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6th Oct 2008

Chai & Samosas at Pondicherry By Vivek Manvi If you are a chai fanatic and happen to visit the Pondy office, do try the “Nethra Special”. It is a term I have coined for the absolutely delicious and refreshing masala tea made by our very own Nethra. It is his special blend of tea and select, aromatic spices, and is served in a large mug. No matter how tired you are, a cup of the “Nethra Special” will freshen you up! When you talk about chai, can samosas be far behind? Of course not! So we had our very own samosa party, last week, at the Pondy office. It was organized by Nethra again, as he asked us to leave what we were doing and assemble in the main hall to gorge on some delicious, piping hot samosas. The whole gang had a good time as conversations and laughter flowed over mouthfuls of the yummy snack.

Top Left: The Gang | Top Center: Nethra Above: His special Masala Chai

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6th Oct 2008

Your Monday morning cuppa HFI buzz!

HFI, Pondicherry and Aurobindo By Jyoti Kumar (Pondicherry) As I get introduced to HFI and Pondicherry, I realize a commonality between the beauty of Pondicherry and the vision of HFI, through the writings of Aurobindo. The tourism department tells us to "give time a break" in Pondicherry, not without reason, what with the vast ocean, serene beaches and a creative environment. We see in its people a strong belief in becoming one with ‘the beyond’, an eagerness to let go and to see the boundaries of self dissolve. A designer dissolves the self to relate better with the user and then evolves back as a designer. That is how s/he uses creativity to successfully instill a sense of an evolved self in the user. The process also realizes some of the limitations of reason, aptly described by Aurobindo: “Reason divides, fixes details and contrasts them; wisdom unifies looks behind the veil and sees.” – Aurobindo, Thoughts and Aphorisms (No.8) Designers use creativity in addition to reason with a desire to go beyond it. They evolve to create, thereby fulfilling the purpose of creating an evolved self.

Mobile Musings By Rameshwar Soni I’m sure you received at least one unsolicited marketing call since morning. This is increasingly becoming irritating to us consumers. Even though you do not want to pick that call in the middle of a meeting, you have to do it at least to find out who is at the other end of this unidentified number. Could be a client?

To Register dial 1909 or SMS to 1909 with keywords 'START DND' To Cancel Registration dial 1909 or SMS to 1909 with keywords 'STOP DND' J I am registering myself as I write this. Let's see how effective it is. For detailed information visit:

Hope this would not continue for long, our government is doing its bit to stop this. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come up with a concept of a ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ (NDNC), so you do not have to go to individual service providers to add yourself in the ‘Do not call register’. Sounds interesting? And it is. If you register yourself for NDNC registry, a telemarketer would have to verify their list with the NDNC registry and make sure your number is not present in the registry. If they still call, a provision has been made that the telemarketer as well as the service providers would be fined.

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Somras 06 October 2008  

06 October 2008