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somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 07 APR 2008

Image of the Week

Somras is delighted to bring you some photographs from Rugved’s remarkable portfolio. He describes his style as inspired by Henri Cartier’s, ‘Street Photography’, where one takes candid pictures while walking through streets and lanes. It’s all about capturing a unique point of view and ‘making’ a picture (not ‘taking’ it!).

Cranium Round II By Charvi Sarfare

For those who wouldn’t know how the terms Imlee, Mirchi, Mental Temple, Nakasaki and Charminar, are connected, these were the of HFI’s second Cranium gameshow , held on the opportune mahurat of April Fool’s day! J If you weren’t there, here’s a quick summary of what you missed… Imlee was the undisputed winner of the evening, never mind the ‘Thakur’ fiasco ;) each one had their share of contribution to spits of laughter. It almost seemed like a ‘revenge of the nerds’ … yes I was one of them J Mirchi, the masters of blindfolded talent, showed exceptional skills in sketching and clay modeling. But they should beware of the summons sent by Manoj Kumar. Poor Walt Disney must have turned in his grave, when Mental Temple thought that the WDC was founded by someone else!!! This time Walt Disney ko gussa aaya J Group cards sabotaged Nakasaki’s win. Even after surmounting tricky questions and prompting answers to other teams, they remained the tail-enders L Better luck next time! Charminar ‘dissolved’ the hopes of being the winner, but I think the problem was with the dice ;) Well these are some of the highlights, be sure to catch with the real fun next time. Even after the most embarrassing moments, I am sure each of us is looking for more cranium sessions. Special thanks to Saurabh, Meena and the rest of the cultural committee, for making this happen.

somras Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

Mumbai, 07 MAR 2008

Employee Spotlight: Shebani Bansal By Urvashi Rustomfram

Ask some people to describe her and this is what you get: Meticulous, Professional, Focused, Efficient, Organized, Enthusiastic, Eloquent, Methodical, Fun, Friendly, Warm and Humorous. Did you know Shebani would have loved being a conservationist/ forest ranger? More interesting bits follow: She is an Interactive Media graduate from the Pratt Institute (New York). Her first job was with a company called ‘Hyperspace Cowgirls’ which makes videogames for kids! As an interface designer, she developed games for ‘Stuart Little 2’, ‘Cheerio’s’ and Britney Spears. J On her last vacation she combined two passions – travelling and animals – when she went to Kruger National Park, South Africa. If she could swap places with anyone on earth, it would be with “(anyone) who’s sitting at Kruger”. Her favorite cuisine is Italian and the favorite morsel to put in her mouth is the humble bread. She can eat bread with anything, from dal and sabzi to noodles and French fries. Another of her favorite fusion foods is Diet Coke and papad. These are just some of the interesting things about Shebani, to know more you just have to interact with her.

Kiran’s Cell-phone Quip...

Did You Know...

By Kiran Dhotre

By Vir Amar Dasmahapatra

According to the latest Sega research, 41.2 percent of Japanese have their cell phones into the bath to make phone calls, send text messages, listen to music or play cell phone games, at least once in their lives.

Here’s some good news for all happily married people. According to recent research by Dr. Julianne HoltLunstad (Brigham Young University), happily married people tend to have lower blood pressure than unhappily married peers do. Their study found that happily married subjects had significantly larger dips in blood pressure, while sleeping, compared to unhappily married ones. People who’s blood pressure fails to dip during sleep are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. So, celebrate happy marriages as much as you can and live longer as a result!

Which was most popular? Sending e-mails, followed closely by listening to music. According to Sega, teenagers are most likely to bathe and phone at the same time.

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Somras 07 April 2008  

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