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somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

India, 21 Jul 2008

Image of the Week

This is why you need to visit Pondy! Apart from being in the tranquil environment of the city, our colleagues also get to take part in fun stress management sessions, like this one, where the facilitator teaches them to move in different rhythms.

Somras Goes ‘Nationwide’ From the Somras Team

It was only a few months ago, that a noisy bunch of ‘conversationists’ in the Mumbai office stumbled on an idea… “Let’s make a HFI Newspaper!”, After about two hours of brainstorming, arguing and no small amount of jesting, “Somras” was born. Why Somras? Well, we couldn’t begin to go into the long and short of THAT story! But let’s just say that it was a takeoff on the name of the popular (cough) beverage and also a pun on the fact that it is usually published every Somvaar (Hindi for Monday). Somras started out as an experiment with the self-proclaimed editorial team creating the first content. The comic strip, software tips, ‘did-you-knows’, etc. came out of these efforts. Seeing how well the first Somras was received, we decided to expand our horizons...which basically meant PESTERING people in the office to send in images, write-ups, ideas etc. Soon enough, though, they warmed up to us and we started getting many more types of content. New events in the office got covered, people started asking if they could write for Somras... and even demanded to know why an issue was delayed! After a while, we started sending issues to Pondy and Bangalore and were simply delighted at the responses we got from the folks. It was wonderful to have our efforts appreciated and more importantly, we had folks from both locations eager to send us content. What could we say… content is an editorial team’s greatest desire! We said WRITEAWAY! So, from today, Somras will include content from all 3 HFI locations in India. All HFI staff are free to contribute to the newspaper. Somras correspondents in Pondy and Bangalore will help their colleagues with this process. For Mumbai folks, the pestering continues! Thanks for all your support and encouragement! Keep writing!

Did you know… By Vir Dasmahapatra

"Yahoo" is short for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle". The abbreviation was by PhD candidates at Stanford University: David Filo and Jerry Yang. (Source:

somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

India, 21 Jul 2008

The Latest from Bangalore From the Bangalore Team

Coming Up: Innovation ka chakker The Contextual Innovation team, headed by Apala is hosting its first public event on 24th of July 2008. This event is a part of an “Innovation Series” that will bring interesting discussions, seminars and presentations to the “Innovation Community” in India. Titled “Innovation ka chakker”, the seminar will focus on various innovation models that have been successful around the world. HFI will showcase one such successful grass-root innovation model by hosting a talk by the Mumbai Dabbawalas at the event. HFI has a 14-member Contextual Innovation team comprising designers, ethnographers, architects, ICT researchers and anthropologists. At present you can see the Bangalore office hustling and bustling with the CI Team members busy with designing collaterals and getting geared for the 24th. Just Completed: Jugaad A photo essay competition “A story in ten frames” was conducted in May 2008 .The theme was Jugaad where participants were evaluated on the basis of uniqueness of idea, richness of story and technical aspects. The photographs could not be digitally treated or manipulated. “Trolley made from bicycle fork, and wheels and wood” by Rushikesh Kulkarni won the first place followed by Beena Prabhu’s “The way to the train station is…”. Atul Saraf and Vivek Dhage judged the competition and took a lot of time and effort to provide feedback to participants on their entries. Rahul Ajmera’s video “Who needs a roller coaster? Give us a few empty cement bags” got an honorable mention but could not reach the finals as it was a photo competition. Do bug Rahul to get a copy of it!

Software Tip: Losing Sleep Over Your Laptop’s Safety? Not Anymore! By Mrinal (Pondicherry Office)

How many times have you lost your sleep while traveling, always nervously waking up to check if you still have your laptop with you? Losing a laptop can be a nightmare both financially and emotionally with all your personal data gone. Worse, if you lose an official laptop, you risk the leakage of sensitive information regarding your company and embarrassing yourself in the workplace! Locate Laptop™ is a software that helps you in detecting the location of laptop. The creators of this software claim that once you report the theft to them, they activate the tool's Websniff technology and you come to know about the city and the IP address as soon as the offender connects to the Internet. What's more, it stealthily encrypts your information too without the knowledge of the offender. Interesting, isn't it? Moreover, the tool comes with a money back guarantee, in case the laptop is not traceable. You can get the software from

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Somras 21 July 2008  

21 July 2008