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Cruising along efficiently Vikram, in conversation with Somras

27th Jan 2009

the idea of presenting data, related to important variables, in the form of a radar was born.

Vikram takes us back two years, when he joined HFI. His immediate responsibility was that of a data analyst. “My task was to analyze data related to different variables such as revenue and timesheets from all across the Asia offices, then prepare reports and send these to Apala,” he says. Gradually, it was realized that these reports, which ran into several pages, did one thing effectively—create an information overload!

This radar vizualizes the overall performance of HFI Asia in the following categories—attendance, leave, revenue, utilization, sales, and training feedback. The radar is arranged in a series of concentric circles. Each area has been rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. “So one needs to concentrate on areas that have received a low value (or are located near the centre of the circles); the ones with high values (or are further from the centre) are fine,” Vikram explains. Variables for which data is not available are left blank and new variables can be added as required. Vikram has been generating these detailed reports since two years; the dashboard interface is very recent. He is assisted by Saumiya and Mahesh and Andy lend technical support.

What was needed was a condensed version of these reports, more like a snapshot representation of the key variables that would present a clear picture at first glance. Such an overview would be of immense help to the top management while charting out company-level policies, especially given HFI’s expanding size and presence in multiple locations. And thus,

The goal is to update the radar monthly. But there are challenges. For one, data must be received in time and then reports have to be generated. The reports that need to presented on the radar must also be finalized. And in all this, time is a major constraint, points out Vikram. He welcomes suggestions to keep this exercise going even more efficiently.

“The dashboard radar gives us a clear picture of exactly where the company is,” says Vikram Devatha. The radar pinpoints the areas that need to be looked into and those that are doing good, he adds. That, in a nutshell, is the raison d’etre of the management dashboard at the Pondicherry office, maintained by Vikram and his team.

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Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

The Dalai Lama visits Auroville

27th Jan 2009

Thoughts on Republic Day, 2009

By Vikram Devatha, Pondicherry So the Dalai Lama (DL for short) visited Auroville last week – on 20th January. Yes, that’s right, His Holiness visited the little corner of our planet that we fondly call Auroville. And was it an experience! He arrived in the morning to inaugurate the Tibetan Pavilion (attended by just a few of us from Auroville) and then stayed back in the afternoon to talk to the rest of the world. Well, “rest of the world” is a small exaggeration, for there must have been around 2000 or so, cramped inside a shamiana. There was

If we must light a flame, let us light it within ourselves. Not the fire of anger, which only clouds our minds, but the light of awareness, justice and vigilance. Let us remember the sacrifices made to rescue the survivors and be aware of the grief that shrouds the lives of those that survive the deceased. Let this awareness make us lift our voices in a demand for justice and open our eyes to be more vigilant.

Dalai Lama’s arrival, inauguration of the Tibetan pavilion and speech on the occasion. thorough checking upon entry (by the Auroville youth), and it was heart rendering to see all 2500 being treated in the same manner, with no distinction made on the basis of race, color, age or gender. A coincidence, maybe, because that was precisely what the DL also spoke about - that all six billion of us on this planet, including himself, are human beings of equal stature. An interesting message—often heard, but rarely remembered. The DL was his usual jovial and giggly self, and those of us who have seen him before know exactly what I am referring to. The last time I saw the DL was in 1997, more than 10 years ago. And what surprised me was that he does not seem to have aged one bit! Now, I’m going to research some pic archives to see if I’m mistaken or if that is really the case, but all said and done, here is living proof of the effects of meditation—laugh, meditate, be compassionate and you will not age! I was a parking attendant for the day, standing in the hot sun, breathing dust and allocating incoming vehicles to available parking slots. And at the end of it, I thought to myself, it’s so much easier to allocate people instead! So get ready for some new allocations!

Illustration by Kiran Dhotre and text from Vir’s post on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, on his blog LifeStrings,

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Somras 27 January 2009  

27 January 2009

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