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somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 17 MAR 2008

Aunkita and Sandeep enjoy a light moment with their client in California, USA

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What Susan Said… While in HFI, Mumbai on March 14, 2008, Susan Weinschenk gave two presentations, one to all HFI India staff and one to a mixed audience of CHI members and HFI Mumbai staff. In the first presentation for HFI India, Susan explained the transition from Usability to User Experience (UX). She emphasized the importance of understanding “non-conscious decision making” as a vital part of this process, which contributes to not only the ‘Can Do’ but also the ‘Will Do’ aspects of interface design.

Image by Amber Krishan

Did You Know…

In the second (CHI) presentation, she covered some recent research in the field. This included data gathering methods for children and generational differences in users. The presentation also drew some interesting parallels between social psychology and interface design. by Vir Amar Dasmahapatra

Research shows that individuals are much less likely to intervene in an incident they are witnessing, if there are other people around who show a disinclination to intervene. This is called the ‘Bystander Effect’. It’s been demonstrated in several studies of helping behavior, where subjects are more helpful to someone in distress, when others around them are also helpful. It seems that we want others to validate our actions, especially when there are more people around us. What do you think? To contribute news stories or for feedback / comments… Contact:

somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz! Employee Spotlight: Sachin Patil

Mumbai, 17 MAR 2008

By Gaurav Lal

Sachin has been with HFI Mumbai since 2000… but how much do we really know about him? Somras is pleased to tell you some more about him, after an exclusive interview with the man himself!  He has done operations management (industrial operations) from the University of Mumbai  His first job was with Voltas in the central air-conditioning marketing team as graduate engineering trainee in 1996 with a starting salary of Rs 2800/ He was with Tata Infotech for a month, but left because the training was more academic than practical. He pursued his Masters in Industrial Design from IDC, Mumbai immediately after this.  He’s passionate about photography and enjoys taking pictures of manmade things. Take a look at for some sample  His working style: Organized and Methodical  Likes technical challenges and solving complex problems

Vir’s Book Review…

Satyam’s Software Tip… PowerPoint Bug Alert

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Written by author of ‘The Tipping Point’ Malcolm Gladwell (2005), this bestseller is about our intuitive ability to make split second decisions that as just as powerful as well deliberated/ informed ones. This kind of processing is non-conscious, and instinctual, often called ‘snap judgments’. Gladwell writes in a bright, engaging style, sprinkled with examples from psychology, advertising, music and medicine. What this makes clear is the huge potential we have for improving our lives by nurturing/ trusting our instincts.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The hyperlink to a slide does not work when a comma is contained in the title of a slide presentation in PowerPoint. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in PowerPoint 2002 to 2007.

Workaround: Remove the comma from the slide title before creating the hyperlink. The comma can then be added later (this has not been thoroughly tested and so it is advised to leave the comma out if possible)

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Somras 17 March 2008  
Somras 17 March 2008  

17 March 2008