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The ongoing ramblings of a starving artist Written and curated by Andre ZoOm

The name’s Andre ZoOm. A few weeks before the taking of this picture, I was busy writing my fourth book ‘MANIFESTO’. I had the money to print it, but I had no money/place to launch my book. But after speaking to somewhereto_ that all changed; hence this picture. I ended up launching his book on the twelfth floor of the Penguin Headquarters. What you hold in your hands is another example of what somewhereto_ can do for young people like me and you. After witnessing my hunger for book making, they proposed that if I supplied the art, they’ll supply the print space. Thus ‘Grumble’ was born. I hope you enjoy the publication! From my heart to yours...

What could you do with these free spaces?



Do you have a penchant for science? Or maybe you just need a great space to hold an event? This space is for you. This space is for you. The National Space Centre has a number of spaces on offer whether you’d like to use it as an event or something smaller.

Ebrington Barracks is an amazing and unique space with indoor and outdoor facilities providing limitless opportunities!

Contact Tina at to find out more.

Contact Rebekah at to find out more.


Right in the middle of Edinburgh our somewhereto_ space club is at your disposal! A building with free space ready and waiting to be used for pop up galleries, theatre rehearsals, installations and anything else you can think of! Contact Rebecca

to find out more.

somewhereto_ is funded by a £7m injection from the Big Lottery Fund, granted in December 2012 to support its UK-wide expansion over the following four years – opening up thousands more spaces; engaging hundreds of thousands of young people; introducing a path to endorsement, to recognise the skills and training gained by young people involved; and supporting youth enterprise UK wide.

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So I broke off a little piece of my heart and smothered it on each page. Just for you. I hope you enjoy. A few incredible pals and myself created the artwork; check out their stuff. Be phenomenal or be forgotten. - Andre ZoOm

Some days I wake up at 3 o’ clock in the morning. I do it for the jumpstart; just to know I’m five hours ahead of the world. I make my bowl of porridge, maybe even a fry up. But still, no matter how much I eat in the morning, I always feel the grumble. The morning provides a particular type of people. Before 7am, the civilians are the most pleasant bunch of specimens your eyes will ever gaze upon. Very chirpy. A wonderful squad of happy folk. But that’s before 7am.

By the time it hits 8 o’ clock, a wave of moodies come out from their slumber to contaminate the earth’s atmosphere. There’s a lot of yawn. BOO HOOs and AH HAAs are the noises they make, as everyone drags their feet into buses and trains; ready to undergo yet another day of pain and woe. And I do not blame em though, times are hard. The mountain is steep, or so they tell us.

And yet, for some reason, I fail to wipe this smile off my weary face. I gaze upon terror and I’m hardly fazed. I barely bat an eyelid. I suppose it’s because I never see grey. The world is always yellow to me. I never see recession, I always see opportunity. I suppose my mind thinks this way because I am affiliated with a swarm of extraordinary individuals who are brave enough to make a difference around here...

Photography by Jendella

Illustration by Emma Chinnery

Be Awesome Or Be Forgotten

We are a special breed, we artists. A special breed with an interesting purpose. We do what we do best, pump colour back into our nation. Whether we are tapping our feet, strumming a cord, throwing down a brush stroke or composing sweet, sweet poetry‌ we are the ones who turn the world upside down effortlessly.

The purpose of an artist

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Photography by Kobbie Kessie

Photography by Kobbie Kessie

But the artists are the truth bearers, the real leaders of the people. The government influences your votes, but the artist influences your hearts. The government says there is an issue, the artist invents the solution. The workspace of an artist is worth as much as any room in Parliament. For as the masses go with the time, and take each day as it comes, we design the future they walk in. And it may seem a little farfetched, but a creative mind (despite being misunderstood and a little mad) has the power to adjust the world of chaos we are in now.

Photography by Petra Valenti

I was on the train the other day and a middle-aged man stepped into the carriage, making a very loud barking noise. Everyone became a little shaken and on edge, encouraging everyone to leave the train at the next stop. This story is a little short and boring but the moral is this: Mad people know how to control their environment. No matter how amazing people think they are, the moment a mad person is in that space, he/she can humble the proudest of people. Why? Because we understand that the mind of a madman is limitless. There is no telling to what they might do next. That’s why when a madman steps on the train, the train belongs to them. Artists are the mad people of the world, leaders of their environment.

On top of the madness, I’m hungry. I’m tired, mad and hungry. That’s right. Hungry for more art, more innovation, more creative spark. This hunger has been the bane of my life as of late, but still I smile; expressing myself with a grumbling belly. I am a starving artist. Sometimes I wake up at 3 o’ clock in the morning. I eat my oatmeal, I say my prayers. I spend the next few hours emulating a mad scientist, trying to invent something new. I design, but I want more than pretty pictures. I write, but I want more than sweet sentences. I want something that lasts. I want to make something that has an effect on myself and others. So I continue to express myself, and bring to life any dull place I see. Not because it’s my hobby, but because it’s my responsibility. We are a special breed, we artists. Similar to the morning glory, we are the sun that rises just before the world is at its darkest. So stay hungry, and keep your belly grumbling, because in doing so, we push past mediocre, and find ourselves painting a new future for the nation. Sound powerful eh? Think about it.

Written and designed by Andre ZoOm

Now let’s talk business. Got a business idea in mind? Need somewhere to showcase it? Somewhere lively to work? How about your voice? Is it Fantastic? Do you need somewhere to perform? Exhibit? Whatever your talents, somewhereto_ re:store has something for you. somewhereto_ re:store [the high street heist] will be transforming the high street as we know it this summer. From London to Cardiff to Bangor (Northern Ireland) all the way to Glasgow and Manchester, we’ll be taking over five disused shop spaces across the UK and filling them all up with your amazing ideas. Music events, exhibitions, dancing, hosting your won business, or hey, even knitting. The possibilities are endless. You want in?

Get involved by visiting our website at for updates. Tweet us using @somewhereto_ with the hashtag #highstreetheist.

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Grumble by andre zoom, powered by somewhereto  
Grumble by andre zoom, powered by somewhereto