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Autumn 2019

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Karina shares her dramatic prem birth story

Pain Relief

Find out what pain relief options are available

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Find out more about the different pain relief options in birth.


Ideas of what to pack in your hospital bags.

14 TINY DANCERS Find out what to look for in your choice of dance school.


Columnist Karina continues her incredible IVF story with this emotional birth experience


Locally made skincare that will level up your natural glow.

27 BELIEVE IN YOU Paul's tips on self-belief.


Meet Clem, our new contributor! Her diary of a doula is a must-read.

Following our model call, we asked Lowen to be our cover star for this issue! She's wearing Jojo Maman Bebe. Photograph by Alma’s Home Studio, www.almashomestudio.uk

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Another fab recipe from the amazing Hari Hari team!


Advice on staying water-safe with Dorset's Puddle Ducks


Super cute littles show us their cheekiest grins


The lovely Louisa shares her shopping tips to be more green!


This issue we have TWO books in our book club - have you read them?


Diana from Grace the Day shares her magical wisdom about naming ceremonies.


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Hello sunshine!

Here's our Autumn issue, and we're delighted to feature the gorgeous Lowen on the cover. Lowen was chosen from hundreds of applicants to feature on the cover. We will be doing frequent cover searches, so make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you know when to apply! This issue is packed full (seriously, we even had to add pages!) of advice, ideas and local support. From professional midwife insight to real life stories, we have something for everyone. Read, learn and enjoy! Lastly, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU! Starting a magazine that supports our parenting community was a gamble, but thanks to our readers, we're seeing just how well received it has been. We promise we will do our best to keep producing a magazine that you want to read! Until next time,

ina r eb S & or an e El xxx


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As your due date approaches, you will naturally want to think about the pain relief options available to you in labour. These will largely depend upon the setting in which you’ve chosen to give birth; for example, if you’ve opted for a home birth, it goes without saying that an epidural would not be available to you within the home setting.

playing relaxing music during their labour can also be of benefit.

we cannot underestimate the value a supportive birthing partner brings,


who understands your birthing needs, and can add to your birthing experience. Your birthing partner can also help with practical things such as massaging or rubbing your lower back – although some women do not like to be touched during labour.

At around 36 weeks of pregnancy, your community midwife will meet with you to discuss your plans for birth; pain relief options will form part of this discussion. Educating yourself about labour during your pregnancy, for example, through attendance at antenatal classes, will help you to have a greater understanding of the birth process, which will, in turn, help you to feel more relaxed, prepared for, and in control of, your own birth experience.

In the early stages of labour, simple actions such as having a warm bath or taking a couple of paracetamol can help to take the edge off the pain. If you are planning to give birth in a birthing centre/hospital, this can help you to stay at home in your own familiar surroundings for longer before heading in, which has shown to be of benefit. You may also consider hiring or buying a Tens machine. This stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, in which electrical impulses are transmitted through four electrode pads, placed on your back, to stimulate the nerves. The effect of this is two-fold; the nerves are blocked from transmitting the pain signal, and the production of endorphins (the body’s own naturally occurring pain killers) is increased. Tens machines can be adjusted, so that you can increase the intensity of the impulses

Before we look at specific pain relief options, it is important to understand that there are many things that you can do to help yourself throughout the labour process. Simple breathing techniques can help you to remain calm and feel more in control during your birth. Some women find that



as your labour progresses, and most Tens machines feature a ‘boost’ button for use during each contraction, to give an extra surge of impulses. You can remain upright and mobile with a Tens machine and, if you try it and don’t like it, you can simply remove it.

water baby

You may wish to consider using a birthing pool during your labour, even if you choose not to remain in the pool for the birth itself. Birthing pools are available in most birthing centres/hospitals. However, it is important that you mention this when you phone to say that you are in labour so that staff can ensure a pool is kept free for you. If you have opted for a home birth, you may wish to hire or buy a pool for use at home. Birthing pools can help you to remain calmer, more relaxed, and can make the contractions seem less painful. They can also shorten your labour, provided you do not get in during the early stages of labour. You can use Entonox (gas and air) while you are in the pool. However, if you decide that you would like stronger pain relief then you will

need to exit the pool (also note, you will not be able to use a Tens machine while in the pool!). You will also need to be aware that if any complications arise during your labour, you may also be asked to leave the pool.

walking on air

Entonox, often referred to as ‘gas and air’, is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. It can either be piped from a wall attachment, or alternatively through a cylinder, and the gas is delivered to you via a mouthpiece that you hold yourself. If you have opted for a home birth, your midwife can bring a cylinder of Entonox to your home. It will not take away the pain entirely but can help to take the edge off the contractions, and can be used alongside other methods of pain relief. It is quick acting, so is best used from the beginning of each contraction, and works best if you take long, deep breaths, slowly, throughout each contraction. Entonox has no harmful side effects for you or your baby but can make some women feel light-headed or nauseous. If you try Entonox and do not like it, the effects wear off within a few minutes of stopping use.

stronger stuff

If you are considering stronger forms of pain relief in labour, then you may wish to consider Pethidine. This is an opioid drug, with similarities to Morphine. It is administered as an injection into either your buttock or thigh, which takes 20-40 minutes to work, with its effects lasting 2-4 hours. As it can make you feel nauseous, an anti-sickness drug is usually given alongside it. You may wish to ask for a second dose, if required, which can usually be given after 4 hours. Pethidine can help you to relax, and usually makes you feel drowsy; some women find that, after Pethidine, they are even able to sleep in between contractions. For this somethingnewmag.co.uk

reason, you will be unable to have Pethidine while in the birthing pool. It is also worth noting that women can respond differently to Pethidine, with some more sensitive to its effects than others. As Pethidine crosses the placenta, it can also have an impact on your baby; it can affect their breathing at birth (although a drug can be given to counteract this) and can make them drowsy, which can make breastfeeding more difficult in the first few days after birth, while the Pethidine is leaving the baby’s system. If planning a home birth, you may be able to have Pethidine at home; however, you will need to check with your community midwife to see if this is offered in your area. Remifentanyl is similar to Pethidine, in that it is a morphine-like drug. However, it is quicker acting and, unlike Pethidine, also wears off very quickly. Additionally, whereas a midwife can administer Pethidine, you will need an anaesthetist to set up Remifentanyl for you (and will, therefore, need to be on labour ward, as opposed to a birthing centre or at home). It is administered through a tube directly into a vein in your hand or arm, via a pump, and you will be given a button to self-administer doses (the pump is set so that you cannot overdose yourself ). You will need to press the button at the start of every contraction to get the most benefit,


as it takes approximately 30 seconds to start working, and its effects wear off within a couple of minutes. Side effects of Remifentanyl include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and itching, although these will wear off very quickly once you stop using it. It can also cause some women’s breathing rate to slow, which in turn can cause the oxygen levels in their blood to drop. For this reason, you will need to have the oxygen levels in your blood continuously monitored via a probe on your finger. Dropping oxygen levels can be treated by administering oxygen to you via a mask or nasal prongs; however, if your oxygen levels drop too low, you may have to stop using Remifentanyl. Your baby’s heart rate will also need to be continuously monitored throughout your labour. Remifentanyl will not take all the pain away but can significantly reduce contraction pain, and can be an excellent alternative for women who cannot have an epidural.

the Big Guns

Epidurals can provide effective and, very often, complete, pain relief in labour. An epidural involves an anaesthetist administering anaesthetic into the

epidural space that surrounds your spine, containing the nerves that transmit pain signals from your womb and surrounding muscles to your brain. You will require a drip in a vein in your hand or arm. The anaesthetist will ask you to sit still, in a curled up position, before cleaning your back and administering some local anaesthetic to your skin. They will then feed a hollow tube, known as a catheter, into the epidural space before taping it down into place. Painkilling drugs will then be administered continuously down this catheter throughout your labour, and you will also be given a button to self-administer top-ups of pain killers if required. Stronger pain relief can be provided by the anaesthetist down the epidural catheter if you need to have any assistance at the time of delivery (e.g. ventouse, forceps or Caesarean section). Epidurals start working within about 20 minutes, but aren’t always effective, in which case you may need to have the epidural removed and a new one put in. An epidural causes reduced sensation to the lower half of your body,although you should still be able to readjust your position in the bed; for this reason, you may require a urinary catheter to keep your bladder empty if you are unable to get up to the toilet or use a bedpan. Some hospitals can offer mobile epidurals, where the anaesthetic administered is not as dense, enabling you to move around still during your labour, although you will need to check if this is available in your area. Normal sensation should return within a few hours of having your baby. As epidurals can drop your blood pressure, you will need to have fluid given to you via the drip in your hand or arm to keep your blood pressure up. You will also need to have your baby’s heartbeat continuously

Birth is a unique experience to each individual monitored. Epidurals are relatively safe, although there are some side-effects associated with them, which the anaesthetist will run through with you before putting your epidural in. An epidural can prolong the second stage of labour, increasing your chance of needing an instrumental delivery, and 1 in 100 women will develop a severe headache as a result of an epidural, which, although unpleasant, can be treated. Rarely, epidurals can cause nerve damage, although this is usually only temporary.

au natural

You may also consider alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, hypnobirthing, homoeopathy, or reflexology, to help you with your labour. Many hospitals don’t offer alternative therapies for pain relief in labour. Although in some areas some midwives may be able provide aromatherapy to help you relax during your labour. You will need to check with your birth team whether this service is available locally. Birth is a unique experience to each individual, and what might be right for one person with regards to pain relief, may not be for the next. Be prepared that your choices for pain relief may change and need to be adaptable throughout your labour and birth experience. Whatever choices you make, hopefully, as your due date approaches, having some awareness of the various options available to you will help you to feel more prepared for your baby’s birth. somethingnewmag.co.uk

What to pack in your

hospital bag



3-4 first size vests & sleepsuits

Maternity notes

3 -4 1 month vests & sleepsuits

Comfy nightie/t-shirt

A couple of muslins

Dressing gown

A special outfit for going home in

Slippers & flip flops to shower in

A blanket


A hat

Comfy big pants

Size 0/size 1 nappies (depending on estimated size of your baby!)

Maternity bra/wireless bra

Cotton wool balls (wipes can be

maxi dresses are good)

harsh on new skin, so warm water is best to start with)

Scratch mitts Pre-made bottles and formula (you can get disposable bottles so you don't need to worry about sterilizing)

Car seat

Extras Camera Change for carpark iPad or tablet Music for birth Aromatherapy oils

This is just a guide based on an overnight stay.


Clothes to go home in (leggings or Lots of maternity pads or thick sanitary towels Lots of breast pads Nipple cream Hand cream & lip balm Toiletries & make up Dark towel Phone charger Snacks & isotonic drink Sports drinking bottle Mini fan TENS machine

Carpets in need of a clean?


Best Cleaning Solution CARPET CLEAN SPECIAL OFFER 2 rooms & hallway or stairs £45 3 rooms & hallway or stairs £59 4 rooms & hallway or stairs £73 Cheaper when booked as part of end of tenancy clean

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Dance JUST

CHOOSING A DANCE SCHOOL: WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK FOR? We know that at some point, you will start thinking about clubs or extracurricular activities for your little ones. The benefits of an active lifestyle are endless, and getting into good habits early helps kids understand the importance of being active. But what activity to choose?! There are so many choices for youngsters, from rugby to parkour to performing arts. And once you know what activity your mini-me wants to try, how do you pick a school? Well, we're here to help. We grabbed a cuppa with mummy-to-one and Principle of Centre Stage School of Dance and Performing Arts, Miss Zoe, to chat about what's really important when choosing a dance school.


Finding the right environment is essential. At first glance, you might think every dance school is the same - after all many follow the same syllabus and put on performances - but you'd be wrong. Each school has a unique identity that comes from the style of teaching, the ethos of the school and even the surroundings that classes are held in. Committing to a dance school is a worthwhile investment, but it is an investment, so you want to get it right, right? "I opened Centre Stage in 2011 with a very clear vision. I was passionate about providing the highest quality training in dance, singing and acting, underpinned by sound technique and artistic expression - in a rewarding and encouraging learning environment. It was important for me to embrace the experiences I had gained over my sixteen years

of teaching and create my own unique school. The personal touch is vital and I have a close relationship with all of my students.

Centre Stage is like a big family our standards are incredibly high, but we all have fun while striving to be the best we can be.” One thing lots of parents and carers forget to consider is the childcare element. Your child is in the care of the dance teachers and, as such, finding a school that adheres to regulations should be way up the list of priorities. Centre Stage is registered with Ofsted and undergoes inspections as with formal childcare settings. “It’s essential to ensure that the Dance and Performing Arts school to which you send your child is completely safe and that all of the teachers are fully qualified and experienced. Most parents are familiar with Ofsted and understand the standards required for Ofsted registration in schools. In a similar way, the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT) provides quality assurance for the professional dance, drama and musical theatre industries. Being both Ofsted registered and CDMT recognised gives Centre Stage parents the confidence that their children are being taught in a caring, safe environment by teachers trained at the highest level. As a parent, I think that is very reassuring. Prospective parents should check for Ofsted registration and CDMT recognition as these are the gold standards when looking for a school.” Child safety is a no-brainer. When it comes to safeguarding, dance schools should have

strict procedures in place to protect your child. “Safety is vital. Make sure you investigate your prospective school and reassure yourself. They should have full insurance, first aid training, a safeguarding and child protection policy and a fire evacuation plan on their website or which they can share with you. Ask questions and make sure you’re happy with all the responses.” This is a quick list you can run through to ensure your child is well looked after when not in your care. Do they have: liability documents and employer's liability insurance, DBS checks, first aid relevant to the activity, specialist qualifications? Speaking of dance qualifications, Centre Stage teaches the RAD, ISTD, Acrobatic Arts and LCM Syllabuses, which are world-renowned. somethingnewmag.co.uk

“The syllabuses followed by the school you choose are so important and worth researching before you decide. It makes all the difference in the world to the quality of teaching you will receive. You don’t want any teacher teaching your child – you want the best! I’m a classical dancer and trained with the Royal Academy of Dance in London and also a registered teacher of The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and a Certified Teacher with Acrobatic Arts. The RAD and ISTD are both world class, as is the Acrobatic Arts syllabus for Acro and London College of Music (LCM) for singing, all of which we follow at Centre Stage. As teachers, it’s important to make sure we are always at the top of our game and keep learning, so I still enjoy jumping on the train and heading up to London for courses and workshops, which are fundamental for continual professional development (CPD). Make sure you’re happy the syllabus taught meets your needs, as this really provides the foundations for technique and will ensure your child thrives in their classes! The list can seem endless once you start to look into it. For me, I carefully chose what I believe


to be the premier syllabi that will grow young people into artistic dancers and performers. At the end of the day, you need to be confident that your prospective school will train your child with kindness and care, technique, fun, passion and knowledge.” Other things to consider are payment terms, cancellation terms, and what happens if you miss classes. Understanding a contract you sign is essential to maintaining a great relationship with your dance school. Ask about uniform requirements, as this can impact the cost of the activity, but it does make your child feel like they're part of something special. It also helps them to learn responsibility and caring for their items, so a real bonus. We encourage parents and carers to explore the vast variety of classes Centre Stage has on offer - there is something extraordinary about the confidence that comes from learning to dance, sing or act. It's been proven that performing arts provide young people with life skills that can't be taught anywhere else, so get in touch to request a prospectus!

Learn to shine at Centre Stage

Inspiring students to become confident, creative and talented performers.


OFSTED registered CDMT recognised Qualified & experienced creative team Boys and girls aged 2½ - 19 years of age Supporters of Poole Hospital Charity



Learn how to massage your baby in a welcoming & supportive class. Run by Katherine, a certified instructor with the world leading International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)

Some benefits of massage for your baby: t t

t t t

Relieves wind, colic, constipation & teething discomfort Stimulates circulation, digestion, nervous & lymphatic systems Enhances bond with you & your baby Develops body awareness & coordination Increases recognition of facial & emotional expressions which support development of social skills

Courses are available in group environment, host your own group or one to one classes. To find out more information and to book your place contact Katherine:

07802 545554

babymassagebykatherine@hotmail.com www.littledreamersbabymassage.co.uk Or find us on Facebook Little Dreamers Baby Massage by Katherine somethingNew THE PARENTING MAGAZINE FOR DORSET FAMILIES

What is baby massage?


Baby massage is gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby's body with your hands. You can use oil (in the class I provide cold pressed organic sunflower oil) to help your hands to glide smoothly over your baby's skin. As part of your massage routine, you can gently manipulate your baby's ankles, wrists and fingers. You can talk softly, hum or sing to your baby while you are massaging, which may make it more reassuring for your baby. The soothing strokes of your hands stimulate the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in you, your baby and even your partner, if he's watching. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you that warm, loving feeling when you hold your baby close or when breastfeeding your baby. WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO MASSAGE MY BABY? Try to pick a time when your baby is between feeds. Then your baby won't be too hungry or too full. A good time to massage your baby is when they are

awake, but settled. If your baby is quietly alert and interested in their environment, it means they will be ready to interact with you. If your baby is sleeping and feeding often, you may wonder when this golden time for massage is going to come around! You'll get to know when your baby is most content to have a massage. You may like to make it part of your baby's bedtime routine, perhaps after a bath and before a bedtime feed. A massage before bedtime will help your baby to wind down after the stimulation of the day and become calm, ready for sleep.

Join our group classes: Thursdays at Yarrells Preparatory School (term time only) Fridays at Tesco Tower Park in the community room

“Wow! Where did the 5 weeks go?! The weeks flew past and I learnt loads of different massages for Imogen and I to try at home and show daddy too! Katherine is a really knowledgeable lady and has a lovely teaching style. She always made us feel comfortable and relaxed in the class. The tea / coffee and naughty cake at the end of class was always a perfect treat to end! We look forward to returning when Imogen has grown a little bigger! Highly recommend." Libby with baby Imogen




In our last issue we heard about Karina and Shaun's IVF experience and the long road they travelled to fall pregnant. Here's the next instalment of their story...

On 18th December 2013, our journey of infertility reached a beautiful ending as Lincoln and Morgan graced the world with their arrival. The needles, the tears and the difficult times were all now behind us as we looked forward to starting our next chapter together, but not before another dose of hurdles and drama! It was the 17th December. Shaun was at work, and I was pottering around at home when I became aware of some uncomfortable contractions. I was used to the sensation, having experienced Braxton hicks since 16 weeks, but at around 33 weeks pregnant, I couldn't help wondering


whether this was something beyond a typical case of false labour. Getting ready for our traditional Christmas curry with my work colleagues, the discomfort began to worsen. I ummed and ahhed as to whether to join the party (through fear of going into labour amid dinner!) but eventually decided to join the fun. The atmosphere was jolly but tentative as we waited for news of another team member who was in labour with her first baby. I shared in the excitement before (semi-jokingly) announcing that I may be joining her before long! The meal finished, and Shaun drove me home, where it suddenly dawned on me that

usual. The nurse hooked me up to a machine which showed strong contractions every three minutes, suggesting that

this was not, in fact, false labour but actual labour!

At 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant

I had no birth plan and no hospital bags. Feeling an overwhelming sense of pending chaos, I began frantically filling our bags with premature baby clothing (seriously, those outfits were miniature!) and copious amounts of nappies for babies weighing less than 5lbs. I hoped that neither the nappies or clothing would be needed and that the babies could make it another few weeks before making their appearance. By bedtime, the discomfort had worsened. Shaun suggested going to the hospital, but knowing that I was already booked in for monitoring at 9am the following morning, I opted for a decent nights' sleep instead. Little did I know, it wouldn't quite go according to plan. The pains had continued and I didn't get the restful night that I had been hoping for. Arriving at the hospital the following morning, I explained that my 'Braxton hicks' were stronger and more regular than

The monitor detected that the heart rate of our little boy was dropping, but the staff didn't seem too concerned as it was picking up again with each of his movements. I remained on monitoring for the next four hours, calling Shaun who left work to join me at the hospital. In the meantime, the midwife carried out a fetal fibronectin test to confirm if the contractions and pains were caused by preterm labour, but to everybody's surprise, the results came back negative. Despite the negative fibronectin test, the midwives told us that they would be preparing for a birth 'just in case'. However, as there was only one bed available in the neonatal intensive care unit, they would be calling other hospitals hoping that, in the event of a birth, the babies wouldn't have to be separated from one another. By 3pm the contractions and pain had both eased, and by 6pm, the midwives had found two available beds in NICU in Chichester hospital. Shaun was told to go and collect the hospital bags, and by the time he returned, so had the contractions and pains. Shaun called for a midwife who came in, took one look at the monitor and called out immediately to another midwife. By the time the second midwife had joined, I'd spotted a low heart rate being detected on the monitor. Panicking, I asked the midwife what was happening. She simply replied


"Karina, we are going to deliver the babies right now. We need you to stay very calm and remove your jewellery very quickly." I barely had time to tell Shaun to ring my parents before both midwives were running me down the corridor on the hospital trolley while calling out to Shaun to put scrubs on and meet us in theatre. The midwives were no longer managing to stay calm, frantically pulling at the jewellery which I obviously wasn't removing quickly enough. Once in theatre, I felt slightly less nervous, despite a constant flow of doctors, nurses midwives and surgeons running into the large room. There was a strange atmosphere in the theatre; something I can only describe as being chaotically calm.

It was surreal, to say the least. The anesthesiologist was the calmest of the bunch, being the only one in the room who was not racing around. He remained composed as he asked me whether I was happy to have a spinal cord inserted. I told him to do whatever was needed. He started painting a solution onto my back, but seconds later, an urgent alarm came from the monitoring device. The midwife gave stern instruction; "Stop that, put her under and get them out now!". I remember asking her if my baby boy was going to die. She simply placed a mask over my face and in a split second, I was in a state of oblivion. Coming around from the procedure was not how I imagined the moments following birth to be. I had always thought that I


would be awake to witness the birth of my children. That I'd be one of the first to see them, hold them, cuddle them and kiss them. Instead, I woke to find Shaun, my Mum and my Dad in the hospital room, but no signs of my babies, other than a significantly deflated belly. I wanted to pinch myself as Shaun showed me photos of the most beautiful, perfect little faces I had ever set my eyes upon. I asked to see the babies, and then came the first bombshell. Our little boy was on his way to Queen Alexander hospital in Portsmouth, while our little girl was preparing for her first ambulance trip and would soon be following him. The staff needed to get her to the hospital urgently, so despite being in the same building as one another, I wasn't allowed to see her. It was hard enough accepting that they had both

ahead without either of us being consciously present. Our two miracles were welcomed into the world by strangers.

been separated from me, but knowing they had also been separated from one another, at only a few hours old, was devastating. The next bombshell followed shortly when I learned that I wouldn't be joining the babies in Portsmouth. I had lost a significant amount of blood and had to remain in Poole until I was in a fit state to travel. Fighting the lump in my throat, I asked Shaun to follow them to Portsmouth. He was apprehensive at the thought of leaving me, but I had my parents with me, and these brand new babies needed at least one of theirs. Before Shaun left, I asked how the birth had gone. Here came a third and final bombshell. Shaun explained that the urgency of the situation had escalated rapidly, and just moments after I had been whisked away on the trolley, he was told that he couldn't join the delivery. With an immediate threat to the life of an infant, a category 1 c-section was performed. The moment that Shaun and I had desperately longed for went

The next 24 hours were emotional. The following morning when I was a little more alert, I spoke with Shaun, who had stayed awake until 3am watching the babies. He explained that arriving at the hospital, our son, Lincoln, had been immediately placed in the highest level of intensive care. He had been very unwell and needed the help of an oxygen mask. The mask had been taken away the following morning, and Lincoln had now joined his sister, Morgan, in the neonatal unit where they were being monitored. The midwives repeatedly promised me that I could go and meet the babies 'in a few hours', but every time those few hours passed, the benchmark would be changed.

By the time the evening had arrived, I was feeling distressed. Our babies were 24 hours old, and I still hadn't met them. Shaun was sending me regular updates of how they were doing. Although I loved getting the updates, it wasn't enough. I eventually left the hospital against the advice of the midwives, who reluctantly ordered a hospital taxi for me. Warning me that the car ride would be painful, they dosed me up on high levels of pain relief to make things easier. My journey to my babies began... You can read the final part of Karina and Shaun's incredible journey to parenthood in our next issue.


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Time out for you!

When it comes to self care, it can be way down the list of priorities. But with a few essential skincare items, your routine can include a little 'you' time. BAO Skincare is a Southbourne-based skincare brand, specialising in 100% natural and 95% certified organic products created by local skincare advocate Beth. We LOVE the range of skincare products available - the Rose Mist is a firm fave here! We encourage all parents and caregivers to just take a few minutes each day to do something for themselves, even if that's swiping on moisturiser - because happy parents = happy kids!

BAO Skincare HYDRATING ROSE MIST BAO, £25 Hit the refresh button and drench your skin in a veil of hydration. Delivering nourishment and moisture whenever you need it. Can be used over or under makeup, to prep the skin for treatments after cleansing, or to restore lost moisture throughout the day. It’s also great as a post-workout cool-down, or whenever your skin’s feeling parched and in need of a quick, effortless dose of hydration.

LUMINOSITY BODY POLISH BAO, £25 Would you like brighter skin? Organic cane sugar acts as a natural exfoliant, scrubbing away rough and flaky skin. Along with this, hydrating plant oils soothe and create a radiant glow. Pink clay and organic shea butter help form a moisturising barrier on the skin, protecting it from dryness and preventing dehydration. Don't forget to rinse the oils and clay away from your bath or shower.

RECOVERY FACE CREAM BAO, £23 A light and creamy moisturiser that delivers nourishing hydration and relief to even the most delicate and sensitive skin conditions. Organic ingredients help soothe, calm and improve skin’s elasticity, tone and radiance. With the bonus of hyaluronic acid that helps plump and keep the skin fresh and clear. somethingnewmag.co.uk

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If you're looking for day care, breakfast or after school clubs or holiday clubs, then we can help! Little Beans Garland is a highly recommended childcare setting with a nurturing and supportive environment. If you would like to see for yourself, please get in touch to book a show around.

www.littlebeansdaycare.com thehub@littlebeansdcare.com 59 Garland Road Poole BH15 2LD somethingNew THE PARENTING MAGAZINE FOR DORSET FAMILIES

Ofsted registered: EY481492

I Can't Even Go To The Loo in Peace! In my experience, there's one thought that virtually all people share. Some people just have this thought now and again, others live their lives with it as a constant that can really hold them back and keep them stuck. It’s...


I’m not good enough! Recognise it? The parent “job” has no manual or training, no job description, no pay and often no thanks. You’re also on call 365 days a year for life. Can you imagine if that were an advertised job. I wonder how many people would apply? But it’s worth it, of course, the joys outweigh the struggle (hopefully) but it's also important to acknowledge that being the centre of that little person/peoples universe can be really tough. On top of that, if you do not feel like you are doing a good job and don’t feel good enough compared to the super mums/dads you think you see all around you, it makes the whole thing feel impossible. I coach lots of Mums and Dads who are overwhelmed, struggling to cope with demands in life and work. They are juggling so many different things and then just when you think you can sit down for a pee

in peace…in walk the kids. So, with so much expected, so much to do and so much responsibility, how do we respond without having a breakdown that has to be over by the time Paw Patrol's finished? I invite you to do this one little thing. Trust me; it works. The next time you feel overwhelmed, I want you to find a mirror, and look into your own eyes and give yourself a pep talk. Try saying the following...

I am a great parent. This parent job is not easy, but I am doing the best I can. No one is perfect and that includes me. I am doing the best I can. I am more than enough! Say it out loud if you can! Or in your head, but say it like you mean it. You might feel silly at first, but I promise you the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Talk yourself UP and become your own biggest supporter. You have nothing to lose. Changing your selftalk is the key to feeling good enough. If these words resonate with you and you want more tips and life hacks visit my website www.paulscadding.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to set up a call to explore how one to one coaching can help you email me on hello@paulscadding.com Wishing you health, wealth, happiness.... and if you're really lucky, peace and quiet in the toilet.

Paul Scadding somethingnewmag.co.uk

Diary of a... DOULA

By Clem, clementinefrench.com So let me begin by reflecting on my ‘Why’… Why did I begin this journey into Doula-hood? For as long as I can remember I was fascinated by birth. My mum was, so that probably transferred to me…not least because she used to just randomly have ‘the birthing channel’ – yes that existed!? On in the background at home constantly much to my dads dismay! My best friend shared this passion and honoured me by inviting me around 6 years ago to be present with her and her husband at the birth of her third child. It was a hospital birth, I was a hugely useless presence stood eating crisps in the corner watching in amazement how despite all the chaos around her this superhuman woman went inwards, switched off to everyone else’s shouty instructions and allowed her body to birth her baby. I was in awe, grateful to be a woman, and hooked! I learnt about ‘doulas’, I can’t remember how really. That you could do training to be ‘with woman’ through this amazing time and learn how to be a lot less useless than I was. I parked the idea as I felt I could not do this until I had experienced having my own child (I now know this is not true as there are many fantastic doulas


and midwifes who have not had children) but for me it was an obstacle, and simply not my time yet, however as soon as I was pregnant with my first child 5 years ago I booked on the course with Developing Doulas in London, and doubled it up as the best birth preparation and generally nurturing week a pregnant woman could get! The first birth I was present at as a doula was intense. It was over 24 hours of full on intensity with no breaks, I wasn’t fully prepared with the food, drinks, and the doula bag of tricks my now more experienced self has. Unlike midwives we don’t have shifts, we are with woman as

long as is needed as our most precious gift did. I genuinely love seeing women at their is continuity of care and to support the most powerful, raw, indestructibly strong other birth partner through that. I was still moments. Whether it is digging deep when breastfeeding my own five month old, so they have nothing left to give or making my husband was parked outside sleeping an excruciatingly difficult decision that it is with her in our campervan where I could time to opt for surgery, it's truly a privilege run out any chance I got. It was the best to witness and it makes me feel superhuman lesson I could have had and I realised very to be one too! quickly that doula-ing is not sustainable as a ‘job’ it has to In this column I hope to give giving yourself be your calling, your love and you a flavour of what a doula completely to passion. It costs both you is and our hearts for women by someone else for and your family practically, giving you a window into the as long as by being on call 24/7 for up world of a doula whether it's is needed to 5 weeks and emotionally birth stories from our perspective by giving yourself completely (with permission) or news from to someone else for as long local doula gatherings. With as is needed. There is no way you could do Maternity services very overstretched and this just for ‘work’, you need to be able to families spread out across the country and see the beautiful birthing warrior in every continent there is more and more demand woman and your heart has to explode for our support. It might be that you could with awe and empathy for her. You just see a need to be filled, but more than that couldn’t do it otherwise, well not for very we hope to inspire confidence in women. long anyway! and wonderfully for me I Confidence to believe you and your bodies are awesome, strong and intuitive and empower you to trust yourselves.

Follow me on Instagram supportedbynature or for more information www.clementinefrench.com somethingnewmag.co.uk

Children are Precious. Make sure they are looked after should you die.

9 Poole Road, Bournemouth BH2 5QR 01202 755980 info@laceyssolicitors.co.uk laceyssolicitors.co.uk somethingNew THE PARENTING MAGAZINE FOR DORSET FAMILIES

The last thing you probably want to think about after having a baby is what will happen to them if you die, but with over 100 children bereaved by a parent every day in the UK, it is important to appoint guardians to give you peace of mind should something happen to you.

Make sure you talk to the proposed guardian before you actually appoint them, don’t assume that they will be happy to take on the role. There may be significant changes, such as moving house to accommodate everyone, which would need to be considered, creating a major impact on their lives.

A guardian is someone you would be happy to take care of your children in the rare event that both parents die before the children reach 18. It is possible to appoint guardians under your Will.

Guardians do not become legal parents so are under no legal obligation to financially maintain your child. You could appoint trustees to liaise with the guardians, who would be responsible for providing the financial support using the funds left within your Estate. The same people can act as trustees and guardians although you should carefully consider whether this could cause a potential conflict of interest.

To appoint guardians you have to have parental responsibility (PR) for the child or children, which a mother automatically has, but a father doesn’t unless he is married to the mother at the date of the child’s birth. A father can acquire PR by either marrying the mother of his child, being named in a child arrangement order or by being registered as the father on the child’s birth certificate. It is also important to consider PR in cases of surrogacy or same sex parents. A guardian will have PR for the child, giving them the legal authority to make decisions in relation to their upbringing, education, medical treatment and where they will live, so try and choose someone with similar views and values if you can. Grandparents can be the obvious choice but there are often two sets and their age going forward may be a consideration.

Although it is not legally binding, a letter of wishes can be extremely helpful to guardians, providing guidance into areas such as the type of education you would want your child to have, any contact you would wish to be maintained with friends and family, religious instruction etc. You can keep reviewing this over time as well. Give yourself peace of mind and start thinking about Guardianship today. For further information please contact Kate Mansfield via email on k.mansfield@laceyssolicitors.co.uk


Cook with Hari Hari Sri Lankan Spices

Chocolate & Spice

Spiced Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake

It wasn't a huge step for me to play with two of my favourite ingredients, spices and chocolate, to combine them into a truly wonderful rich and decadent Spiced Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake. You're either going to love the idea or hate it, but don't knock it until you've tried it!

Fusion Food

Playing in the kitchen and trying to mix my Sri Lankan spices with everyday foods (usually what's left in my fridge) is my favourite pastime. Some of the meals you end up producing can be amazing. The thing is to remember to make a note of all the ingredients you use so that you can recreate it at a later date. This was one such experiment, and what a success! It follows the same basic recipe of most cheesecakes but has that added Sri Lankan Spice twist. Preparation & Making Time: 15-20 mins + 4hrs chill time


INGREDIENTS 250g plain digestive biscuits 75g unsalted butter (room temperature) 400g jar of chocolate spread 100g chopped cashew nuts (I gave mine a battering in the pestle & mortar) 4-5 whole cardamom (remove the inner seeds and pulverise) or can use a pinch of cardamom powder 500g plain cream cheese (room temperature) 50g icing sugar 20" springform tin 1. Place your digestive biscuits in a food processor along with the butter and 1 tbs chocolate spread. Blitz them up until the mixture starts to bind together. Add 25g of the cashew nuts and pulverised cardamom seeds and continue to blend until you have a mixture that looks like sand. 2. Place the mixture in to your spring form tin and press it down to flatten it on to the base. You can use your hands but a spoon or spatula will do the same job. Put this in the fridge to chill. 3. In another bowl, whisk together the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth. Add in the remaining chocolate spread (a bendy spatula comes in quite handy to help your little ones get every bit out of the bowl) and continue to mix until fully combined. 4. Get your biscuit base back out the fridge and smooth the cream cheese and chocolate mix over the top. Sprinkle the remaining cashew nuts on top (I lightly toasted mine in a frying pan) and put it back in the fridge. Leave to chill for at least 4 hours. 5. For a perfect treat, remove your Spiced Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake from the fridge and the springform tin, slice, plate and serve immediately!


Wise P

uddle Ducks have teamed up with Something New to give you some of their top tips for keeping your children safe in the water. Puddle Ducks have been based in Dorset for over 10 years, teaching swimming skills and water safety to hundreds of children each and every week. As you know, learning to swim is a crucial life skill. We are extremely fortunate to live by the coast, but it means as parents we have to be even more conscious of safety around water. Drowning is still a major cause of accidental death for children: a significant number of those were in depth they could have stood up in. This may sound obvious, but never leave your child unattended near water – whether in a bath, by a pond, in the pool or along the coast. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted, especially if there are lifeguards on hand or if your child is wearing an aid.

Don’t carry your baby or toddler down steps or a ladder into the water. We advise laying your child (head furthest away from the pool) on a changing mat. Then sit down next to them, put one arm


across your child and turn into the water yourself. Once you’re in the water, gently lean your child towards you and bring them in towards the water, safely. For young children to swim independently, they need to learn to put their face in the water which lifts their legs and puts them into a horizontal swim position. Get your little one a woggle, they have to learn to hold on to it, which in itself is a great water safety skill, but most importantly it allows them to get into this swimming position.

Aids such as armbands or back floats can give you and your child a false sense of security; they don’t allow them to have natural buoyancy in the water. Head to our YouTube channel for some ideas of how to use your woggle www.youtube.com/puddleducks.

When at the seaside remember: •

Children under 6 months: Babies can’t shiver like us or regulate their body temperature, so stick to quick dips in the sea. Check for blue around lips and check core body temperature by putting your hand on their chest.

Babies under 1: Do not take them underwater due to salt water - babies’ kidneys can’t cope with salt and can suffer a raging fever, so be sure to keep their head above water.

Our top ‘tip’ would be to get your children swimming with a reputable swim school that teaches water safety from a young age. Our swimming classes provide an enriching environment for the parent and child to strengthen their bond and create happy memories associated with the water and learning to swim safely, in a childled environment with our highly trained teachers. Plus, with a small group of parents and children, your child has some allimportant social interaction, you can make friends and it is great fun and rewarding!

Puddle Ducks Dorset are offering Something New readers 20% OFF their first booking with them*, that’s the equivalent of

2 FREE lessons!

Get in touch on 01202 674676, email us at dorset@puddleducks.com or book online at www.puddleducks.com/dorset quoting ‘SOMETHINGNEW’ *Ts&Cs apply: offer valid at Puddle Ducks Dorset venues where available, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.




is unique. We give you the chance to slow down, take stock and develop the special connection between you and your child. Are you concerned or worried that you are not feeling or connecting with your baby how you’d imagined you would? Would you like to be able to understand your baby’s cues and respond to their cries better?

Looking after your wellbeing from conception is key to ensure that your baby gets the best possible start in life. At Dorset Parent Infant Partnership (DorPIP) we support parents to form strong bonds with their baby. The first few years DorPIP provides a talking therapy service for parents of infants up to 24 months.

Then we need to talk!

DorPIP specialist psychotherapists create a safe, nurturing space where parents can talk about their thoughts and explore how it feels to be a parent. We give parents time think about the changes that being a parent has made to their life and relationships. Most importantly, we give parents the opportunity to talk about the emerging relationship they have with their baby. Because every person, no matter how small,


Come and see us at DorPIP. We can help you to find the joy in parenting, even through those tiring and confusing early days. We offer a confidential service to help you enhance the bonds between you and your baby that will help your family to flourish. Viv Allen Founder DorPIP Contact email contact@dorpip.org.uk 07813 989 707 www.dorpip.org.uk

Achieve beautiful skin and hair with clean, green, healthy skincare, makeup and hair care whilst caring for the environment. Tropic is freshly made in the UK, cruelty free and vegan, carbon neutral and an ethical company. If you would like to try these products or find out more information please get in touch Senior Manager Michelle Needham

07947 705731

www.tropicskincare.com/ michelleneedham


, I am a Or if you fancy a pamper rapist, the uty bea fully qualified ist, art up kema and t ylis hairst ng axi rel so come and have a to help treatment or I am happy s. on asi occ l cia with spe


UNIQUE DESIGNER GOWNS SUIT HIRE BRIDAL & GROOM ACCESSORIES 01202 986040 info@minsterbridal.co.uk www.minsterbridal.co.uk MILLSTREAM CLOSE . WIMBORNE . DORSET . BH21 1DW somethingnewmag.co.uk


let us trumpet about your business... Great rates, large distribution area, awesome readers

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Cheeky Faces! welcome to the world jenson

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Every new life is special and should be celebrated. Little Star Jewellery find the perfect way to cherish the joy that new life brings and milestones through the growth of your special one, from birthdays, a first day at school or even just to say I love you. The Mummy and Me collection honours the most special of bonds between Mother and Child. Beautifully created with matching bracelet and necklace sets, each piece is crafted from high-quality Sterling Silver and Rose Gold with hearts and stars. The perfect way for them to take a piece of you wherever they go. Helen Molloy, Director of Forum Jewellers in Broadstone, is proud to be the only stockist of Little Star Jewellery in Dorset: “Our customers love the beautiful, contemporary designs and we have found


that they make the ideal Christening, Holy Communion, bridesmaid or flower girl gifts. But there’s something for boys too and we love their range of funky leather bracelets. Every piece of jewellery comes in an exquisite gold star lined box with velvet insert featuring their star catching friend, Cosmo the Rabbit, together with a lovely gift bag to make the present extra special.”

G Castlemain Groundworks, Landscaping & Surfacing

We are a family-run business based in Poole but covering the whole area. With over 17 years experience in the trade, we provide an honest, quality service that offers value and reliability. Mention this advert for a free gift when booking!

Block Paving . Tarmac . Concrete . Gravel . Fencing . Drainage . Patios . Turf . Artificial Grass . Disabled Access Ramps . Garden & Driveway Repair


07926 956265 // 01202 387581 castlemaingroundworks.co.uk somethingnewmag.co.uk richard@castlemaingroundworks.co.uk




hen we started this journey one of the first things we wanted to cut out, or at least down on, as a family was the amount of plastic packaging we were using. It’s a tough one, it is literally everywhere! So we took the small steps approach and just made a start where we felt we could.

My eldest loves to help!

ABOUT LOUISA I’ve been a student, I travelled, I worked for trendy companies on big advertising campaigns both locally and in London, I got married, I ran my own business and baked a shed load of cakes, but these days I’m a mum of three trying to make the world a better place one day at a time!


Our weekly food shop revealed a trolley full of plastic so we decided to tackle this first. Now, some of this was relatively easy, we’d already dropped all our cleaning chemicals by making our own (see last issue's how-to) so I could easily avoid all the plastic bottles in those aisles. We’d also switched to toilet roll deliveries from Who Gives A Crap, a company that supply 100% recycled toilet paper wrapped in paper. They also donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need. So that was another aisle I could avoid!

Looking Back to Go Forwards Fruit and veg was our first big dent; even though the big supermarkets don’t offer much fruit & veg plastic free, they are improving, but it wasn't enough for us. I looked around locally for a recommended greengrocers - and began shopping like my Nan used to! I use Longs on Ashley Road in Parkstone, but most high streets have one. It’s a great experience! You can pick

up just as much as you need, and they have little signs explaining where it’s from too, so if you also want to reduce your carbon footprint you can

choose the fruit and veg that are in season and relatively local It's also fun to take the kids with you for this sort of shopping; they love being able to pick out the carrots for dinner or the fruit for pudding. If you’re avoiding plastic you will need something else to contain the fruit and veg until you get home - there are lots of options online, but a friend of a friend has a lovely shop on Etsy (www.etsy.com/uk/ shop/Vbomblovett) where she sells produce bags made from recycled net curtains.

welcome addition The next job was sourcing all our dry goods. This was initially a struggle but we now have a fabulous new shop in Westbourne - Almond & Co - selling everything you need for your pantry, but without the packaging! You bring your own containers from home, anything you have that can be reused, they’re not fussy! And you fill them up and pay by weight. And again, much like the greengrocer, this means you can just buy what you need, rather than a whole pack of something which could well go off before you use it all. They sell pasta, rice, pulses, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices and cooking ingredients as well as lots of other zero waste options for your home including cleaning products and personal hygiene items.

Almond & Co in Westbourne

As an avid baker, I needed to sort out that side of things too. We’d had a bread machine for a while but, like most others, hadn't given it much thought. Now we actually use it two or three times a week to make our own fresh bread. This is another thing that the kids can get involved in and nothing beats heading downstairs on a Saturday morning to the smell of a freshly baked loaf waiting for you! When I have time, I also try and make biscuits for the kids. Gingerbread is a favourite as it's so easy to make. So that's the bakery and biscuit aisle skipped too! So now I find that I only really head to the big supermarkets for tins (recyclable) and frozen food. Annoyingly, a lot of this still comes in plastic, but our black bin is now down to less than half a bin every two weeks so I’m pretty chuffed with that. The plastic we can’t avoid goes into Ecobricks - that's a whole amazing area of waste reduction that we’ll talk more about next time! somethingnewmag.co.uk

PREPARING FOR THE 11+ EXAM Handy hints and helpful tips




Reading is key to 11+ readiness. The English paper will assess a student's explicit and inference comprehension. The VR paper will rely on a student's depth and breadth of vocabulary. So get them reading and make sure the books are suitably challenging.

If your child attends a state school then they won't practise Verbal Reasoning. Therefore, it's really important to get them used to the question types and skills required. VR isn't a dark art, it just takes a bit of practise and can actually be quite fun...

When attempting 11+ Maths, first make sure your child has the foundations in place. 80 timetables questions in 90 seconds is a good benchmark to aim for. Word problems are a major part of 11+ maths as well, so get some appropriate practise books and get to work!

SHOULD YOU GET A TUTOR? That's up to you really... If your child is confident and competent in age appropriate Maths and English then you may not require a tutor. Lots of students successfully prepare at home without any professional input. A good tutor can help bring out your child's potential however and provide reassurance as to how to prepare. Is having a tutor cheating? Frankly, no. Tutors can only bring out a student's potential, they can't sit the test for them. They key to success, whether with a tutor or flying solo, is to enrich your child's environment. Challenging reading, interesting debates, mathematical problem solving as a part of everyday life. Surround them with learning until it becomes a part of the everyday!


Your Classroom


Poole - Southbourne - Broadstone www.yourclassroom.co.uk 01202 748622


Foodie with Kids

This time, we decided we'd take a trip to Bournemouth to try out the much talked about Twelve. Twelve is a plant-based eatery. That means every dish on the menu is vegan, which was something we were really excited to sample. There's a huge choice of drinks, and as a licensed restaurant, you can also enjoy organic beers, wines and cocktails to compliment your meal. Our first impressions were good; the place has a great energy - calm, sophisticated yet friendly. Plants and flowers play a big role in the styling, and it's gorgeous! The displays were eye-catching, so much so that I just had to order some cake. The staff were super attentive, which made the experience feel like a real treat for me and my middle daughter. I have dietary requirements, but this was no problem at all - my gluten free soup and homemade bread were out of this world, but it was the plant-based mac'n'cheese that my nine year old had that was the clear winner. She's not a fussy eater at all, but new things are always a risk! She ate every bite - it was a huge hit. This is a wonderful dining experience, however there are no baby changing facilities, so it might be one to save for date night, a mum's night out or, like me, a treat for time with your older children. Best Bit: The apple juice was the best I've EVER tasted!

Sebrina x


Custom, artistic pregnant belly bump & belly bowl keepsake casts Working with women from across the UK to celebrate their beautiful bumps and create timeless, unique pregnancy keepsake casts. The best time to create a belly bump cast is from around 37 weeks.  Don't miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Book your Rock the Bump pregnant belly casting experience today & let Zoe turn your precious baby bump into a work of art.

rockthebumpbellycasting.co.uk | 07793284109 | zoe@rockthebumpbellycasting.co.uk 

Bournemouth BraLady - Zoë Keeping Specialist Bra Fitter m: 07793284109 e: zoe@bralady.co.uk bournemouth.bralady.co.uk

Bespoke bra fitting for women at all different stages of their lives, catering for all body shapes and sizes. With an emphasis on providing comfy, supportive and attractive bras Zoe works with trusted brands such Panache, Rosa Faia, Pour Moi, Hotmilk Lingerie, Cake Maternity, Anita, Amoena, Bravado and Royce Lingerie. Maternity & nursing bras, mastectomy bras, wire free bras, sports bras and DD+ underwired bras.  Teen bras also available.   Swimwear also available. 

"Zoe is amazing. She provides a personalised service in your own home, at your own convenience, with many more options than the usual high street shops. I wish she’d been around when I had my first baby!" - M, Poole "What a fantastic service! Zoe was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. So convenient to be fitted at home, and I now have bras that fit properly! Thank you so much!" - B, Bournemouth

Bournemouth BraLady offers a professional home bra fitting and sales service. Supporting women to find the perfect fit.


Baby Book Club Hug Me by Daniela Dogliani If you're looking for a sweet, soothing bedtime story for your little one, then Hug Me is a treasure. From morning til night this little bunny tells us all the reasons to have a hug. With beautiful illustrations, this book can easily become part of your bedtime routine.

Badger's Parting Gifts by Susan Varley Teaching children about death is a tricky one, and after losing a loved one we were recommended this book. It explores death in a way that helps young ones understand that even though someone special has gone, they have left lots of lovely memories behind. It's designed to offer comfort and understanding. It opens the door for discussion and honest conversation - but it is pretty sad too so, be aware if you're dealing with a bereavement yourself.



The Bump to Baby Pass will automatically expire 3 months from your 1st visit activation date. You’ll then be given an opportunity to buy a great value Annual Pass and join our Pass Holder “Family”. (Charge applies) T & C’s: By using this card you agree to Farmer Palmers T & C’s on their website.

Complete the application form we send you. We’ll keep in contact. Collect your B2B card from the 1st September 2019


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our you & y r o f t rival Perfec new ar



Est. 2010 Naming ceremonies are the perfect way to welcome a child of any age into a family, whether new-borns, adopted children or step children. Single parents also find such a ceremony a wonderful way to affirm their commitment to their child. Choosing the right words and content for a personal ceremony can be difficult. Independent Celebrant Diana Saxby of Grace The Day draws on her many years of experience to help you design your own bespoke celebration, providing perfect words for everyone involved to pledge their love and devotion to the child, with complete freedom to choose the content which feels right to you.

Diana will bring along her valuable resource material to her first meeting with you, and support you in your choice of promises, readings and music to ensure each ceremony is personalised and embraces the family and guests, leaving everyone inspired. As a parent herself, Diana knows it takes a lot of trust for parents to literally place their baby in her hands, but you can be confident and comfortable putting your faith in her, knowing that this will result in the perfect naming ceremony for your child. Also Wedding Blessings, Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies

diana@gracetheday.com | www.gracetheday.com | 07760 110 007 Grace the Day somethingNew THE PARENTING MAGAZINE FOR DORSET FAMILIES


Diana Saxby

Grace the Day

Naming Ceremonies ALL ABOUT

By Diana Saxby Grace The Day www.gracetheday.com

In western culture, naming ceremonies go back to pre-Christian times, when each new child was welcomed into the family at a formal ceremony, often performed by the father or elder of the family, establishing ties of kinship. Today, many families are looking for

some form of ceremony or celebration to formally welcome a child or children into the family and circle of friends but for whatever reason want an alternative to a religious christening, an occasion which is often incorporated within a full Sunday morning service of worship. Naming ceremonies are usually more relaxed than formal christenings but most importantly, they are dedicated entirely to the child and their family, without having to be shared with a church congregation who may not know the family at all. At a naming ceremony, each guest will have been personally invited, and even those not able to be present can still have a role, either as a proxy god/guide parent or even in the room with us via Skype! Combining a naming ceremony with the child's birthday has become very popular, and the older the child, the more they are able to participate which makes the occasion even more special and personal.

As a mother myself, I know only too well how much trust it takes to literally place your precious child in someone else’s hands, so I always take the time to meet with the family and make friends with the child so that we are familiar with each other by the time their special day arrives. During those meetings, I give advice on choosing the perfect ceremony wording and content. Naming ceremonies can be held anywhere and some of the lovely venues I’ve conducted ceremonies have ranged from 5* luxury wedding venues, to outdoor public spaces, including the beach, family homes, marquees, a local museum and even a community beach hut! I try to make my ceremonies all-inclusive: even young guests and siblings have the opportunity to participate in some way, ensuring that everyone present feels loved, inspired and involved in a very special ceremony. somethingnewmag.co.uk

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Something New : Autumn 2019 (issue 5)  

Dorset's ONLY glossy A5 parenting magazine. Filled with ideas, stories, advice and local news.

Something New : Autumn 2019 (issue 5)  

Dorset's ONLY glossy A5 parenting magazine. Filled with ideas, stories, advice and local news.