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CURRICULUM VITAE DANIEL L. HERR, M.S., M.D., F.C.C.M University of Maryland Suite N4E20 22 S Green St Baltimore, MD


PHONE NUMBERS: 1106 Malvern Ave Ruxton, MD 21204

410 328 4469 (work) 410 296 1271 (home) 443 834 9911 (cell)

CERTIFICATION: 1987 - Diplomat - American Board of Internal Medicine 1989 - Certified - Critical Care Medicine 1998 – Re-Certified – Critical Care Medicine 2010 - Re-Certified – Critical Care Medicine 2009 – Certified – Neuro-Critical Care MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: Associate Professor University of Maryland 2009 - present Senior Attending - Internal Medicine/Adult Intensive Care Department of Medicine - Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC 1988-2009 Associate Clinical Professor – Georgetown Univ.2005 - present Assistant Clinical Professor – George Washington Univ. 1989 - 1998 ADMINISTRATIVE/ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS: Chief of Surgical Critical Care Services, University of Maryland 2012 - present Interim Director NeuroCare ICU, University of Maryland 2011 - present Director, Cardiovascular ICU, University of Maryland 2009-present Medical Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Washington Hospital Center 1989-2009 Associate Professor Clinical Medicine Georgetown University 2005-present AVP Scientific Affairs, Medstar Research Institute 2004 to 2007 Chair Nutrition Committee 2003-present Chair Organ Donation Initiative 2006-present Chair WHC Vascular Access Committee 1993- present Chairman Washington Hospital Center Research Committee 2003-present Co-Chairman Value Analysis committee Washington Hospital Center 2001 to 2006 Chairman Medstar Research Institute IRB 1997-2003 Medical Director, MedStar, Washington Hospital Center 1990-1997

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COLLEGES AND BOARDS: Fellow, American College of Critical Care Medicine, 1996 - present Board Director, Medlantic Research Institute, 1996 - 2000 POST-GRADUATE TRAINING: 1985 - 1986: Critical Care - Medical and Surgical - Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Cornell University, New York, NY 1984 - 1985: Critical Care - Trauma - Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services (MIEMSS), University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore, MD 1982 - 1984: Resident, Internal Medicine (including six months chief), York Hospital, York, PA 1981 - 1982: Intern, Internal Medicine - Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Einstein Medical College, Bronx, NY EDUCATION: 1977 - 1981: MD., Medical School St. George’s School of Medicine Grenada, WI 1979: Clinical Training Royal Hampshire County Hospital Winchester, England 1975 - 1977: Masters of Science - Pharmacology Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA 1970 - 1974: BA Degree - Biology & American Studies Wittenberg University Springfield, Ohio WORK EXPERIENCE 1986 – Present: - Senior attending surgical critical Care, Washington Hospital center 2003 –2007 - Assistant Vice President Medical Affairs MedStar Research Institute 2004 –2007 - Medical/Research Consultant Hospira Corporation MEMBERSHIPS: Society Critical Care Medicine, 1985-present Neurocritical care society 2004 -present Faculty of 1000 – Biology, 2005 – 2007 American Medical Association 1988 - present Medical Society of the District of Columbia, 1986-2002 Associate American College of Physicians, 1982-2006 American Society of Parental and Enteral Nutrition, 1987-1999 Critical Care Foundation, 1987 HOSPITAL COMMITTEES:

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Chairman, Organ Donation Committee 2005 -present Chairman, Vascular Access Committee 1990 - present Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Washington Hospital Center, 1993 - present Transfusion and Blood Products Committee, Washington Hospital Center, 1992 - 2007 Chairman, Critical Care Equipment Committee, Chair, Washington Hospital Center, 1989 - present Chairman, Nutrition Committee, Washington Hospital Center, 1987 – present Products Steering Committee, Washington Hospital Center, 1997 – present Standards Committee, Washington Hospital Center, 1986 - 2006 NATIONAL COMMITEES: SCCM Quality and Safety Committee 2010-present AMA Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement, SCCM Representative 2006 – present Pay 4 Performance Committee – Society Critical Care Medicine 2006 – 2010 American College of Critical Care Medicine - Sedation Guidelines committee 2006-present The Quality Initiatives and Relationships with External Quality Organizations Workgroup,SCCM 2009 -2010 American College of Critical Care Medicine – Nutrition Guidelines Committee 2006- 2008 Section Chair – Internal Medicine, Society of Critical Care Medicine 2006 – 2008 Society of Critical Care Medicine, Membership Committee, 1997 - 2000 Society of Critical Care Medicine, Symposium Program Committee, 1993 - 1997 Society of Critical Care Medicine, Committee of Electronic Communications 1997 - 2000 American College of Critical Care Medicine, Guidelines for the Definition of an Intensivist and the Practice of Critical Care Medicine. 1996 - 1999 American College of Critical Care Medicine, Task Force for Guidelines for Standards of Care for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure on Mechanical Ventilatory Support, 1996 - 1998 Co-Chairman, Society Critical Care Medicine, Committee of Critical Care Preparedness, 1992 - 1996 Chairman, Critical Care Section, Medical Society of the District of Columbia, 1990 - 1993 Society of Critical Care Medicine Ad Hoc Committee for National Critical Care Data Base, 1991 ONGOING TRIALS: Critical Illness Outcome Study (CIOS), A prospective Observational Ecologic Study in US ICU’s US Critical Illness and Injury Trial Group (NIGMS) Sub PI NIH NCT01109719 A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Pivotal Study to assess the Safety and Efficacy of a Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD) In patient with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Principle site investigator CytoPherx, Inc Phase III, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo controlled study of the efficacy, safety and tolerability of a single infusion of MK-6072 (human monoclonal antibody to C. difficile toxin B) and MK-3415A (human monoclonal antibody to C. difficile toxin A and B) in patient receiving Antibiotic therapy for c. difficile Infection (MODIFY II) Merck, principle site investigator Clinical Research Network for the treatment of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ALI and ARDS) ARDS Network site Principal Investigator, NIH Grant - HHSN268200536170C

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COMPLETED FUNDED RESEARCH: Neuro-Sciences Pilot study: Levetiracetam to Prevent Post-Traumatic Epilepsy, PAR-001-119, National Institute of Neurological disorders and Stroke ACCELERATE - Phase 2: The evaluation of patients with acute hypertension and intracerebral hemorrhage with intravenous clevidipine treatment CELEG – Specialized Clinical Center Research (SCCOR: Ventilator-Associated Lung injury: Molecular approaches. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in acute lung injury (ALI) Project 3 Genetic Modifiers in ventilator associated lug injury. NIH Grant – P050 HL 73994-01Safety/Efficacy Study of 15 mg/kg/day Tirilazad Mesylate in North American Women with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Principal Investigator. A Safety Study of Tirilazad Mesylate (6 vs. 10 mg/kg/day) in Male Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Phase III). Principal Investigator. The Safety and Efficacy of Zeneca ZD0859 #1 2% versus High-dose Morphine Sulfate (MS04) Injection for the Sedation of Subjects with Severe Head Injury (Phase III). Principal Investigator Study of Tirilazad Mesylate (U74, 006F) and Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate on Patients with Acute Spinal Cord Injury (Phase III). Principal Investigator A Placebo Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Potential Efficacy of Initiating Intravenous Administration of CGS-19755 to Serious Head Trauma Patients Prior to Surgery. Principal Investigator. Head Injury Tirilazad Trial (HITT): A Multicenter Efficacy Study of Tirilazad Mesylate (U-74, 006F) in Patients with Moderate and Severe Head Injury III. Principal Investigator. Efficacy/Safety Study of Tirilazad Mesylate (U-74, 006F) in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Principal Investigator. Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel Group Trial, Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Multiple Intravenous Bolus Injections of 5 mg/kg of Selfotel with Placebo in Intubated Severe Closed Traumatic Brain Injured Patients. Principal Investigator. Safety and Pharmacokinetics Study of Tirilazad Mesylate at Doses of 10 and 15 mg/kg in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Principal Investigator. Randomized, double-blind, Placebo-controlled, study of intravenous CI-1009 in Patients with Severe Head Injury. Principal Investigator. Placebo Controlled, Multicenter study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of a Single Intravenous Dose of CP-101, 606 in Subjects with Severe Head Injury. Principal Investigator. The Effects of Ethanol Levels on the Severity of Intracranial Bleeds. Principal Investigator. Sedation Effect of sedation with Dexemedetomidine vs Lorazepam on Acute Brian dysfunction in mechanically

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ventilated patients. Principal Investigator A Double Blind, Comparative Randomized Trial to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of Zeneca ZD0859#1 vs. Diprivan ™ (propofol) Injection for Sedation in Post Surgical ICU Subjects (Phase III). Principal Investigator. A Controlled ICU Clinical Evaluation of urinary Zinc Excretion, renal function, and the Overall Safety Profile of Diprivan with .005% EDTA vs. Standard Sedative Agents without EDTA, Principal Investigator. Serious Infections A phase 3, multi-centered, randomized, double-blind, comparative study of the efficacy and safety of Tigecycline versus imipenem/cilastatin for the treatment of subject with nosocomial pneumonia Wyeth, site Principal investigator A phase 3,open-labeled, non-cooperative study of Tigecycline for the treatment of subjects with selected serious infections due to resistant gram-negative organisms such as enterobacter species, acinetobacter baumanni, and klebsiella pneumonia, sponsor Wyeth, site Principal Investigator Phase 3, randomized, double blinded, comparative study of micafungin versus placebo as preemptive antifungal therapy in patients in the ICU, Fujisawa Healthcare; Sub Investigator Linezolid vs. Vancomycin/oxacillin/dicloxcillin in the treatment of catheter related gram-positive bloodstream infections. Pharmacia Principal Investigator Study of the Treatment of Infections Due to Vancomycin - Resistant Enterococus Falcium (VREF) with Synercid (Phase III). Principal Investigator. A Randomized, Multi-center, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy Trial Comparing Intravenous CP1165, 517 Followed by Oral CP-99, 219 with Intravenous Ciprofloxacin Followed by Oral Ciprofloxacin for the Treatment of Nosocomial Pneumonia (Phase III). Principal Investigator. Linezolid for the Treatment of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections: an Evaluator-blinded Trial Comparing Linezolid with Vancomycin Alone and Vancomycin Followed by Oral Linezolid. Principal Investigator. Open Label Comparative Randomized Multi-center Phase III Study of IV Treatment of Synercid Plus Aztreonan vs. Standard Therapy in the Treatment of Adult Nosocomial Pneumonia, due, at least in part to Gram Positive Cocci. Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Principal Investigator. Phase I Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Seven Days IV Intraconzozole Nanocrystals in ICU Subjects. Janssen Pharmaceutical Principal Investigator. Sepsis Safety and efficacy of Drotrecogin ADDRESS trial. Principal Investigator Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Multicenter Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Intravenous Taurolidine in Septic Patients Principal Investigator. ARDS Phase 2B Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of rPAF-AH for the Prevention of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients with Severe Sepsis or Severe Traumatic Injuries. Principal Investigator

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A Double Blinded, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Study of Inhaled Nitric Oxide in the Treatment of ARDS. . Principal Investigator Miscellaneous Multi-Centered Trial of the Bard Silver-Coated endotracheal tube to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) sponsor Bard. Site principal Investigator A Phase IIIb Multi-center Open-Label Randomized Study Comparing the Safety and Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine to Propofol-Base Standard of Care, for ICU Sedation Following CABG, site Principal Investigator A Randomized, Prospective Trial of Early Foot Impulse Compression in Prophylaxis of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Trauma Patients. Principal Investigator Evaluation of Kinetic Therapy in the Prevention of Pulmonary Complications and Skin Breakdown in Critically Ill Trauma Patients. Principal Investigator. The Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Acute Spinal Cord Injury Comparing Enoxaparin vs Low Dose Heparin Plus External Pneumatic Compression During the First Two Weeks Followed by Enoxaparin vs Low Dose Heparin for the Remaining Six Weeks (Phase III). Principal Investigator. The Use of Diaspirin Cross Linked Hemoglobin (DCLHb) for the Avoidance or Reduction of Perioperative Blood Transfusions. Principal Investigator Comparison of the Efficacy, Safety and Economic Outcomes of Cardizem IV and Digoxin IV in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter in Post Coronary Artery Bypass Patients (Phase III) Principal Investigator.

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Center. Baltimore Region Association of dietitians, John Hopkins Hospital, “Enteral vs. Parenteral Nutrition” Suburban Hospital, "Critical Care of the Elderly Trauma Patient" Bethesda Naval Hospital, "Prostaglandins and Nutrition" Walter Reed Army, "Reverse I:E Ventilations in ARDS" Greater Laurel-Beltsville Hospital Trauma Symposium, “Trauma Assessment in the Field Medical Considerations National Rehabilitation Hospital Conference on Traumatic Head Injury, "Respiratory Problems in the Head Injured Patient" Mary Washington Hospital - Trauma Rounds, "Medical Problems in Trauma Patients" Washington Hospital Center, "Nutrition and Multi-System Organ Failure" York Hospital, "The Internist in Surgical Intensive Care" 5th World Congress on Emergency and Disaster Medicine - Rio de Janeiro, "Nutritional Support in the Trauma Critically Ill Patient. A New Insight" Washington Hospital Center, "Surgical Critical Care of the Esophagogastrectomy Patient" Memorial Sloan Kettering, "The Use of Continuous Arteriovenous Hemofiltration in the Post Surgical Patient" York Hospital, "Non-Bacterial Endocarditis" York Hospital, "Fat Embolism Syndrome" STATISTICS: Marital Status - single Health - excellent LICENSURES: District of Columbia: June, 1986 #15963 Maryland: September, 1984 #D31590 REFERENCES: Available upon request