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Something Borrowed… November 2011

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November 2011

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Say I Do… On Television??

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The Best Bridal Book Money Can Buy

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Classic Accessories

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Your Bouquet… Without the Roses

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Thrifty Finds for Every Wedding

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Marriage Around the World

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Your Secret Weapon

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Less is Much More

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Your Perfect Dress

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Controlling Your (Crazy) Family

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All Natural Hair

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Letter From the Editor Throughout the years weddings have gotten out of control. A couple’s wedding is almost a competition to who can have the biggest, tackiest, and most expensive wedding. What ever happened to the days when marriage meant more than a million dollar engagement ring and a twenty thousand dollar dress? It seems that many couples, mostly the brides, are set on spending their life savings for just one day. Weddings have become a somewhat circus, with doves released and life size swan ice sculptures. Not every girl truly has this steroid wedding dream she is merely pressured into it feeling that her wedding will be dismal compared to her friends. Fear not classic brides! Our magazine is here to guide you through having the classic, vintage wedding you’ve always wanted.

Not every bride needs to have a princess dress with an excessive see-thru Swarovski crystal bodice. You’re aloud to be classy in your own tastes. It is your wedding day after all. If you’re sick of being surrounded by expensive tacky weddings, use our tips to create your own personalized day. (And save tons of money while you’re at it too!). Enjoy Ladies and Congratulations!

Co-Editor in Chief

Shannon Oriole


Letter from the Editor

It’s that time, the time you have imagined in your head since you were a child… your wedding. From flowers to gowns, cake designs to bridesmaid’s dresses, cocktail hour or no cocktail hour, a wedding can get crazy but Something Borrowed is here to help you! Not every bride needs or can afford a big theatrical wedding nor should you. Weddings now are becoming intimate and small with a more retro and vintage feel and this magazine is just what you need for inspiration. Taking a step back in time and leaving behind Hollywood’s version of the “perfect” fairytale wedding, Something Borrowed shows reader what can be made from home goods and how to throw together the perfect wedding for you and your taste! Co-Editor in Chief

Kyrstan Dietz


Say I do…. On Television???? Bridal seems to be taking over everything these days including your TV screen. Bridal shows galore are popping up everywhere from Bridezillas, to Four Weddings, to Say Yes to the Dress. Here’s your how to guide on what to watch, and what to not even bother with.


Four Weddings

Can Tifani control her temper long enough to pull off a glamorous gala? Each overly dramatic bride has her own set of problems in this horrid show. This is definitely not how anyone should act even if they are the bride. These women need to control themselves; this show is not even worth your time.

Four women competing to win a destination honey moon. These women create their dream weddings in hopes to win the highest score from the other brides. These women wouldn’t normally have over the top tacky weddings; their only objective is to win the contest. They will reach any level of tacky in order to win. If you want to learn how not to plan your wedding this show is for you.

Say Yes to the Dress


Although many of us cannot afford a dress at Kleinfelds, this show is normally a heartwarming way to see into a bride’s process of finding her perfect dress. Although some episodes are filled with materialistic brides, most episodes are of real women struggling with their dress hunt, and then eventually finding their perfect wedding gown. Sometimes even a tearjerker to the faintest of hearts.

What may be the worst bridal show, actually the worst show, ever made. A group of brides compete for plastic surgery operations in order to look “perfect” for their wedding day. They go through an assortment of challenges in order to have as many plastic surgeries on themselves as possible. These women would go to any length to look fake; I mean “beautiful” for their weddings.

Shannon Oriole


The Best Brid a l Book Money Ca n Buy! Bridal Bargains With weddings costing present brides thousands upon thousands of dollars and the economy in such a hole, brides are looking to create spectacular weddings (Without the million dollar budget). The new bride on a budget bible lies in Bridal Bargains. Written by husband and wife Denise and Alan Fields; you can find many ways to save heaps of money. Bridal Bargains is filled with budget saving tips, vital questions to ask, and shopping strategies. Learn how to navigate the tough bridal industry with insider tips and tricks. Many stories are from brides who have been through planning their weddings, and are sharing their personal experiences. Oprah Winfrey claims, “If you’re getting married, you’ve got to get this book.” Many brides rant and rave of how much money they saved using Bridal Bargains.

“The only book a bride needs to buy”

“A must have for all brides to be!”

Worth its weight in gold!

Shannon Oriole


Classic Accessories

Adding a jeweled head clip or piece like this flower adds a pop to any bride. Slip it on the side of your head above your ear or have it in the back mixed in with your beautiful hair style and you are sure to make for one memorable bride.


A traditional accessory worn by most brides, a veil is a simple and important touch that can add a great deal. From the moment the bride starts her walk down the aisle to the time she lifts the veil over her face, the detail and construction of the veil can make the entire look. While it seems so meaningless, picking the right veil is crucial as you do not want to have an ivory veil and clean crisp white gown ladies!


Whether a bride is adorning a simple family pendant on a chain or the bride has a glamorous chunky multiple necklace on, this accessory will make anyone pop. Adding a touch of eloquence while adding some bling and shine, every bride needs a chain embellishing her neck.


As simple as diamond studs, earrings give off that sparkle. Adding a little something above the shoulders that really execute the final look every bride wants to achieve.

Kyrstan Dietz


Your Bouquet‌ Without the Roses Just because roses are seen as the flower of romance, doesn’t mean you must use them in your bouquet. Be creative! You can use other interesting flowers to be cost effective and unique. Use these ideas and add your own twist to create a personal bouquet

White Lilies Adding white lilies to your bouquet symbolizes purity in such a beautiful way. The elegant shape of the lily creates a perfect small bouquet. 10

White Cascading Orchids Instead of the usual shaped bouquet create a cascade of orchids to add interest to the piece. The twisting shape of the arrangement is perfect for almost any season wedding.


Fabric Flowers A cost effective alternative is having a bouquet made of fabrics. This bouquet is crafted from silk, linen, cotton, and wool. Crafters can customize the colors of the fabric to your theme as well. Add a unique touch that many spectators will never expect when you walk down the aisle.


Vintage Broaches To create a more vintage feel to your wedding you can choose a bouquet made entirely or vintage broaches. Many would never think to not use flowers, but this is a perfect alternative for a classic wedding. Shannon Oriole


Thrifty Finds for Every Wedding You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations for your wedding. Little trinkets to add a vintage aura to your wedding can be found almost anywhere; you just have to use a little imagination. Explore your local flea market or thrift stores to inspire your own ideas as well. Assorted vintage vases can be used as an old fashioned centerpiece. Creating a collection of different colors and sizes makes for an interesting, eye catching display. The vases can be found by the bundle for only a few dollars total. Many booths at the flea market have a few making the search a piece of cake!

You can find intricate vintage chairs of all shapes and sizes at your local flea market. Painting and restoring the chairs to be a common color can make for perfect seats for your ceremony. At a trivial price you can purchase enough chairs for a small ceremony, adding your own personal homemade touch.

Your something old can be found in the vast selection of vintage jewelry around the flea markets and thrift stores. There’s always a large selection of intricate jewelry pieces so don’t settle for the first piece you find. Make the search your little treasure hunt, and you’ll find your perfect set of jewelry for your dress at a very low price.

Instead of paying $80 for a dozen of roses that will eventually die, invest your money in handmade wooden roses. Many flea market vendors have a large selection of colors of wooden roses, that you’re bound to find enough to match your theme. Wooden roses will last forever, making you able to keep your wedding flowers for a lifetime.

Shannon Oriole


Something….? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… that old rhyme

known by all past, present, and future brides who religiously stick to the saying in anticipation for good luck on the big day. Sticking true to timeless myth every bride goes through the process of choosing the perfect symbol to represent each part of the saying. Given by the mother or grandmother in forms of antique knick knacks passed from generation to generation throughout families, or picked by the bride herself, no bride wants to curse themselves or their wedding and without realizing, make this simple ritual have more meaning behind it. Originating in England, this famous little saying has been interpreted in many different languages and adaptations but along the way people have lost the truth behind each statement. Like with any old saying, it is going to become totally something different but don’t fret, I am here to help guide you along and remind you of the importance of something old, new, borrowed, and blue! A symbol of continuity something old represents a link with a brides own family. Given to her on her wedding day, it reminds the bride that her past is still with her as she begins her new chapter in her life. Usually given in the form of antique jewelry passes through generations and generations, this also keeps the object in the family to be passes along. In more modern times though some brides have taken the lace or material from their mothers or grandmothers own wedding gown and had it sewn in to her gown. No matter what way it given, to some brides this representation means the most and is most touching. It’s always good to have a little luck on your side and your marriage in particular, so go ahead and go out and buy something new. It will bring success and hope which everyone knows in today’s world, that’s hard to come by in holy matrimony. A new gown usually fits the bill, but get creative, make it a memorable statement, like some women have used their rings to be “something new” so it will always be with them where ever they go. Just remember women, this symbol is a message that this new union will endure forever, so while husbands may come and go, this idea is permanent and can’t be reused.


Given to the bride but always taken back, something borrowed is usually a representation that that family member or friend will always be there and can be counted one (hence borrowing). But in the past it was passed to the blushing bride by a happily married woman who is “lending” some of her own marital bliss to the newlyweds. A necklace or bracelet is the most common figure and perhaps the past bride could have worn it on her own wedding day. Out of the four symbols in the saying this one is sometimes considered the most important as it holds the most meaning. Commonly meant to represent purity, it may also embody faithfulness and loyalty, something blue holds the innocence of the bride. In the past the ever famous blue garter was customarily worn in this representation of purity and the groom would, and still does, pull it off with his teeth. In today’s time women have gotten more creative with their symbol of blue. Some put a blue flower or feather in their hair like Ms. Carrie Bradshaw while others just paint their nails a shade of blue. Too add a pop of color to their world of white, women now wear beautiful blue shoes and stand out amongst their friends and families. Some women have even gone so far as to get a new tattoo, blue of course, in honor of this tradition. No matter if it is the traditional innocent garter or a stronger image of a tattoo; women go crazy for this color and try to get as creative as possible. So women out there, I challenge you! How creative and original can you get with each of these features in your wedding? Are you going to put your imagination to work and become inspired to have a unique something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue or will you only sit back and be traditional? Ladies in a time where women embrace individuality, don’t settle for the norm… personalize the traditional saying to fit your style inside of the other way around. Kyrstan Dietz

Kyrstan Dietz


Marriage Around the World Across the world hundreds of countries have wedding traditions that embody their cultures and beliefs. Although the lines have been blurred within the United States on wedding traditions, many cultures still stay true to their unique customs. We take a look into many interesting cultural weddings to discover how other countries embrace the true union of two people.


Hindu Weddings Weddings in the Hindu culture are full of life and tradition, embodying the original customs of the Hindu culture. The bride and groom must adhere to the many rules of their wedding ceremonies in order for the union to be deemed official. The traditional Hindu wedding is the thought of bringing two people who are compatible together, as a rite enabling two individuals to start their journey in life together. Hindu people do not base their marriages on love, many of which are arranged marriages. The Hindu culture takes weddings seriously, as all parts of the traditional ceremony must be completed. Courtship of the bride begins with engagement when the groom’s party arrives at the bride’s residence in a formal procession. The wedding ceremonies then begin starting with the most important ceremony, Saptapadi. The couple while holding hands conducts seven circuits of the Agni, the Holy Fire, which is believed to be the witness of their vows of marriage. The couple makes a vow during each circuit, which will express a part of their happy marriage or healthy household. Hindu wedding ceremonies last for days on end with many important cultural aspects. Every step of the wedding process symbolizes an important aspect of a happy marriage. Although there is much to an Indian wedding ceremony, every day is accompanied with dance, music, and lavish feast. Extravagant dÊcor, miles of ethnic food, and a week of amazing parties make up the Hindu ceremonies. Within western culture, a white wedding dress is considered traditional, with many brides taking on variations such as ivory, cream, or stark white. While we are accustomed to seeing a bride in white, Hindu traditions include a bride wearing red. Hindu brides are adorned in a Red Sari, the color signifying good luck and auspiciousness.


Japanese Weddings For thousands of years, Japanese women have been married under the traditions of their country. In Japanese culture, couples are married in what is known as a Shinto Shrine. This tradition dates back thousands of years, and is still carried on today. Many Japanese wedding sites provide the couples with a Shinto Shrine to be married in. Like that of western culture, Japanese weddings last one day. The bride is painted completely white, as white symbolizes purity. The bride is adorned in a full white kimono as well, wearing a hood to cover her head like a veil. When the couple exchanges their wedding vows their families face each other. Then the bride and groom drink “nine cups of sake”, which is the final uniting factor of the ceremony. The families of the couple also drink sake to show the bonding of their families and the couple. After the wedding ceremony has been completed the bride changes into an elaborate red kimono adorned in silver, gold and white. The reception is very formal with guests being required to wear either a kimono or for men a tuxedo and women a modest dress. Guests are expected to bring Oshugi, which is a cash gift, based on the guests’ relationship with the couple. 1,000 origami paper cranes are also presented to the bride and groom to symbolize long life and good fortune. Throughout the reception the bride and groom light a candle at each of the tables to spread their warmth and light. The reception is meant to celebrate the couple’s marriage with games and dancing.


Native American Weddings Native American customs generally vary from tribe to tribe, but there are a few sacred traditions used by all tribes. The wedding ceremony is considered the blanket ceremony because of the two blue blankets used. The bride and groom are both wrapped in blue blankets to represent the couple’s past lives. Around a sacred circle of fire, the couple is blessed by the spiritual leader in front of their families. The couple then sheds the blue blankets to be enveloped by a single white blanket symbolizing their new life together. Under the white blanket the couple embraces and kisses to finalize the marriage. During the ceremony the bride can wear either a white dress or a long leather dress with traditional colors such as white, blue, yellow and black. The four colors are the points of the earth such as the east, west, south, and north. The couple then sips a corn liquid from a special wedding vase. The couple moves in the directions of the earth as a blessing to all earth. At the reception the bride does not change into different attire, and the families indulge in a large feast. The feast consists of corn mush, the colors of the food symbolizing the groom and the bride. The colors of white and yellow in the corn mush are mixed together showing literally the union of the couple.


United States Weddings Throughout our growth and history as a country, many citizens are immigrants to the United States. Many different cultures all mix into the melting pot we call our society. As an American you have the freedom to customize your wedding according to your religion or cultural customs. Throughout the years, many standard wedding traditions have evolved though within the United States. For starters, many brides prefer a large elaborate ceremony and reception, spending thousands of dollars to get everything just right. Many brides hire their own professional wedding planner who will take care of logistics such as the many details. Although not required, many traditional American weddings occur in a religious setting normally conducted by a religious leader or ordained minister. Within the ceremony the bride and groom share wedding vows either written by the bride or groom or the traditional vows till death do them part. At the conclusion of the ceremony the official will ask if any guest knows of a just cause why the couple should not be married, with no answer, the newly married couple is presented to the guests as husband and wife. The couple shares a kiss to seal the union. As the ceremony comes to a close, guests travel to the reception area where food, gifts, and dancing is shared. The bride and groom may customize their reception with games such as the bride tossing the bouquet. Shannon Oriole


Your secret weapon… Still thinking how to make your wedding stand out among the rest? With the royal wedding behind us, one thing still is the talk of the town so to speak… the hats or fascinators as they call them. From large over the top pieces that can be spotted miles away to simple understated side hats, the world was captivated by the marvelous variety worn by the royal family and friends. Adding a sense of eloquence to any wedding, requesting your lady quest to adorn a head piece of sorts is a unique and creative way to have your wedding stand a part than any other wedding your friends have attended. Sure, wearing a bright colored shoe under your pristine white gown may make you sparkle and pop, your bridesmaids may all wear similar “but you swear their different” dresses that adds a touch of matchless simplicity, but involving your guest with the mood of the wedding adds an unquestionable beauty to the overall mood and makes it more outstanding for everyone. Whether you’re throwing a lavish, over the top “Kim K” wedding or a back-yard intimate ceremony, hats are the way to successes for emitting a sure to be unforgettable wedding. With a ageless graceful look, hats add just the right touch to your wedding.

Kyrstan Dietz


Weddings these days are all about competition. Who can have the biggest venue, the most extravagant centerpieces, or the largest number of guests? Many brides want to top all the rest by making their wedding the most extravagant, but they really win the prize of “most tacky”. Weddings have become all about the fluff, and not about the love and real romance. Girls need to bring back the classic times in which weddings embodied the unity of two people who love each other enough to spend their lives together. In all aspects of a wedding, scaling the size down will be beneficial cost wise and will be much less stressful for the bride. Be resourceful: Look around for different prices and styles for decorations, venues, and everything about the wedding. Don’t settle for the first expensive item you see, there could be an amazing treasure just around the corner of a local flea market. Even creating your own centerpieces and decorations is cost-effective, while adding a special eclectic style.

Don’t invite the whole world: Just because you go to the dentist every month, doesn’t mean he needs to be in attendance to your wedding. Weddings are meant to be an intimate look into a couple’s romance, not a madhouse with hundreds upon hundreds of people. An intimate wedding of 50 to 75 is just enough to accommodate your family and close friends.

Less is More A different venue: There are hundreds of banquet halls available across the country where millions of other girls have been married. Why would any bride want to be like previous brides before her, when she can have a creative different venue? Smaller venues have much more to offer from less cost to a more intimate romantic feel. Interesting places to hold your wedding could be in an open meadow on a spring day, your backyard, a friend’s home or on the waterfront of a lake or ocean. Tone down yourself: You deserve to look stunning on your wedding day, but many brides these days go over the top. You can have a full princess gown, but be careful you aren’t skating on the edge of tacky. Excessive sparkles, beading, a see-through bodice, and embellishments on the skirt all work together to be bridal overkill. More often than not a simple gown accentuates your feminine shape better, and doesn’t distract attention away from you. You want your guests to see you first not your dress. Be honest: Write your vows from your heart. Create a unique ceremony by customizing it to your preferences. You can have fun with this; make sure you keep up with your minister or pastor to make sure you plan the ceremony together. Instead of having the traditional vows create your own to express your love toward your significant other. Shannon Oriole


Your Perfect Dress No matter what your body shape there is a perfect dress out there for you. Here are some tips to help you find the dress of your dreams. Bust For a smaller bust line a number of necklines can be suitable and even add curves. The sweetheart neckline is a great way to accentuate a small bust line, along with a plunging or V-neckline. Also add a little pleating, ruching, or embellishments across the bust to create an image of fullness. For a larger bust choose a skirt that will help balance out your bust such as an A-line or a full skirt. Stray away from sweetheart necklines and strapless dresses with a straight neckline, as these will create a look of a bigger bust.

Waist For a small waist you can wear almost any style ranging from a natural waist to a dropped waist. Also try to accentuate your small waist, if you got it, flaunt it. For a thicker waist the use of pleating around the mid section can help camouflage any tummy. Also accentuating the waste with a beaded belt or a sash can create the look of a defined hourglass shape.


Hips For fuller hips there are certain silhouettes to create a proportioned hourglass shape. A-line and ball-gown skirts will camouflage full hips. A natural waist and full skirt can also help create a desirable shape. For smaller hips choose ball gown skirts with horizontal seams in order to accentuate your hips. Also choose fit-to-flare gowns in order to create an hourglass shape.

Shoulders When you have narrow shoulders try an off the shoulder gown or a tip-off-the-shoulder gown where the shoulder meets the top of the arm. This will create a wider looking shoulder. Avoid wearing a halter neck though; this will draw attention to your small shoulders.

With broad shoulders you need to balance out your top and bottom. Choosing an A-line or a full skirt will create a balance. Avoid dresses that are straight silhouettes though because these will make you look like the letter T.

Shannon Oriole


4 Tips for Controlling Your (Crazy) Family… 3. The overbearing mother… Everyone knows mothers can become unbearable and love to take control of the wedding most likely planning it the way they would have like to have had theirs. But DO NOT let them, set your boundaries! By setting limitations to what your mother can and cannot do you avoid the issue of your wedding eventually turning into your mothers dream wedding. By setting them early on you and your mother will communicate better and you will be less likely to blow up at her.

4. One too many… Having a “Say Yes to the Dress” moment and too many people putting their opinion in where it doesn’t really belong concerning YOUR wedding gown? First rule of thumb… don’t bring more than a hand full of people! Over five and you’re bound to have trouble. Only take the people whose opinion you will really listen to you. Second, you DO NOT have to include all of your friends. Picking your wedding dress is an important event not only in planning a wedding but in any young girls life, by having the people closest to you, you are going to choose a dress based more on your personal style then what your friends think they want to see.

1. The dreaded in-laws… Let me guess you’ve had your wedding planned out since you were a child making Barbie and Ken get married, but your soon to be in-laws have their own picture of what the wedding should be. As a relationship rule, always and I mean ALWAYS make nice with his mother, it will get you very far in life. But if you haven’t made nice with your soon to be mother-in-law, this can get tricky. Don’t immediately go against what his parents want, listen to the ideas, you may just find out some of them are good. Also as plans are being made let your ideas be the forefront decision. Stand your ground but don’t be too pushy, these are after all a part of your new family. 2. The over-count of siblings… Is your fiancé one of 7 children? Possibly more? I bet you feel obligated to put them in your wedding party right? Don’t! Sure it is nice and you get on their good side but if you want a small wedding party and you want your girlfriends by your side then let them. Just because they are soon to family doesn’t mean you have to rearrange everything in your wedding to accommodate his family, still allow them to be a part of the wedding. Let them in on planning the wedding shower, and the oh so unforgettable bachelorette party, by including them in events throughout the wedding you are letting them know they are important all while still keeping to your orginal plan.

Kyrstan Dietz


We did hair ourselves, Now you can too! Natural Wedding Hairstyles without the Stylist’s Big Bills

Low Bun Start by gathering your hair together in a low pony tail. Begin twisting your pony at the nape of your neck until you can coil the twist into a low bun. Secure with an elastic, the goody spin pin, or various bobby pins.


French Braid Begin at the top left in back of your head. Gather three sections of hair and start braiding. As you go down the back of your head pick up pieces until you incorporate all your hair into the braid. Secure at the end of the tail with a decorative elastic.

Half Up Twist Gather the top half of your hair at the top of your ears. Separate your hair into three sections as if to braid. Braid the strands three times tightly. Secure with bobby pins in your hair color


High Bun Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail. Begin twisting your pony tightly until you can coil the twist into a high bun. Secure with an elastic, the goody spin pin, or various bobby pins.

Shannon Oriole


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