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Relationships come in all varieties... the "lovey-dovey", almost-seems-too-perfect relationships, the ones where the couple seems to hate each other on the outside, but still loves each other to death, and the ones where the couples just never seem to get along and you wonder, "what on earth are they doing together?" And then, there are those relationships that are in so deep the rabbit hole, that you have to ask yourself, is saving a relationship worth it? Are you in this type of relationship situation? If you are, chances are you've read all sorts of selfhelp relationship books. Or maybe you've been to a marriage or relationship counselor. Or maybe you even took the plunge to go to a couple's retreat. Whatever the case, chances are you've tried anything and everything and you're left wondering if saving the relationship is worth it, or if it is even possible at this point. If that sounds like the situation you're in, don't worry. This happens to many relationships - more often than you think. But rest assured, the fact that you're even thinking along the lines of whether or not you're relationship can be saved just means that your relationship CAN be saved, and it IS worth it. That said, here are 5 "factors" that will help you know for certain if saving your relationship is worth it: 1. You honestly believe he or she is the one for you. Take a hard look at the relationship. Is your partner right for you? Do they make you truly happy? Have you been neglecting them, due to daily stress? Do you know in your gut that you guys were meant to be together? If so, then the relationship is worth saving. However, if you're reason for wanting to save the relationship is because you're afraid that no one else could love you, or that you'll never find anyone else, then this is definitely NOT a good reason and you should probably break up. 2. Is there a mutual filling of needs? Every relationship is a mutual filling of needs. Basically, your partner should give you what you want, in the way you want it and vice versa. Is your current partner giving you what you want? And more importantly, are you giving them what they want in the way they want it, without having to be someone you're not? If you naturally fill most of your partner's needs just being who you are, then chances are the relationship is worth saving. 3. Is there good communication? If you and your partner can't communicate with each other, then chances are you shouldn't save the relationship. Realize that if you do plan on saving it, it's going to take some work. And that work is to become a good communicator. So if you're not prepared to do that work, then the answer to the question "Is saving your relationship worth it?" is a resounding NO.

4. What are your reasons for wanting to stay? If you are truly serious about saving the relationship, what are your reasons for staying? Is it because you want someone to be with you? Or is it because you genuinely love your partner and think the world of them? Answering these questions honestly are a BIG deciding factor on whether or not saving your relationship is worth it. 5. Is your partner willing to work at saving the relationship with you? This is a biggie. As you know, it takes two to tango. And if you're partner isn't willing to work on the relationship with you, then It's not worth saving. So there you go. 5 factors you can use to answer the nagging question, "Is saving your relationship worth it?" Use them and good luck!

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==== ==== The Magic Of Making UP ==== ====

Is Saving Your Relationship Worth It Here's How To Know  

3. Is there good communication? If you and your partner can't communicate with each other, then chances are you shouldn't save the relations...