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Interviews with Jen Alice Sweet Alice

Jen: How are you guys doing? ASW: BUSY! LOL. But that’s good, because the Devil LOVES idle hands. Jen: Let’s start by telling who all is in your group and what each of you do. ASW: Scott Martinez, Bass/Vocals; Ali Kat, Keyboards/Vocals; Jeffrey Galios, Guitars; William Xavier, Drums/Percussion. Jen: How did you all meet? ASW: Mostly online, from musical websites. Scott was looking for a female vocalist, and really liked what Ali Kat was doing. Initial songs were just collaborations with the addition of vocals. Scott met Jeff on the Cakewalk website, when he posted looking for a kick **** guitarist for his new song Widowmaker. Jeff signed up, and the rest is history! We’ve been writing together ever since. William Xavier is the most recent “addition”, and is sort of a part time member of the group. He’s recorded for us in the past, and is doing so more and more lately, in fact on every track on the new album, but it seems he has a fear of commitment!!!! You would too if you dealt with all of us hooligans!

Jen: Do you guys tour any or are you just producing and recording music? SCOTT: Right now, we’re just recording and building up our repertoire, and hopefully we’ll be touring in the near future. We’re so new, we’re still trying to figure out where to go!! JEFF: We’d like to tour but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards right now. Besides, creating new music and recording in the studio takes up a lot of our time. Jen: If you could tour anywhere where would you choose? SCOTT: It looks like we’d go to England and the European continent at present, particularly France and Germany, as that seems to be where the most interest in what we’re doing is coming from. America is a hard market to break, especially for bands in our “Genera” who don’t “shake they-****” for the camera! ALI: Germany JEFF: I’d choose anywhere. As long as I’m not paying for it . lol.

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Jen: Hi Alice Sweet Alice. Thank you for doing this interview with me. ASW: Jen, thank YOU for this opportunity to talk about Alice Sweet Alice with you and your readers!

Jen: You all have amazing beautiful voices, do any of you have a musical background. ASW: Thank you! SCOTT: I’ve been in bands since high school. I was sort of a loner on a self-imposed exile, and spent most of my Sophomore year in high school sitting on my bed learning bass lines from Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure, Bauhaus, etc. I was in a band called Autumn Cathedral (AC) towards the end of high school and we released an album in 1989, and went on tour in California, New Mexico and Arizona. The singing came later for me, though I did some back up in AC, more out of necessity than actual skill or extreme desire. JEFF: Not me I can’t sing! That’s why I let the guitar sing for me.

Jen: Who is your inspiration in your music? SCOTT: I’ve been a big fan of 4AD for YEARS, and Portishead was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve had certain “wow” moments with such diverse sounds from Massive Attack to Howlin’ Wolf, to Peter Gabriel. However, I listen to all different types of music, with the exception of Country and American Pop “American Idol” type music. ALI: Life is my was winning the fight against cancer that got me doing what I love. JEFF: Scott and Ali. Jen: A couple of your songs have a kind of gothic sound, do you consider any of your music gothic or was that the idea of it. ASW: We don’t really consider our music anything specific, actually. As far as “gothic” is concerned, it just seems that people that listen to gothic music like some of our songs too. We’ve been compared to Pink Floyd and the Doors as well, so perhaps there are some classic rock roots showing through? Not sure. None of us write with a specific objective in mind, and have diverse musical backgrounds. The songs just come and we flesh them out the best we can. I think we never plan on how the song turns out. Somebody gets an idea and we just run with it. That’s why I think you’ll hear so many different textures, grooves and themes in our music. We just try our best to make music that doesn’t suck. That’s the main objective. Where it gets categorized in the echelon of musical styles is the concern of others. It doesn’t matter WHO listens to our music, we just want people who actually LISTEN Jen: What other music do you listen to? SCOTT: It depends on my mood. Lately it seems 2 | Somojo Magazine Interviews with Jen

like all I listen to is ASA, because we’ve been writing so heavily. Fortunately, we’re working with other bands because of our label “Cauldron Soundwerx” recently branching out with our sister bands. Listening to a lot of their stuff, in particular Sol Skugga, our most newly signed CS act. In addition, Scott is going to be mixing and producing one of our new acts “Black Spring Rising”. I also like music with heavy drums, gorgeous voices, and inspired arrangements. Other genera’s I will listen to are American Blues, classical, some classic rock, jazz and world music. Ali listens to mainly Rock. JEFF: I like all kinds of music as long as it’s done really well. Jen: Do any of you have other jobs or is making music your main job? ASW: Scott is a classically trained Chef; he went to culinary school and owned a catering company for a few years while taking a break from music. Now it seems both vocations are part time, leaning more towards music now (thank goodness) as that has always been the main goal. Ali Kat is a Customer Service Representative/Welder by day. JEFF: I would like to make music full time but for now it’s not going to pay my bills so I have to work full time as a carpenter. Jen: What do you do in your spare time, do you have hobbies that you do for fun? ASW: Even though cooking is a job, Scott enjoys everything associated with it. Preserving, canning, smoking. Scott is also WAY into gardening, fishing, hiking and home improvement. Working on cars is fun too. Basically, anything that involves getting my hands dirty is fair game. ALI KAT has an awesome family and enjoys family time. JEFF: I have no spare time. Jen: When is the Holiday single coming out and what can you tell us about it? ASW: “Glass Houses” is coming out on Monday, 1 December, and was originally written to be part of another compilation for another label. When that fell through due to economic reasons, ASA decided to release it as its own single. Scott’s dog Cali passed away on 11 October, around the time when all of the arrangements were being made to release the single, and so we’re dedicating it to

her memory and donating 50% of the proceeds (of the sale price .89-cents) to the American Humane Society, where Scott adopted Cali back in 1998. Jen: Will there be a video for the Holiday single? ASW: There most likely will be. We are also working on another video for one of the songs from First Light. Please stay tuned for BOTH!!!! Jen: What would you like to tell your fans and newly found fans? ASW: We’re just happy that we DO have fans and they like what we’re doing. We are so pleasantly surprised about the response we’ve gotten for being such a new band. It’s so satisfying to us that we can do what we do as a band. We’re still coming into our own, and learning how to work with each other. We all really appreciate all the support that our fans have shown us! We are VERY excited about our new album, because we’re really starting to gel as a group. The best IS yet to come our lovlies, so keep your eyes peeled. Our new album, “Moloko & Ultraviolence” will be out in the spring of 2009.

Thank you ASW keep us posted on everything. Have a great week ahead!

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Somojo Magazine - Interviews with Jen - Alice Sweet Alice  
Somojo Magazine - Interviews with Jen - Alice Sweet Alice  

Interviews with Jen - Alice Sweet Alice