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Air Sofa Bed

Air Sofa Bed

Air Sofa Inflated Bed Air sofa bed is a highly comfortable bed and it is wonderful solution to seating and sleeping. There are many air sofa bed are available in the market but our product is the best because it made up of pure soft materials. This bed adjusts to many area like garden, recliner, guest room and leaving room. Air sofa complete package of 5 bed and this 5in 1 air sofa bed is easily to adjust with less space.

Air Sofa Bed

Use Of Air Sofa Bed Lounge

Queen sized Bed

Kids high bed

• It is easy to use lounge area. • It has perfect fit to lounge area.

• There are many sizes are available. • It is also used for sleeping.

• It is the best option for kids. • Kids are used to bed for study and sleeping.

Air Sofa Bed

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Air sofa bed