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From the editor >> Hello and welcome to the September issue! As usual find the latest offers, news and events on page 8. This month we interviewed Ms Stella Kanswe, Managing Director of Little Lulu’s School, a pre and primary school in Lusaka.

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— Interview >> 4 With Ms Stella Kanswe of Little Lulu’s School, Lusaka

— Staff news and opinions >> 5

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— Hot off the press >> 8

Nambeye Katebe, Assistant Editor

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This month’s interview An interview with Ms Stella Kanswe, Managing Director of Little Lulu’s School

Nambeye Katebe, our MultiMedia Journalist, gets more detail on Little Lulu’s, a pre and primary school in Kabulonga, Lusaka. NAMBEYE: Could you give us a brief background about Little Lulu’s? MS KANSWE: Little Lulu’s has been operational for 13 years. It’s actually as old as my youngest daughter! I am the sole proprietor and opened the school on the 13th of January 1999. NAMBEYE: It’s certainly impressive to see a woman at the helm of such a huge project! The name Little Lulu’s is memorable - what was your idea behind it? MS KANSWE: I’m sure as you walked in you noticed all the little people! The school was always meant for little children. The full name of the school is actually Little Lulu’s Little School and Lulu is also the name of my first born daughter. I called it Little Lulu’s because I wanted to focus and keep the school small and manageable. NAMBEYE: Obviously over the years Little Lulu’s has grown. Is it safe to say it is not so little anymore?


MS KANSWE: Yes, Little Lulu’s has grown. The reputation of the school is huge but the size remains small. I do not want to have a very big school. Instead I want to keep it intimate and manageable. Maybe in the future when my children take over they will choose to expand. But for now, we remain little! NAMBEYE: What would you say is the basic philosophy of the school? MS KANSWE: Our philosophy is love, care and educate. We make it a point to ensure that every child that comes through the school doors is loved and cared for immensely. And then they are educated. We follow this order because we want the children to firstly feel at home. They must feel relaxed and comfortable so we can create a conducive environment for learning. NAMBEYE: It is interesting that you mention your plans to keep the school small and manageable. One of the biggest concerns in Zambia is the pupil:teacher ratio. There are cases where one teacher is dealing with more students than they can manage. What is the pupil:teacher ratio at Little Lulu’s?

MS KANSWE: The pupil to teacher ratio here, including primary school is 1:20. However, the number of adults to children is 1:10. This is because we have support staff in addition to teachers. Support staff help with the care of the children at Little Lulu’s. NAMBEYE: What are some of the qualifications of the staff members at this school? MS KANSWE: All staff members that deal with children are well qualified. I am the highest qualified member of staff with a university degree. We also have a number of diploma holders and those with the Zambia primary teacher’s certificate. The majority of my staff members have the early childhood teacher’s certificate. However, the greatest qualification we look for in all our staff members is that they have the heart for children. If they posses all other qualities except the patience and perseverance they need to work with children, we don’t hire them. NAMBEYE: That is quite an interesting point. How do you determine that these people have the heart for children?

MS KANSWE: I personally interview and scrutinize each and every person that applies for a job here. Personality is an important aspect to the job so I like to make sure that the people have the right personality. I do however seek a second opinion when necessary. NAMBEYE: The world is moving towards a place where technology plays a large part in everyday life. Would you say that pupils at Little Lulu’s are prepared to perform in a technologically advanced world? MS KANSWE: Yes, of course. We have a fantastic computer lab where all the children except the little babies, participate in computer lessons. We use both audio and visual teaching practices in these classes. At Little Lulu’s we have gone the extra mile and insist that every staff member, right down to the driver, is computer literate. NAMBEYE: That’s certainly a good policy. Talking about equipping children for the future, how do you deal with children that face challenges in learning? We know not all children develop at the same stage and some children have learning disabilities. MS KANSWE: We have a unique programme for children with special needs. In fact, we are one of the few schools in Lusaka that enrols children with learning disabilities. These children are called children with special educational needs. We have children with Down’s Syndrome, children who are Autistic and children with conditions like ADHD who are hyperactive and even mentally challenged. NAMBEYE: Do you have a special unit for these children or do you allow

them to interact with other children without disabilities?

We do have parents meetings where parents can voice their opinions.

MS KANSWE: We do not have a room where we lump children with learning disabilities. We allow them to mingle with other children but give special attention to them. We put them in a class with children of the same age. Depending on the severity of their needs, we get a specially trained person who sits with the child at all times. They help to calm and control the child and sit in on each lesson. This means they can later on go through the lesson with the child at the child’s pace.

We also have several functions where we expect parents to participate such as the sports day, concerts, cultural days and end of year parties to mention a few.

NAMBEYE: There are some parents who are unaware that their children have learning disabilities. How do you help such parents to identify that their children could have this challenge? MS KANSWE: It is quite a sensitive issue as some parents do not want to be told that their child has a learning disability. They may even accuse the teachers of not teaching their child adequately. Other parents already know the challenges their child has but tend to hide it out of embarrassment. I am fully trained in special education so I take the time to sit down with parents and review their child’s behaviour and performance. We advise and take action accordingly. NAMBEYE: What opportunities are available for parents to get involved in the education of their children? MS KANSWE: There are several opportunities but I must say, in order to avoid confusion, we do not encourage parents to interfere too often in the day to day running of the school policies and management.

Overall, we have an open door policy. Parents can walk in or call the school any day if they have pressing concerns. NAMBEYE: I understand Little Lulu’s is a private school. Do you have any scholarship programmes for less privileged children? MS KANSWE: Yes we do and we are very proud of that as it is working very well. As an example, we help children in the school who have lost their parents. We sponsor the rest of their education in terms of tuition. Our first grade seven scholarship child just graduated last year. NAMBEYE: Finally, why should parents choose Little Lulu’s for their children? MS KANSWE: I think consistency in everything we do is our biggest asset. Little Lulu’s has been consistent in turning out good results since it begun. As we incorporate new learning material in our syllabus we do not do away with old programmes but find a way to make it relevant and up to date. We have an excellent 13 year track record and hope to be around for quite some time. We’ll be here, loving, caring and educating the children who join us.

Information +260 (0) 211 262 028


— Staff news and opinions The kind of company we strive to be

Recent events have made me think hard about what kind of company we strive to be. In my mind, we’re far from perfect but we’re giving every minute of every day a damn good go. So hear is who we are aiming to be, despite the temporary short comings that reflect the demands of setting up a business from scratch and then growing it organically.

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Customers of We want our client’s information to be available at a click of a button on whatever technical device a user has - be that a phone, tablet or computer. Africa might be seen to be left behind but it is catching up fast. With the cost of technology being driven down, demand for quality online information is increasing.

Team members of We strongly believe members of our team should enjoy their work and feel motivated, rewarded and valued. They ought to be equipped with everything they need for success. Through the work they do we want them to feel like valued members of society. This is a good enough reason for our success in its own right.

We are concerned about the lack of quality information about Zambian businesses on the web. We are even more concerned that many business owners can’t tell the difference between what is good quality information and what is not. Despite what some may think, it’s not just about being online in any shape or form.

Towards perfection As we get rid of our short comings and as our company grows, we continue to seek out the best we can be so our customers (members and end users of the website) get exceptional value from our services. Equally important to us is that we take our people with us. Our team must and will enjoy the benefits of working for a company that strives for more. We will achieve our goals or die trying! Hang on for the ride.

Our whole business has been built by spotting problems and working out a way to fix them. So we have plans to educate our members about how to get the best out of marketing themselves online.


By Sara Drawwater, PR and Marketing Director

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— Hot off the press: OFFERS Special savings at Blue Nile Inn Makeni

Specials at the Cozy Lodge Restaurant

Fabulous sale at Inspirations Furniture

There are two very speciel offers available! 1. Save K50,000 from the regular price of K350,000 per night. 2. Book three nights and get the fourth free, inclusive of breakfast.

Enjoy free drinks and great value meals at Cozy Lodge Restaurant on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

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The Blue Nile Inn — Makeni presents rustic city accommodation in a country setting within Lusaka. With a selection of 17 fully equipped chalets you can enjoy a pleasant surrounding and outstanding service at this modern Inn. Chalets come complete with digital satellite television, free wireless internet, tea/coffee making facilities, wakeup call and room service.

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The Blue Nile Inn — Makeni restaurant and bar is a Panorama Mediterranean restaurant that offers some of the finest Mediterranean foods in Lusaka, Zambia. The restaurant has a bar downstairs and a choice of two eating areas upstairs with a balcony offering a great view of the surrounds.

The Cozy Lodge Restaurant offers a wide ranging international menu with a decided Italian slant. Soak up polished surrounds and calming atmosphere. Adjacent to the Cozy Lodge restaurant is a small garden ideal for outdoor relaxation. The car park is spacious and secure.


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Lusaka. With an established reputation for quality free-standing furniture and custom-made soft furnishings, Inspirations literally inspires its customers from the moment they step into the Inspirations Furniture shops. Services include sofa construction and re-upholstery, tailoring service, interior accessories and gifts and residential, corporate and hospitality design. Consultations can be arranged with proprietor, Jaye, by appointment.

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With shops in Rhodespark, Woodlands Shopping Mall and Makeni Shopping Mall there’s bound to be an Inpsiration’s store near you in

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Zambian residents special from KaingU

Exciting discounts at Shamilimo Lodge

KaingU Safari Lodge is Get a 7% discount from offering Zambian residents your stay at Shamilimo a special offer until the end Lodge near Ndola. of September. Get your 7% discount by quoting Offer details »» Pay for two nights but stay for three! K1,950,000 per person »» Includes accommodation in luxury safari tents, all meals, coffees and teas, one activity per day, VAT, 10% service and laundry »» This excludes transfers, drinks from the bar and park fees (if you visit the Park) »» Favourable kids rates available »» Stay extra nights for K650.000 »» Extra activities for K160.000

promotion code TBOZSHAM43D.

KaingU Safari Lodge has a stunning location on the banks of the Kafue River in the Namwala Game Management Area across the Kafue National Park just five hours drive from Lusaka. KaingU is a river-based lodge with numerous river activities like day cruises, exploration trips in rubber boats, sun downer cruises or fishing. Bush walks are the other speciality including a late afternoon walk to a huge granite block with a 360° view. Or just relax!

Enjoy genuine Zambian hospitality at Shamilimo Lodge - just 20 minutes drive from Ndola. The unpretentious traditional-style self-contained units are set in lawned grounds amongst tropical plants. The lodge comprises seven twin-bedded rondavels and five double-bedded rondavels. All rondavels have TV, fridge, en-suite shower and separate toilet, and are immaculately clean.



+32 478 485029

Offer ends on October 31st 2012. Shamilimo Lodge offers secluded accommodation, restaurant and conference venue in a gorgeous rural setting of Zambia - for the travelling businessman or holidaying family. Conveniently close to the main road between Kapiri Mposhi and Ndola with a uniquely African ambience.

+260 (0) 977 306 099

5% off at Konzani Gardens Lodge

Konzani Gardens is a great venue for weddings, kitchen parties, kids parties and conferences. A 5% discount is available on bookings during the month of September. Situated in Lusaka West, Konzani Gardens makes an ideal base for those with business to do on the west side of Lusaka. It offers a high standard of accommodation at very competitive rates. The Konzani Gardens conference facilities in Lusaka West are extremely flexible. Here you can run small group events of up to 20 right through to 500 guests. Choose from the restaurant, conference hall or the Konzani grounds. If required, the Konzani Gardens team is happy to help with catering and decorations. The restaurant continues is very welcoming, rustic and open plan, with stone floors and lots of space. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an African and continental style menu.

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— Hot off the press: OFFERS & EVENTS IN DATE ORDER 50 discounted vehicles at KDG!

Botox and fillers in Lusaka and Kitwe

November junior fishing competition at Nsobe

KDG Auto Link currently have over 50 vehicles on special offer. This September visit their premises in Lusaka, Kitwe and Livingstone.

Senses@Sensorium have Dr Clark from South Africa in town once more. For the first time the Aesthetic Doctor will offer treatments in Lusaka and Kitwe.

Nsobe Game Camp are running a junior fishing competition for under 16’s on Saturday 3rd November 2012.

KDG are importers and exporters of new and used motor vehicles in Zambia. Backed by a wellestablished network of companies, KDG is able to supply a diverse range of vehicles to suit the most exacting requirements. KDG has outlets in Lusaka, Livingstone and Kitwe.

Booking information »» 6th and 7th September in Lusaka »» Evening of 7th September and 8th September in Kitwe »» Call now on +260 (0) 211 257 330 to book your appointments for botox and filler treatments »» Call now for venue information

Whether you are a vehicle trader, Government buyer or private individual, KDG Autolink in Zambia will be able to get you just what you need at the right price.

The elegant Senses@Sensorium day spa, in Lusaka, Zambia, aims to redefine natural beauty for its clients. With highly professional staff, state of the art facilities and a full range of beauty therapies, anti-ageing sessions, slimming treatments and spa day packages. There are 12 treatment rooms, with one unique dual treatment suite to enjoy sessions with a friend or partner. This spa is an official distributor for Clarins, Guinot, Environ, RegimA and Herbalife, and imports many other beauty brands.



Established over ten years ago, KDG is becoming a household name across Southern and Central Africa, synonymous with value for money for used vehicles. KDG’s range of vehicles also includes trucks, buses, sedans, station wagons, 4x4’s and special purpose vehicles.

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Event details »» Venue: Nsobe Game Camp, just off the road from Kapiri Mposhi to Ndola. »» Date: 3rd November 2012 »» Time: Full day »» Rates: K255,000 per team of three (Includes competition entry, lunch, bamboo fishing rod, bait, t-short and cap) »» Team entries close on 20th October 2012. Entry categories »» Under 7’s »» Under 12’s »» Under 16’s Limited accommodation is available so book now to make this a weekend of fun for all the family. Restaurant and cash bar open on the day. Nsobe Game Camp, in a setting of lakes and beautifully maintained parkland, is home to significant wildlife.

Information +260 (0) 212 671 008


African Pitta birding safari in November 2012

22nd November 2012 Thanksgiving in Africa!

Liuwa Plains safari end of 2012

Let Rory McDougall take you on an amazing adventure into South Luangwa National Park in search of the elusive African Pitta.

Thanksgiving weekend special for expatriate Americans, Zambians and anyone who wants to take part in this all American tradition.

Event details »» Venue: South Luangwa »» Date: November 2012 »» Booking: Limited places available and booking is essential

Event details »» Venue: Chrismar Hotel Livingstone »» Date: 22 November 2012 »» Price: K200,000 per person »» Booking: Limited places available and booking is essential.

Robin Pope Safaris are offering a magnificent Liuwa Plains safari which they describe as the safari of your life! Dates are to be confirmed for November and December 2012.

This is a delightful six night safari to locate the beautiful and sought after African Pitta who arrives in late November every year. Enjoy fantastic birding and prolific wildlife in the remote part of the Great African Rift Valley. This fabulous trip will take you to the award winning Mfuwe Lodge and a stunning bush camp. Rory is one of Zambia’s premier birders, and a member of the Zambia Ornithological Society (ZOS). He is also an artist. Specific trip information:


Thanksgiving is an American event giving thanks to God for blessings throughout the year. It is celebrated with a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Providing ESPN shows them, Chrismar will be showing the thanksgiving football games. Special offer Turn the event into a weekend! Chrismar Hotel Livingstone are offerings a massive 20% off accommodation rates from the 21st to 25th of November 2012.


To register your interest in the up and coming safari experience, contact the Robin Pope team. Packages will be based on per person per night sharing and the safari trips run for four or five nights. Included in the package will be accommodation, meals, drinks, all game viewing activities, laundry and park fees. Offers generally exclude airport tax and various conditions will apply. You can currently travel to Liuwa Plains by air from Lusaka to Kalabo for around $625 per person return. Robin Pope Safaris is one of the most established tour operators in Zambia, with years of experience, specialising in tailor made safaris.

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+260 (0) 213 323 141 guestrelations@livingstone.


+260 (0) 216 246 090


— Hot off the press: NEWS Latest lunch special from Shaka’s Grill

Church Road Lodge open New Spring ranges from new restaurant Jackal & Hide

Hake ‘n’ Chips with a variety of fresh garden salads is an exciting new addition on the Shaka’s Grill lunch menu.

Church Road Lodge have opened a brand new charcoal grill BBQ restaurant. Find it on Church Road, Fairview in Lusaka.

Located at Lusaka’s Manda Hill Mall, Shaka’s Grill is a restaurant that serves tasty pork, ribs, fresh sea food and great vegetarian selections. The restaurant setting is designed to give an African feel. It is themed after the famous Zulu warrior and King, Shaka Zulu. There is also a Little Warriors club that keeps children entertained while parents eat. The Shaka’s Grill menu is comprehensive and caters for all types of dietary choices. There’s African, Mexican foods, sea food and a variety of vegetarian dishes. Meat lovers are not left out either as the restaurant features a griller menu of steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, lamb and pork chops. Shaka’s Grill has a fully stocked bar with a choice of soft drinks, ciders, wines and cocktails.

Information +260 (0) 211 258 379


The new BBQ restaurant has a team of experienced chefs led by Manager John Katongo. Enjoy succulent spare ribs, T-bones, Tandoori chicken, and all kinds of delicious meats all done on a charcoal grill. Restaurant opening times are: »» 12:30hrs to 14:30 hours for lunch »» 18:00 to 22:00 hours for dinner Found on one of the main roads in Lusaka, Zambia, but secluded in its own grounds, Church Road Lodge offers convenient central city accommodation with eight rooms. This recently refurbished lodge has a range of services to make your stay comfortable.


Jackal and Hide at the Design House in Lusaka is sure to inspire. Jackal & Hide Handbags This beautiful collection is constantly evolving with new designs and colour ranges appearing every week. Some of this month’s new designs include the Basket bag, Cooler bag and Hippie fringe pouch. Back to school with Tribal Textiles The Design House is directly linked to Tribal Textiles in Luangwa Valley and carries a wide selection of traditional and new interior designs. This month they have received some new additions to their kids’ range. Examples include pencil cases, satchels, passport bags and room tidies. The Design House cafe Indulge yourself at the cafe with new additions to the spring menu like Moroccan couscous salad and refreshing fresh fruit smoothies. Sunday Lunches must be pre booked.


+260 (0) 211 255 302

+260 (0) 211 213 841

Chankwakwa Natural Food rocks America

Stock news from Phoenix Photographics

Higer pickups at Kinglong Motors

The African Women Entrepreneurs Program (AWEP) recently brought 46 African women entrepreneurs to the US. Rather excitingly one of them was Dorothy of Chankwakwa (pictured).

Sony digital voice recorders have now arrived at Phoenix Photoraphics Ltd.

Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd, known for being leading suppliers of of Higer buses, now have Higer pickups in stock.

Chankwakwa is a family business that works with 350+ local mango farmers. Chankwakwa produces jams, marmalades, soya products and sundried fruit. They work with out growers to give an income to rural people. Their products can be found in many reputable supermarkets in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. Chankwakwa also exports organic certified sundried mangoes from Zambia. These locally grown and 100% natural mango chips are ecological and fair trade certified, yielding a shared profit for the local community.

Prices range from K575,000 to K1,995,000 and the team are confident they have the solution for every recording need. All quoted prices include VAT and you can use the Phoenix Loyalty Club membership for discounts, prizes, monthly awards and regular promotional offers. Visit the two Lusaka outlets on Cairo Road and in Manda Hill Shopping Mall.

»» See complete article here: »» Listen to an interview here:

Phoenix Photographics provides an extensive range of digital cameras and accessories together with a range of other electrical equipment. The brands it supplies are trusted and internationally recognised. They also offer professional photography, graphic design and instore photo processing in Zambia. This family-owned business has been running since 1980.



+260 (0) 215 223 848

+260 (0) 211 221 916

Operating in Zambia since 2008, Kinglong Motors is a branch of the Higer Bus Company, one of the fastest developing bus manufacturers in China. Kinglong Motors is committed to providing the best service for Higer customers and have incorporated a service centre in Lusaka to ensure systematic service sales, spares and after sales-service. This service centre provides services for customers from Southern African countries including Zambia. With a mission to bring the latest and advanced vehicle technology to the benefit of the Zambian people, Kinglong Motors, in Lusaka has a fully stocked warehouse of all spare parts in order that guarantees the immediate services of Higer buses. No doubt this will be the intention for Higer pick up vehicles as well.

Information +260 (0) 211 846 258


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@dambisamoyo I had the pleasure of meeting #Zambia’s first president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda



The Best of Zambia magazine (September 2012)  

September 2012 issue promoting the events, offers and news from gold members.

The Best of Zambia magazine (September 2012)  

September 2012 issue promoting the events, offers and news from gold members.