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Interviews with Jen Stephen Cooper

Jen: What is your latest track? STEPHEN: That would be all the songs from my debut album. I don’t like choosing singles. Jen: What do you have for us to look forward to in the future? STEPHEN: Live shows hopefully and I have written most of the songs from the second album and it should be out in 2010. Jen: I read in your bio that you’ve had a band at one time, how was that and what happened. STEPHEN: It was a death metal band, back in 1999. I played lead guitar and I wrote like 2 or 3 songs. I played several gigs around the area but I wanted to form an industrial rock band.

Jen: What got you into doing the gothic/Industrial style of music? STEPHEN: I just wanted to create something like Marilyn Manson, NIN and Rob Zombie, that was what I was listening at the time. It is great all the things you can do with this style. It is not boring. I always liked dark music too. Jen: Who are your influences of this style of music? STEPHEN: Marilyn Manson, NIN, Rob Zombie, Stabbing Westward, God Lives Underwater, Rammstein, etc. Jen: How long have you been making music? STEPHEN: Since I was 16, and that’d be 11 years. Jen: Do you have a musical background? STEPHEN: Not really.

Jen: Which do you like better, having a band or being solo? STEPHEN: Being solo of course. I can’t stand the drama, the ego and the bad arrangements that most bands in my country have. Jen: Do you tour or do liveshows? STEPHEN: Right now I’m putting together a band for live shows. So the answer will be yes very soon. Jen: What would you like to tell your fans and new found fans? STEPHEN: I’d say to the fans in the US thanks a lot for your support. I hope to play over there soon, and thanks to you Jen for interviewing me. You’re the best. Thank You Stephen.....

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Jen: Hello Stephen and thank you for doing this interview with me. Are you working solo or do you have a band? STEPHEN: I work solo but in the beginning I disguised it by using a band name.

I was tired of the rock scene in my area and in my country. I just didn’t want to be part of that death metal scene or any other scene anymore so I left and did something that everyone hate it but they can’t help talk about it.

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Interviews with Jen - Stephen Cooper