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somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 10 Jul 2008

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HFI Mumbai’s Wii-mbledon: a SMASH hit! Hours and hours of ‘rocket serves’, spins, wides and loads of laughs ended in a battle royale between our finest players!

The Last Couple of Wii-ks By Urvashi Rustomfram

Once we had Wii at HFI, the “Wii-mbeldon” Championship could not be far behind. Since last Wednesday (July 2), the afternoons were by many, either to participate in the Championship or to cheer for their favorite contenders. As a regular spectator watched almost all the matches with avid interest. The diversity of the games was most engaging; while some ‘battles’ lasted quite a while, keeping an excited audience glued to their seats, others lasted were ‘short-lived’ to say least! The action was as interesting “off the field” as it was “on the field”: Many of the members of the audience were so involved that they held and released their breath in tandem with their favorite player! There were others who went “Ohhhhhh…” or “Yay!” or “Wooaaah!” in reaction to each Ace (rocket/ bullet), Deuce and Advantage! I bet all of us were looking forward to the finals to see who would be the winner. The wait ended when Saurabh was crowned undisputed champion of our very first Wii-mbledon, at the end of a fast paced final against Hitesh...a duel that tested the skills of both these remarkable players. We can’t wait for the next Wii-mbledon now!

Did you know… By Shilpa Kadam

Drass, a tiny town in Kargil , is the second coldest inhabited town in the board read that temperatures plummet to below minus 40 degrees Celsius at times! On peaks like Tiger hill, it even drops to minus 52 degrees Celsius! Brrrrrrr!

somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 10 Jul 2008

Employee Spotlight: What You Didn’t Know About Gaurav Lal By Sudhir Nain

A Post Graduate in Advertising and Communications Management, Gaurav started his career working with the world renowned photojournalist Pablo Bartholomew. Although that’s where he learned the basics of design, he feels he was slightly underpaid at 2500 per month as compared to the 5000 they paid for hiring a computer! Over the years of his professional life, Gaurav has become best known for unique, futuristic ideas. He is continuously thinking of ways life will evolve with the use of humanized technology. These days you will usually find him discussing multi-touch capabilities over the lunch table or at Susheel’s desk. Ask him to tell you about his favourite dream and you’ll hear about an ultramodern-yet-close-to-nature lotus shaped vacation home on a hilltop. This house would be entirely sunlit and naturally air-conditioned. While on the subject of dreams, one asks him, “If not UCD…?”, prompt comes the replyGaurav would have been a pilot or else he would have opened a garage to satiate his craving for fixing and coloring cars. In fact, at one time he also wanted to open a printing press for want of good enough business card printers. Well, we’re really glad he chose UCD! This forward-thinking go-getter has an agricultural family background and it’s a joy to hear him talk about his mango farms back home. If you even plan to gift him some mangoes, make sure they are top-notch and in plenty! Cheers, Gaurav...and may you realize the dream of the lotus shaped house. We’ll be sure to drop by!

Mobile Musings By Rameshwar Soni

One functionality that many of us miss in our phones is the ‘push email’, which is proprietary to Blackberry. With push email, your mobile phone downloads email as soon as it arrives and alerts you as it does for an SMS. I’m sure most of us would want this on our regular phones! In this issue, I’d like to tell you about Emoze, an application which gives me push email functionality on my “Non-Blackberry” mobile phone (I feel so good!). You can configure Gmail, Yahoo, your office email or email configured on Exchange servers. I configured my Gmail with Emoze. So now, the moment I receive an email in my Gmail inbox it gets downloaded to my phone and I get an immediate alert. Cool! The pros: • • • • • • •

Its free Push email functionality works fine Its simple to configure (at least the Gmail & Yahoo) Email interfaces are same as in the phone so no relearning Compatible with most mobile phones and mobile operating systems They boast of superior military grade security. Every bit of your data is encrypted. You can switch off the application at night when you don’t want irritating alerts driving you nuts!

The Cons: • • • •

Need a dedicated data connection (GPRS as we all know it) Only one email Id can be configured With all the connections and this application “On” all the time, there could be a decrease in battery life Configuring our office email yet to be figured out. (I’ll keep you posted once this is successful)

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Somras 10 July 2008  

10 July 2008