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Marketing Plan by: Sommer Figone FTV 419-01 Entertainment Marketing May 13, 2014


PHASE ONE: OVERVIEW The Story - 6 Who’s Watching - 7 Marketing Opportunities - 9 Marketing Obstacles - 10 The Big Idea - 12 Cast - 13-14 Crew - 15-16

PHASE TWO: FILM FESTIVALS Festival Strategy - 19 Target Festivals - 20 Festival Kit - 21-22 Festival Marketing - 23

PHASE THREE: B2B STRATEGY B2B Activities - 27 Distribution Strategy - 29 Target Distributors - 30

PHASE FOUR: CONSUMER STRATEGY Consumer Strategy - 33 Release Strategy - 34 Creative Strategy - 35 Creative Advertising - 36-37 Media Strategy - 38 Media Plan - 39 Market Research - 40 Internet Strategy - 41 Online - 42 Promotional Strategy - 43 Promotions - 44 Publicity Strategy - 45 Publicity Channels - 46


e s a h P E N O W E I V OVER


THE STORY POSITIONING STATEMENT Five Days Straight tells the chaotic saga of a group of Jewish-American college students and their accompanying soldiers trapped in a hotel in Israel while on a Birthright trip.

SYNOPSIS College student Leah Reis and her friends Reilly, Tommy, and Richard find themselves dealing with more than they bargained for on Birthright trip to Israel with their fellow Jewish classmates. Trapped in their hotel in Tel Aviv due to riots in the street, the group of friends try their best to keep themselves sane, but when one of their actions lands them in unexpected trouble, they must enter into a race against time to fix the situation before the hotel melts into mass hysteria. What is Birthright, you may ask? Birthright is a unique opportunity for all Jewish young adults to visit Israel for ten days free of charge. They get to experience all aspects of Israel, geographical, cultural, religious, and otherwise on trips lead by experts, guides, teachers, and religious officials. Most who have taken advantage of this opportunity will tell you it is a completely remarkable experience, at times extremely profound and at times completely ridiculous. This is a story of the ridiculous. The film is a fast-paced, ensemble-driven comedy that explores what happens when big personalities, big disasters, and the occasional strict military regulation (sometimes literally) collide.

GENRE Adult Comedy


TAGLINE “One Shot. Complete Chaos.�

WHO’S WATCHING AGES 17-35 The main target for Five Days Straight is males and females ages 17-35. This audience is either in college or recently graduated and will relate to the witty and sarcastic humor, as well as the characteristics of the characters in the film. Students will most likely be able to relate their own experience on an organized trip to the Birthright trip in the film. The audience probably enjoys films like “The Hangover” or “American Pie,” which both include similar adult comedy aspects.

FAITH-BASED AUDIENCE Although the film does not focus on the fact that the setting is a Birthright trip in Israel, parts of the humor and plot points relate to this aspect. The secondary target audience is Jewish people of all ages who can relate to the Birthright experience and will understand the subtle phrases and references included in the script.

FEMALE FILM BUFFS As Five Days Straight was uniquely directed, produced and written by females, the film may attract a tertiary audience of film-interested women of all ages. These women most likely enjoy exploring independent films and are very familiar with the film business and the major players in it. They follow news on movies and know what to expect from upcoming films.


MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES RELATABLE STORY AND CHARACTERS Even for those who have never participated in Birthright, the trip itself is relatable. Young adults who have been on organized trips will identify with the characters and the events that happen on the trip. The humor is young and modern and will make the characters even more relatable.

ROMANTIC SUB-PLOT While most of the story focuses on the chaos of being trapped in a hotel for five days, the film has a sub-plot. The genre of Five Days Straight is comedy, but there is a romantic storyline as well. Two of the main characters, Avri and Leah, have apparent chemistry throughout the film, which unexpectedly leads to the climactic gunshot. While the comedic elements are what stand out most, this romance drives the story, giving it another level to focus on as well as something for the audience to root for.

UNIQUE STORYTELLING One of the female characters sporadically narrates the film by writing her thoughts in her journal. The film uniquely ends with her leaving a note in the hotel room for future guests, sharing her story of what happened on this trip. This journaling aspect ties the whole film together and could be used as a marketing tool, specifically in print materials or trailers - this aspect can define the overall look of the campaign.


MARKETING OBSTACLES RATING The R-rating of Five Days Straight may prove to be an obstacle for the film as it limits the reach of the film. Only audiences over 17 are allowed to view R-rated films, and that limits the potential audience significantly by eliminating most teenagers who may be interested in the content and humor of Five Days Straight.

LACK OF RECOGNITION The film may face some difficulty in attracting an audience as it has no recognizable factors, including stars or crew members. It can be difficult to sell an obscure comedy, as true comedy is difficult to achieve, even with big names. This is an obstacle that can be overcome by how well the story is conveyed, so it will be important to focus on the marketing opportunities with the film’s campaign.


THE BIG IDEA “ONE SHOT. COMPLETE CHAOS.” The big idea, “One Shot. Complete Chaos.” will serve as both the film’s tagline and the driving force behind the entire campaign. It relates to the chaotic environment of the film and serves as a hint of the climax of the film. The tagline works directly with the key art, describing what viewers see in that image. The marketing of Five Days Straight will always relate back to this big idea. “One Shot. Complete Chaos.” can work on multiple levels. It serves as a foreshadow for the storyline of Five Days Straight, directly conveying the tone of the film and the fact that there is a gunshot. Additionally, the tagline ties into the fact that the chaos is in part caused by alcohol being the only drink left in the hotel - the words “one shot” can be seen in a different light when described in this way, as the characters take drinks as part of a made up drinking game. Finally, “one shot” will also tie into the overall look of the campaign. Due to the unique storytelling of the film, in which Leah narrates parts as she writes in her journal, the campaign will have the look and feel of journaling and scrapbooking. This will tie into the element of Leah chronicling the events of the trip. “One shot” can relate to camera shots and will tie nicely into various aspects of the marketing campaign, such as the film’s presence on Instagram. This big idea offers many opportunities for marketing the film, as it can go in numerous directions. This will allow various aspects of the film to grab different audience’s attention while always relating back to “One Shot. Complete Chaos.”















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e s a h P o w t



The Five Days Straight festival strategy will mainly target niche film festivals. The film is unique because it was written, directed and produced by women, and focuses on the events of a Birthright trip, which is an educational trip to Israel for young Jewish people. These two factors make the film a perfect candidate for women’s film festivals and Jewish film festivals. Additionally, the 20-minute nature of the film allows it to be entered in short film festivals. This unique combination of characteristics make it easier for the film to target various festivals and consequently have a greater reach.


TARGET FESTIVALS “The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (LAJFF) builds community awareness, appreciation and pride in the diversity of the Jewish people through film.” This festival is a good match for Five Days Straight because of its Jewish focus. Not only does the film have the Birthright setting, but also a Jewish director and screenwriter, Michaela Stewart. The film would be a unique addition to the festival as it focuses on aspects of Jewish culture through comedy.

“LA Femme International Film Festival is a premier festival that focuses on platforming women filmmakers “by women, for everyone”. Our Festival was created in 2005, when it became apparent that there was a need to enhance women behind the camera as Directors, Producers, and Writers.” As Five Days Straight was written, directed and produced by women, it would be an excellent submission to this festival. This especially speaks to the festival’s need to “enhance women behind the camera.” The film would also stand out because it is a raunchy comedy, a genre rarely tapped into by women.

“LACS is a one-of-a-kind experience for comedy short films and comedy scripts. It’s our top priority for filmmakers to get seen by the right people and make sure everyone has an awesome experience.” Five Days Straight is a comedy short, fitting perfectly into the niche of this festival. The festival would be great exposure for the film, as it often has major sponsors like the website Funny or Die and Cartoon Network, as well as celebrity participants including Jane Lynch and Wayne Brady.


ing Director of Market Sommer Figone Street, Orange, CA 1477 N. Glassell om ail.c gm e@ gon fi sommer www.fivedaysstra

Festival Director ish Film Festival Los Angeles Jew d. Suite 1510 3580 Wilshire Blv 90010 Los Angeles, CA May 31, 2014 ector, Dear Festival Dir

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crebios w bios crew

ast bios cast cbios TAL COHEN JORDANA LILLY as TAV


Jordago, ana Lilly, A little under two years Tal at 22, moved to California a the Jew age herseof lf hopi ng to eventually go is thrilledin to from Israel after two right yearstrip, of serving thebe Israeli Defense Forces to pur- on a Taglit Birthplaying the part Jord Leah ana in Five Days Straight. is curre sue her acting career. Tal began her acting career in Israel atofthe age ntly studying Thea tre Performance at sity. her yspar of seven, and after thatInbriefl puteacting aside to go after her passion Chapman Univertime, she enjo ys belti ng along with kara mgirls and oke tracks from for dance--training Drea all through highFroze school and her in aannu professional dance n, using al Disneyland pass possin ible, bing company after serving theand army. She very happy part of this port as much as ingis on Netfl ix. Shetoisbe so honored to be zing prod a part of this project because it ama reminded her uctio of home . k-full of talen n choc t!



Michaela Stew Mason currently lives in Orange, andr is a Senior at art is aCA senio at Chapman University Film Prodwhere uction he Chapman University is pursuing in Film Production, majoring in and minoring ainB.F.A. French and Women's is a Bay Area native and He has worked with an emphasis in Cinematography. on scoresStudies. She has been involved fi lm for most of professional and amateur frompass no budget YouYubewith filmstheater and of her sets life. Her ion lies comesuch her lovemotion dic filmma of acto to mega-budget pictures television in shows as king and rs and and all kinds of ridiculous peop ed to le has never Christopherceas Nolan’s “Interstellar” and “CSI: inspired her work . New York”.


Dor Gvirtsman is an baseat Camille is completing fourth and acto last ryear Chapman University, d out of Los Ange curreher ntly studying Thea les, born in Israel, and at the inUnive pursuing a B.F.A in has Film emb Production with an tre emphasis directing, rsity ofand Soutenrace complex and hern California. Dor earn joying every last minute of it. Herdlove affair with the cinematic arts began est roles Diary of from Peter van Daan in Anne Frank to the The titula during her teenage years when she suff ered a dramatic quarter-life crisis r Guild enstern in Tom Stop crantz and Guildenste pard ’s Rosenrn are and, subsequently,elec became involved in theater.Dead Since coming to Chap. He also rece tric Mori ntly rocked out as tz Sprin g Awa the kenin man, she has been workinwith and learn from talented g, numerous whic h hislucky allow otherto ed him artistic to pursue music, ion. peers who have helped shape herpass directorial ambitions.




HUI Nettie is from PROOrange DUCERCounty and has beenTinvolved in community theatre and film all her life. She is currently earning a BFA in Film Production with an emphasis in Editing at Chapman University as well as pursuing interests in producing.

RyanChalk Theatre: Caucasian Circle, The Lily’s Revenge, The Donkey ShoW, Stiffelma n, origi nally hailing from New Can Chapma Caligula, The History Boys,n As Yoursity Likewher It, The Comedy of Errors andaan, others. Unive CT, is a Junior at e he majors in Thea actinagnumber Stud Samson has written of plays his one-mantre show Feelsince ever ies. Ryan has been sinceincluding his first steps on stag ditio e has n toperformed in seco ing Like This which was festivals in New York. He been short film at nd grade. In adwork , Ryan has rmed in and productio sevecan working on a number of short filmshas since arriving in perfo Los Angeles ns and ral musical theater rece ntly vent into work this past summ inga on be seen in the upcoming weber.series Jamie + Jenna.ured Samson holds B.A.his first featu re in Music Composition and Theatre Arts from Brandeis University.





award winning music PRODUCTION al feature film and ning shorts DESIGNER two award winunder his belt, Spen cer has a love and a pass creating imaginati ion for ve and unique work . He is a senior unde uate film productio rgradn directing major at Chapman University .


production photography producti on photograph


FESTIVAL MARKETING POSTERS Posters are an obvious and simple way to market at film festivals. Posters will be placed throughout the film festival, including high foot traffic areas and each theater. They will be put on the popular poster boards but efforts will also be focused on other festival locations where, perhaps, other films are not posting. Posters can also be used as giveaway items.

POSTCARDS While postcards are sometimes overdone at film festivals, they are a good way to get at least a cursory glance at your film. Most people will at least grab the postcard and take a look at it. The design will be consistent with the rest of the film’s marketing campaign. The postcards will include the when and where for the film’s screening at the festival, as well as the URL to the website. Other than that, the postcards will be very visual to grab attention, rather than having too much information.

MERCHANDISE Five Days Straight merchandise will be handed out at the film. This will include t-shirts and sunglasses. The t-shirts will have the tagline, “One Shot. Complete Chaos.” on them, while the sunglasses will simply say Five Days Straight. These items, while more expensive, are worth it because they get strangers to promote the film. When others see someone wearing these items, they will see it as a suggestion to view that film. With multiple people wearing these items at the festival, the effect will be large.



e s a h P e e r h t


B2B ACTIVITIES RESEARCH Research will be conducted in order to decide which distributors would best fit Five Days Straight. It will be very important to look at the portfolio of work that each distributor has done. Five Days Straight is an R-rated comedy with elements of romance in it. The chosen distributors will need experience in these areas so we can be confident that their work with Five Days Straight will be successful. Similar to consumer research, potential distributors can attend pre-screenings of the film so we can see where the interest lies.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Pitch letters will be sent to potential distributors. These letters will describe the story and the value of Five Days Straight and will present the request for the distributor to be a part of this film. Following a distribution agreement, press releases will be sent to various media sources, including newspapers with entertainment sections and magazines. The PR activities will get the Five Days Straight name out there the target audience will hear the buzz begin gaining awareness and interest. The public relations activities for this film will aim to begin positive discussion surrounding Five Days Straight. Influential film bloggers will be contacted to begin releasing information about the film, and social media will be used to update the public on the stages of the film.


DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY The Five Days Straight distribution strategy will mainly target distributors that have worked on similar films. The characteristics of these films may include the comedy genre, raunchy, dry or R-rated humor, independent filmmaking or similar storylines. It is important for the distributors to have experience with similar films so Five Days Straight has the strongest release and marketing strategy. The film will most likely fit best with smaller distributors, but it also has the potential to be a unique independent film for a larger distributor.


TARGET DISTRIBUTORS “Fox Searchlight Pictures is an American film distribution company within the Fox Entertainment Group, a sister company of the larger Fox studio 20th Century Fox. It specializes in US distribution of independent and British films, alongside dramedy and horror as well as non-English-language films.” Fox Searchlight has worked on small independent comedy-dramas, including Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, as well as comedy-filled films like Super Troopers. Five Days Straight would be a unique addition to the distributor’s portfolio, but would not be out of the realm of genres that Fox Searchlight is familiar with.

“Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses.” Warner Bros. is a very large distributor and would get a lot more attention for Five Days Straight. The company distributed The Hangover, which is one of the most well-known R-rated comedies. This film was successful and has a similar style of humor to Five Days Straight. Warner Bros. would be able to use its experience with The Hangover for the distribution of this film.

“Universal Studios Inc. is an American motion picture studio, owned by Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBC Universal, and is one of the six major movie studios.” Universal Pictures constantly works on comedy films and has a lot of experience in that genre. Their portfolio includes Neighbors, American Pie, Knocked Up, and National Lampoon’s Animal House. Five Days Straight has a very similar style to these films and will fit perfectly into this portfolio.

“Relativity Media LLC is an American full-scale film studio. It acquires, develops, produces, and distributes films and produces television programs.” Relativity Media is an independent studio rather than one of the majors. This smaller scale would make it a great fit for an independent film like Five Days Straight. Additionally, Relativity has seen lots of success with comedy films, including work on Pineapple Express, 21 Jump Street, It’s Complicated, Bridesmaids and Step Brothers. With its comedic experience and independent nature, Relativity Media would be a great match for Five Days Straight.


e s a h P r u o f



The Five Days Straight consumer strategy will focus on the marketable aspects of the film. These include humor, the unique method of storytelling, the love story, and the relatable characters and experience. These are the opportunities to grab the attention of the target audiences. The film will utilize multiple channels to reach the target audience, including creative advertising, promotions, publicity and Internet methods.


RELEASE STRATEGY RELEASE DATE July 3, 2015 Five Days Straight will be released Fourth of July weekend, as this is a time that people gather together with friends and family. Comedies are generally released during the summer, so this release date will match that trend. The target audience will be available at this time, as it will be summer break for those that are students, and a holiday weekend for those that are working. This release date also allows the film to avoid some of the big movies of the summer, including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ted 2 and Pitch Perfect 2, which all come out in the two months prior to this weekend. With Five Days Straight released in the summer, it will be available on video around Christmas, which is another popular time for movies.

RELEASE PATTERN PLATFORM RELEASE A platform release is fitting for Five Days Straight because it is an independent film that will need to build word-of-mouth in order to be successful. It will begin in a limited amount of theaters and cities, slowly expanding its reach in the weeks following its release. The expansion rate will largely depend on how the movie is received the first weekend, but the schedule will be something like what’s shown below: July 3, 2015 - 4 theaters - LA, NYC July 10, 2015 - 16 theaters - LA, NYC, SF, Seattle, Chicago July 17, 2015 - 50 theaters - LA, NYC, SF, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Washington DC July 24, 2015 - 200 theaters - including LA, NYC, SF, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Washington DC, Toronto, San Jose, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Houston, Cambridge, Brooklyn, Boulder

COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Five Days Straight will be competing with Magic Mike XXL, which is also opening on Fourth of July weekend. Magic Mike XXL is a drama with comedic elements, but is more mature in both its content and overall style than Five Days Straight. While both films feature comedic elements, creating a competitive environment, Five Days Straight is a much more straightforward comedy and includes raunchy, inappropriate humor, which is not the style of its competitor. Five Days Straight will most likely be attended by those seeking pure entertainment and good laughs, while Magic Mike XXL is more likely to be a date night movie for those seeking a drama.


The creative materials used for Five Days Straight will match the overall tone and characteristics of the film. The materials will include a “doodle” or “scrapbook” look to convey the first-person storytelling and journaling that occurs throughout the film. The creative materials will be very consistent in the tone and information they convey. The materials will pull from the marketable aspects of the film, including its humor, unique method of storytelling, comedic romance and Jewish backstory. Creative advertising will occur in mediums that the target audience will most likely see to generate interest.





When Five Days Straight is announced, a teaser poster will first be released. This will be used to generate early awareness and pique interest in the film. The teaser poster will not use any images from the film, but rather will encapsulate the tone of the movie. These posters will be placed in movie theaters mainly, as well as high traffic areas like malls.

A film poster will be released halfway through the campaign. This poster will feature the key art from the film and will be used to continue generating awareness, as well as title and character recognition. Posters will be placed throughout movie theaters mainly, but can also be translated into print ads. The posters would also be good giveaway items to promote the film.

BILLBOARD Advertisements will be included on billboards in busy urban areas, such as Los Angeles or New York. These billboards will attract the daily drivers and pedestrians, therefore reaching a lot of different people. The billboards will utilize the key art and the doodles to continue the consistent advertising of Five Days Straight.


BUS SIDES Large metropolitan areas with high-traffic will feature bus side advertisements for Five Days Straight. These are especially effective because they are mobile and will reach a wider range of people. The bus advertisements will remain consistent with the rest of the advertising materials by including the doodles and the key art.



In addition to bus sides, Five Days Straight posters will be featured at the bus shelters at bus stops. These will reach working people (the older end of the target audience) who utilize the bus systems to commute to work and will reach pedestrians who pass by the shelters. These ads will be an enlarged version of the film poster.

Five Days Straight will also use online banner ads of various sizes to advertise on websites that experience high traffic from the target audience. Websites might include Buzzfeed, Funny or Die, YouTube, and entertainment sections of online newspapers. These ads would catch the target audience in their daily Internet perusing.



The media strategy aims to utilize multiple methods to get the film’s trailer and other related content in front of the target audience. These include trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, and commercial spots. The various media will be strategically placed so that it is able to effectively reach as many members of the target audience as possible.

MEDIA PLAN TEASER TRAILER The teaser trailer will work simply to generate awareness for the film and establish it as an upcoming adult comedy. This trailer will not work to sell the story, but rather sell the humor of the film. The teaser trailer should encapsulate the overall tone of Five Days Straight.

TRAILER The trailer will aim to raise awareness and generate interest for Five Days Straight. It will feature the storyline of the film to inform audiences what the movie will be about. Specifically, the trailer will focus on the humor and the love story of the film, which are two of its marketable characteristics. The trailer will be played before adult comedies, romantic comedies or dramatic comedies. The trailer will also be viewable online.

INTERNET: EXPANDED CONTENT Internet footage will include interviews with the cast and crew, as well as behind-the-scene footage. This will aim at the target audience as well as film buffs who are interested in learning more about films they watch. This will allow viewers to feel like they can connect more with the film, and will help promote the actors and crew members.

:30 AND :15 TV SPOTS 30-second TV spots will be used throughout a large portion of the campaign. These will feature short descriptions of the storyline, as well as comedic parts of the film. 15-second spots will be released in the last phase of the campaign to remind viewers that the film is coming out. These TV spots will be largely featured on mainstream channels including CBS, NBC, FOX, as well as more niche channels like Comedy Central.

REVIEW SPOT A review spot will be released prior to the film containing reviews it received from film festivals. A review spot can also play following the film’s release containing reviews from critics. These spots depend on whether or not the film receives positive feedback from these two channels.


MARKET RESEARCH TEST SCREENINGS Test screenings will be essential to receive feedback from the target audience. These screenings are risky, as they can make or break the reputation of a film, but the information gleaned from the screenings will be representative of how the target audience views the film. This is also a good opportunity to give the film some initial exposure and get people talking about it. The test screenings will also tie in with surveys, as described below.

SURVEYS The test screenings and surveys will go hand-in-hand. Surveys will be handed out to the audience in the theaters following test screenings. These surveys will allow viewers to rate various aspects of the film, including its climax and conclusion, as well as provide feedback about the film in general. These surveys will help determine what parts of the film can be improved, as well as how the marketing campaign should be approached.

FOCUS GROUPS Focus groups will be conducted in order to receive feedback on preliminary marketing materials for Five Days Straight. While focus groups aren’t able to reach as many people, they are an excellent opportunity to receive in depth feedback regarding the marketing of the film. These groups will provide valuable insight into which direction the marketing should take and how the target audience may react to what we release.

EXIT STUDIES Exit studies will be conducted during the first weekend of the film’s release. These studies will offer insight into how the film is being initially received. This information will be valuable to determine how the film should be marketed following its release, as well as who initially heard of the film and who is watching it.


The online strategy will be vital to drive awareness and interaction with Five Days Straight. The strategy will focus largely on social media and popular websites, but will also include original content created by the campaign team. These various channels will help reach the target audience, as they use the Internet regularly.



An official Five Days Straight Twitter account will be created. It will post updates on the film and its marketing campaign, as well as quotes and images from the film. The Twitter posts will also link to the website. Each main cast member will do a Twitter Takeover Day, a day in which they are the sole writer on the Twitter account. This allows other Twitter users to ask questions of specific cast members and will help promote the cast and film.

INSTAGRAM An official Five Days Straight Instagram account will be created. It will mainly feature behind-thescenes photos or reminders about key dates in the campaign. Additionally, the account will utilize the hashtag #OneShot and encourage other users to share “one shot” from organized trips they have participated in using the hashtag and @FiveDaysStraight. This could become a contest, with winners receiving tickets to the premiere of the film.

PINTEREST A Five Days Straight Pinterest account will be created and will feature imagery from the film as well as behind-the-scenes footage. The Pinterest account will also feature the trailer and expanded content for the film. Other Pinterest users will be encouraged to pin photos from organized trips they have participated in, or photos of places they would like to visit. These photos should utilize the hashtag #OneShot.

FACEBOOK A Facebook page will be created specifically for Five Days Straight. Since Facebook is making it more difficult for posts to reach large amounts of people, the page will mainly be used to direct visitors to other social media platforms and the film website.

WEBSITES There will be an official Five Days Straight website that will have all the details of the film. This will be the go-to place for anyone looking for information. The website will include cast and crew biographies, key dates, behind-the-scenes footage, trailers and links to the social media. It will also include a blog that will feature guest posts by the cast and crew members. In addition to utilizing its own website, the film will turn to other popular websites like Buzzfeed. The film can purchase a promoted Buzzfeed post that will be more engaging and interesting than an advertisement, but will also promote the film. This post could vary from “10 Trips That Went Wrong,” to “10 Places You Wish You Could Visit,” or even “Movie Couples We Love to Root For.” These posts will not directly mention Five Days Straight, but will relate to aspects of the film.

PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Five Days Straight will use different promotions to take advantage of the audiences of other popular brands that tie in with different aspects of the film. This is beneficial on both ends, as it creates awareness for Five Days Straight and encourages purchases or usage of these popular brands. These creative promotions will allow the target audience to interact with the film and its brand in new ways.


PROMOTIONS SPOTIFY Five Days Straight will do a Homepage Takeover and a Branded Playlist on Spotify. The target audience for the film is interested in music and heavily uses Spotify to listen to music for free. This is a great environment to create awareness for the movie. The Homepage Takeover allows for high impact as it is the first thing the user will see when they open Spotify. This will include imagery and links to the Five Days Straight website and social media platforms. Additionally, we will create a Branded Playlist on the music platform. This will contain a Five Days Straight cover image , playlist title, short description and a link to the website. Branded Playlists are user-generated and will focus on the music people bring with them when they go on trips, such as the Birthright trip featured in the film. This will encourage Spotify users to head straight to the playlist when they are on-the-go. This allows people to interact with the film through music and will give Five Days Straight more exposure.

URBAN OUTFITTERS MERCHANDISE Urban Outfitters is a popular clothing store for the target audience of the film. It is also known for the quirky merchandise it offers. Five Days Straight will release merchandise exclusively sold in Urban Outfitters stores. This merchandise will include shot glasses and flasks containing the phrase, “One Shot. Complete Chaos.” to tie in with the events in the film. There will also be journals inspired by the journaling that occurs in the film and the doodles that are consistent throughout the campaign.

SHARPIE CONTEST Five Days Straight will team up with Sharpie to create a doodle contest. We will use the Five Days Straight social media platforms and website to promote and conduct this contest. Participants will send in their doodles, which will be inspired by the word “Chaos” to tie in with the film’s tagline. The top 2 doodlers will receive tickets to Israel, inspired by the setting of the film. The next 10 doodlers will receive tickets to the premiere of Five Days Straight. The top 150 doodlers will have their doodles featured in a book released by Sharpie. This will allow our target audience to interact with the film through creativity.


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The publicity strategy will aim to give exposure to the cast members of the film through various channels. The various publicity activities will give insight into the film and those that worked on it. The publicity strategy will take advantage of the humorous aspects of Five Days Straight, the lively actors in the film, and the unique storyline. The cast members will do numerous appearances on TV shows to discuss the film and help promote its upcoming release. Additionally, there will be a main publicity event to get some press coverage for the film. The goal will be to invite both important figures in the industry and members of the target audience to begin word-of-mouth for Five Days Straight.


PUBLICITY CHANNELS 24-HOUR PARTY The 24-Hour Party will be a publicity event held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It will loosely mimic the story of Five Days Straight, so guests will be unable to leave the hotel for 24 hours. Rather than complete chaos though, the party will have a complete schedule including morning Mimosas, pool time during the day, and dancing and drinks at night. Attendees will include young stars as well as winners of exclusive tickets, which will be given away through social media and other channels.

THE ELLEN SHOW Lead actors Jordana Lilly and Dor Gvirtsman will make special guest appearances on The Ellen Show to promote Five Days Straight. They will talk about the making of the film and how their on-screen romance worked. The audience members will receive Five Days Straight merchandise, including the Urban Outfitters promotions and tickets to the film. Two lucky winners will receive tickets to the 24-Hour Party.

LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON Ryan Stiffelman, Zach Shucklin and Camille Smura, the three actors who provided a majority of the film’s comedic relief, will be guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The inherent humor of the show will tie in well with the role these three played in Five Days Straight. They will discuss the upcoming film and show some exclusive footage.

PUBLICATIONS Interviews with the cast members and initial reviews of the film will be included in various publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Nylon, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. This will give the cast more exposure in a print medium.



Five Days Straight Marketing Plan  
Five Days Straight Marketing Plan  

Marketing plan for a Chapman University student film: Five Days Straight