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About our Students 1,270 Students:

616 Medical (MD) 34 MD/PhD 303 Graduate (MS/PhD) 11 Genetic Counseling (MS) 87 Medical & Research Technology (BS, MS) 201 Physical Therapy (DPT, PhD) 18 Public Health (MPH)

just the facts University OF Maryland School of Medicine About the School Chartered in 1807, the School of Medicine is the fifth oldest and first public medical school in the US. Davidge Hall, built in 1812, is recognized as the oldest medical facility in the northern hemisphere continuously used for medical education and is a National Historical Landmark. The nation’s first medical school library was established here in 1815, and in 1823, the School of Medicine became the first medical school in the country to construct its own hospital for clinical instruction.

Class of 2012

Did You Know…? • Our students report fluency in 29 languages • Our students are actively involved in commu-

nity programs such as HIV clinics, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, nursing homes and local schools • 55 percent of our students matched in the primary care field in 2008 • Our students matched to 102 programs within 62 hospitals across 20 states; 39 percent of our 2008 graduates remained in Baltimore to do their residencies

Applicants Interviewed Total New Students Underrepresented in Medicine Age Range in Years

Average GPA Sciences Overall

562 160 13%

71 3.64 3.69

Average MCAT Biological Sciences Physical Sciences Verbal Reasoning

January 2009

25 Academic Departments 6 Programs 7 Organized Research Centers 2 Institutes 452 Post-doctoral fellows (183 clinical fellows; 269 research fellows) 560 Residents trained by School of Medicine faculty 2,685 total: 1,209 full-time, 249 part-time and 1,227 adjunct

4584 2315 2269 787 3797


Colleges/Universities Represented



Stats on the Class of 2012 Total Applications (AMCAS) Women Men Resident Non-Resident

The School of Medicine is the founding school of the University of Maryland and today is an integral part of the 11-campus University System of Maryland. Located on the University of Maryland’s Baltimore campus, the School of Medicine serves as the anchor for a large academic health center which aims to provide the best medical education, conduct the most innovative biomedical research and administer the best patient care and community service to Maryland and beyond.

10.79 10.36 10.22

Staff 2,494 full-time administrative, research and clinical staff

Economic Impact The combined direct and associated spending for the school and its faculty practice plan last year was $1.5 billion, or about five percent of the total state economy. This equates to $22 in revenue generated for every $1 of the general state support. Anticipated growth will increase this impact to exceed $2 billion in 2010.

University of Maryland School of Medicine FY 2008 Revenues

Grants and Contracts $377M 51.3%

Affiliated Hospitals (Primary for Physician Services) $96.3M 13.1% Gifts and Other Income $11.5M 1.6% State Appropriations $35.6M* 4.8%

Tuition and Fees $19.6M 2.7%

Economic Impact >$1.5 Billion

Medical Service Plan (UPI) $194.5M 26.5%

Total Revenues $734.7 Million

* Included fringe benefits and Maryland Psychiatric Research Center transfer from contract to state appropriation.

America’s Oldest Public Medical School

Research The University of Maryland School of Medicine’s first rate research enterprise ranks consistently high among top-tier medical schools. Our rich tradition of research support from the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies, as well as from leading philanthropic sources such as the Gates Foundation, has led to research grants and contracts totaling $377 million in FY08. We rank: • 19th among all 130 US medical schools in research grant and contract expenditures (Association of American Medical Colleges–AAMC) • 7th among 76 public US medical schools in research grant and contract expenditures (AAMC) Over the last decade we have made substantial investments in core resources and have recruited stellar faculty, putting our 200+ year old institution on the cutting edge of a renaissance in 21st century medicine, collaborative research and translational science.

Areas of excellence include: Schizophrenia Transplantation Trauma Vaccine Development

Diabetes Health Disparities HIV/AIDS Genomics Infectious Diseases

Aging Bioterrorism Defense Cardiovascular Care Cancer Community Mental Health

Patient Care University of Maryland School of Medicine faculty physicians provide compassionate, stateof-the-art patient care—not only in Baltimore, but throughout Maryland and the world. School of Medicine faculty physicians provide care in many Maryland area hospitals and treatment facilities, including the University of Maryland Medical Center, the VA Maryland Healthcare System and Mercy Medical Center. Our physicians accommodate more than one million patient visits (office, inpatients and outpatients) per year in Maryland alone. In the fight against infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, the School of Medicine has established research and treatment facilities in 23 countries around the globe.

Our Partners With a tradition firmly grounded in student and faculty education, research, patient care, and community outreach and service, the school works collaboratively with a vast network of partners to provide the best medical treatment, prevention education and new research discoveries to the local and global community. In partnership with the University of Maryland Medical Center and the VA Maryland Healthcare System, the School of Medicine serves as the foundation for a world-class academic health center.

Faculty Practices University Physicians, Inc. (UPI) coordinates and supports the clinical activities of School of Medicine faculty at more than 20 practice locations. With more than 1,000 non-physician staff, UPI represents distinguished physicians in over 40 specialties and subspecialties.

Philanthropy FY2008 Private Support

FY2008 Endowment Growth

$60 $49.10

$50 $43.60 $40 $33.87 $30


$175 $150













$50 $10





E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine 655 W. Baltimore Street • Baltimore, Maryland 21201

• Private gifts and pledges: a record $49.1 million (2008) • Reached $200 million bicentennial campaign goal two years early • 49 endowed chairs and professorships • $173.8 million endowment




$25 FY03