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somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 05 May 2008

Image of the Week

Shilpa Kadam clicked this picture of three HFIers shopping for sunglasses at Filene’s Basement, Baltimore. Notice the perfect alignment, ‘progress indicator’ placement and innovative use of the price tag!

What you didn’t know about the FedEx logo... By Shilpa Kadam

Have heard many people discuss the ‘arrow’…and was wondering what the designer of the logo and the organization thought about the subliminal arrow. The FedEx logo was designed by Mr. Lindon Leader in 1994, as Senior Design Director at Landor Associates, San Francisco. The logo has won many awards, over forty worldwide and they continue. In its 35th Anniversary “American Icon” issue, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it as one of the 8 best logos of the past thirty-five years along side Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Playboy. So here are excerpts from the interview with Mr. Lindon Leader… Why choose to keep the arrow so subtle? It seems to show remarkable restraint. Weren't you or the people at FedEx ever tempted to make it more obvious with an outline or a different color? An arrow, in and of itself, is one of the most mundane graphic devices in visual communications. Truly, there is nothing unique or particularly strategic (marketing-wise) in using an arrow as a brand identifier. Early on, before the brand rollout in mid-1994, FedEx’s public relations agency was preparing to emphasize the arrow as a secondary graphic to underscore the “speed/precision” positioning. They proposed to leverage this in their FedEx communications. Landor put its foot down and said, “No way.” The power of the hidden arrow is simply that it is a “hidden bonus.” It is a positive-reverse optical kind of thing: either you see it or you don’t. Importantly, not “getting the punch line” by not seeing the arrow, does not reduce the impact of the logo’s essential communication. The power of the logo and the FedEx marketing supporting the logo is strong enough to convey clearly FedEx brand positioning. On the other hand, if you do see the arrow, or someone points it out to you, you won’t forget it. I can’t tell you how many people have told me how much fun they have asking others (Continued on page 2)

somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 05 May 2008

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“if they can spot ‘something’ in the logo. Is there anything else interesting about the creation of the logo that you can remember? In “selling” an identity into a company it always comes down to the CEO. Fred Smith is a marketing genius and understands the vital role of design in brand building. After a year of worldwide focus groups and brand strategy revitalization, Mr. Smith accepted the strategy to change the communicative name of the company from Federal Express to FedEx. He wanted a brand expression that was large, impactful and differentiating. (Read the full article here:

Foodie Watch...

Mobile Musings...

By Charvi Sarfare

By Rameshwar Soni

‘All Stir Fry’ in Gordon House, Colaba boasts of a most innovative and interactive menu item – the Quick Wok, a do-it-yourself, stir-fry noodle bar. When you opt for this, you can choose from a variety of raw veg and non-veg ingredients for your ‘wok’, ranging from bamboo shoots and Chinese greens, to seafood and pork. Add these to the noodles of your choice and then choose some sauces from a variety mild, spicy and hot options.

This time round, let’s talk about a Mobile PC. Everyone can talk about Laptops, Tablets, handhelds etc. … I’m talking about all of them and more: the smallest, portable PC that you can carry around with the help of Mojopac, an application that transforms any USB drive, iPod, memory card etc. into a Windows XP machine!

Finally, ask the chef to toss your creation, with some excellent condiments in his stir-fry wok and Voila! Your serving is ready! It’s so fast, it seems like a Chinese action flick, only with food!

Once installed on the storage device you find Windows XP on it and can then install any application you like e.g. Outlook, MS Office etc. You just need to plug in your device to any Windows XP PC and you will have your own PC to work on. You don’t leave any data on the host PC so your info is safe. I’ve tried it on my 4GB USB drive and it works like a charm.

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Did You Know... By Vir Amar Dasmahapatra

Most of you know and use the term ‘anorexia’, but did you know that it also has an extreme opposite of sorts? More on this next week...

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