps into our collective desire and expectation that there is always room for improvement, while walking the line between poking fun at ourselves and wondering how to obtain a prescription. The marketing message leaves us with the sense that we are never good enough, nor have enough. Are we a society of hypochondriacs, or are we biologically built and genetically urged to out-compete our peers and former selves? Cooper's works on exhibition comment

somras on our temperamental relationship to western medicine, built upon the idea of a malfunctioning body or mind, and the yearning to believe everyday life can be remedied.”

May 18 2009

While you were away Many a times, while babysitting my son Krishna at home, or working on the


fourth floor in my room wondering what by Hitesh Agrawal prank Sachin, Hemal are planning for Ankit on the first floor, who is drinking in Pondy, how badly is Ankur is getting beaten up today in Bangalore… I have wondered if I can be at two places at the same time! Or how we can strategize better in planning our alquida sessions. I found my answer in Rovio.

Rovio is the groundbreaking new Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam that lets you view and interact with its environment Print Ads made for Havidol

through streaming video and audio directly from your laptop or PC, wherever you are! With Rovio, you will always be one

Pharma, a blog that keeps tabs on the drug industry, tries to

click away (sounds familiar…) from the people and places

explain “The public is gripped by an expensive disease:

that are important to you.

hyperpanaceaphagia, also known as Barnum's Syndrome, evidenced by a willingness to try anything in pill form that promises to make 21st century life any easier."

Some exciting features: •

Easily control Rovio remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Use any web-enabled device: PC or Mac, cell phone, smartphone, PDA or even your video game console.

You can watch one of its advertising commercials on

Its head-mounted moveable camera and wide range of

or one of the testimonials at –

vision enable you to see and hear exactly what Rovio

sees and hears, on your screen.

Or take the Havidol self assessment Zing test

Have a fine time!! :) 

Set waypoints so that Rovio can navigate itself around your home, without having to control each step yourself! •

At the click of a button, send Rovio back to the charging dock using its self-docking capabilities - even when you are not at home!


May 18 2009 Janpath Road." Now that you have a Twitter account, tell your friends your username or send them the link to your Twitter page. Each user has their own page, in the form (Example: my Twitter page is mphaxise being my username.) Following and joining friends On the Web: to add a friend, first be sure you are logged into your account. Then go to his or her Twitter page and press the "Follow" link below the person's photo. To find a user page, use the search box on your own Twitter page.

To know more visit 

Once you click "Follow", you'll start to see their Tweets on your page if their account is set for public access. If the

How to get on Twitter-verse?

account is private, the system will send a "friend" request that must be approved before you start to see updates. Person-to-person Twittering You can send a Twitter message directly to another Twitter user with the Direct command. Enter the username message, and users will get your ping. If you enter a Tweet with @username at the beginning of it, your message is understood as being intended for that particular person, although others will be able to see it. (However, @ tweets won't show up on your home page unless you are the intended recipient.) Be sure the person who you want to see your message is following you, or they won't get it.


Here’s a Youtube video if you are still not sure what twitter is:

Twitter as a social networking site can be a little hard to get

used to at the first instance. Most users have reluctantly started using it because all their friends have started keeping

Finally a few tweeple from HFI:

in touch via this new medium. Below is my attempt at a how-

@humanfactors, @morpheushere, @idrushi,

to guide for twitter.

@hiteshagrawal, @khushee84, @rudilim, @kas, @susanweinschenk 

Getting started Go to and click "Get Started - Join" For best results, use your real name when signing up, otherwise your friends won't be able to find you easily. It's also helpful to upload a picture. If you select the "Protect my updates" box, people won't be able to read your Twitters unless you authorize them. You'll have more fun if you leave this box unchecked. Just be sure not to Twitter something like, "Leaving house open and unlocked for the weekend: 10

We welcome HFI buzz / project-related articles / technology & design news / reviews / creative writings / any other fun stuff at Please send in your feedback, suggestions and comments too.

Somras 2009-05-18  

Somras 18 May 2009

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