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From the editor >> It’s Christmas! I can’t quite believe we are about to say goodbye to 2012. I hope this year has been a great and memorable one, and that 2013 will be a happy and fruitful year. As it is the season for giving, for this month’s inverview we looked for a Best of Zambia member that has giving back at the root of their company philosophy. So, read all about Blue Moon Café in the Bob Keating interview on page 4. As usual find the latest offers, news and events on page 8. There’s a handul of Christmas and New Year’s events for you to browse on page 12 and 13.

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— Interview >> 4 With Bob Keating, Managing Director of Blue Moon Café

— Staff news and opinions >> 6 Every month we share the latest news and opinions from the Best of Zambia team.

— Hot off the press >> 8 All special offers, events and news are now gathered together towards the back of the magazine.

Find copies of the magazine on our site, on the blog and on Facebook. Have a fantastic month of December! Sara Drawwater, Managing Editor

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This month’s interview An interview with Bob Keating, Managing Director of Blue Moon Café deliver a fast, yet consistent product, and that is an American model of service. NAMBEYE: One of the things that make Blue Moon unique is the story of its staff members. Blue Moon has partnered with Chikumbuso Women’s and Orphans project to staff its operations For a stylish Café like Blue Moon, this seems rather unusual as one would expect that you would prefer experienced staff. What made you partner with Chikumbuso? BOB: One challenge that many businesses have throughout

Since the Christmas period is often referred to as “a time for giving,” this month we caught up with one of the Best of Zambia subscribers who we feel has one of the biggest hearts. Our multi-media journalist sat down with Bob Keating, the Managing Director of Blue Moon Café, to find out about all the wonderful things Blue Moon has been up to.

We started talking about the idea of opening a delicatessen type of restaurant. One day when we came across the woodlands shopping mall which was just being built at the time. We talked to the centre management about the idea and they loved it. And so we eventually opened the Blue Moon Café Restaurant there!

The inspiration was really a vision that we could deliver a better product with excellent customer service and consistency in the product itself.

NAMBEYE: What inspired you to open Blue Moon Café? BOB: I had been living in Zambia for about three years. Myself, my business partner and my wife would often meet up for lunch and we’d end up talking about our favourite eating places back home in America, and how different the service was here. We started complaining about the slow service, and in some instances, the poor quality of food. From all our experiences at other establishments, in and outside of Zambia, we could think of ways to do it better.


NAMBEYE: Sounds like a great beginning. Blue Moon exudes the feel of an American coffee shop. What was the idea behind giving the restaurant an American feel when it’s practically in the heart of Africa! BOB: First and foremost it’s really because I am an American and I grew up in the United States. Also, the model of the Blue Moon Café is based on delicatessens in the area that I grew up, and which I would often frequent for lunch. Our approach is to

the world is trying to form a staff base that works well together as a cohesive unit, and that is reliable. So we thought that instead of reaching out to random individuals who we really didn’t know, carrying out extensive interviews and then getting these individuals to get to know each other, we decided it would be better if we partnered with an existing organisation where the available staff already knew each other, had a relationship with each other, and were able to provide social balances and checks for each other.

In addition, we wanted to give back to the community. Chikumbuso helps over 90 single mothers and widows and over 300 school kids. We only hire 12 people from Chikumbuso but we still want to support the women who don’t get to participate as a Blue Moon staff member. Our model is that at the end of every quarter, we look at the profits that have been made, and we donate a percentage of that profit to the organisation itself.

NAMBEYE: Zambia has a number of organisations like Chikumbuso who work with underprivileged widows and orphans. What made you chose Chikumbuso in particular? BOB: Early in 2010 my mother was visiting Zambia. We had heard of Chikumbuso and so we went to visit.

It was apparent to me that Chikumbuso was a well organised enterprise that had a lot of great things going on. It was successfully helping a lot of people, particularly children who were being provided with education. There are a lot of organisations in Zambia like it, but Chikumbuso was one of the few I had heard of. They were doing such good things that I wanted to be a part of that. NAMBEYE: As you mentioned earlier, all your staff members are from Chikumbuso. How do you prepare them to become efficient team members, when some of them have little or no knowledge about running a restaurant? BOB: It was a challenge because we are an American style restaurant. The whole concept of these types of food was very foreign to them. We would talk about things like coleslaw or deli style sandwiches and almost all my staff had never tried most of these things. So we essentially trained them for four months on practically everything. We put particular emphasis on customer service. We dealt with things like communication, familiarising the team on vocabulary, dissecting the menu and having them repeat the food names so as to have the right pronunciations. We also did role plays.

NAMBEYE: You certainly did something right in your training because one of your staff members, Dailess Nakawala, went on to win the Zambia National barista Championship this year. How did you feel about this achievement knowing that she had started off not knowing much about coffee to begin with? BOB: It was an extremely exciting and proud moment. I can honestly say I was jumping up and down when we won! This achievement falls back on our principle as a company - we aim to provide the best and most consistent service and we put a lot of emphasis on training. We invested a lot of time and money in sending the baristas to the Zambia Coffee Growers Association for training. We also sent the entire team to Mazabuka to the coffee farm. This enabled them to become familiar with how the coffee grows, and how it’s harvested and processed.

We feel giving the team that basic background knowledge really helped spark their interest. It is something they are now passionate about. NAMBEYE: Has this win had any impact on Blue Moon? BOB: I think in many ways it has. Most importantly it has been very educational for our customers. Some did not know what a barista was to start with. But through this competition we were able to hold several in-house coffee tasting events where we tasted different kinds of coffee and educated people on coffee. We feel that this and the work we continue to do is contributing to growing the coffee industry, and

towards increasing the number of coffee drinkers in Zambia. NAMBEYE: Did Dailess go on to compete in any international barista competitions? BOB: Yes, in February we travelled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to compete in the African Barista Championship. The winner in this competition was from Uganda, but we saw it as an opportunity for additional training. In June this year, Dailess went on to participate in the World Barista Championships in Vienna. We were very proud of her performance which was streamed live on the internet throughout the world. NAMBEYE: Finally, with Christmas just around the corner, what can people expect from one of the best coffee shops in Zambia during the festive season? BOB: We will be running a promotion during the festive season.

The idea makes a great Christmas present. Customers can purchase a basket made at Chikumbuso and can fill it with our pastries, whether it is cinnamon rolls or bagels or croissants. Clients can pre-purchase this basket and have us deliver it to a friend, family member, co-worker or whoever they wish. All the proceeds of this sale will go back to Chikumbuso so it’s a great way of giving.

Information + 260 (0) 211 261 858


— Staff news and opinions Celebrating Meekness’ double trouble

This year Christmas came early for The Best of Zambia team. We’re celebrating new life!

Meekness Chiluba, one of our sales executives, recently went on maternity leave. Meekness surprised us all and gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl! When we found out it was twins, it made perfect sense. We had all been joking with Meekness about how big she was. Turns out she knew her double trouble secret all along. Meekness and her husband have named their little babies Malumbo (meaning praise) and Malaika (meaning angel). Both are doing fine and so is Mum (pictured right). Many congratulations to Meekness, her husband and little Mapalo who is now big brother. It’s only been a few weeks since Meekness went off on maternity leave and we certainly are missing her! We wish the family well and look forward to having Meekness back. By Julia Brown, Operations Director


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— Hot off the press: OFFERS Zanzibar special from Voyagers Zambia

Royal Zambezi Lodge specials

Celebrate New Year at Kaingu Safari Lodge

Stay at Blue Bay Beach Resort and Spa at reduced rates until December 21st 2012.

A luxury safari lodge on the Zambezi. Winner of the World Luxury Boutique Hotel Award in 2011 and twice winners of the World Luxury Hotel Award!

Just five hours from Lusaka this is a stunning location in the Namwala Game Management Area - perfect for New Year’s celebrations with family and friends. Choose from lots of activities or just relax in nature’s arms.

Pay for three nights and stay for four nights. From K6,203,600 per person sharing. Includes and Zanzibar via Dar es Salaam

Fly in specials »» Full day fly special: K800,000 and K400,000 for children under

on Precision Air, return airport

12. Includes landing fees,

transfers in Zanzibar, 3/4 nights

breakfast, lunch and two activities

accommodation at Blue Bay Beach

in the GMA (one in the morning

Resort and Spa on half board basis

and one in the afternoon to be

in a superior room.

back by 16.30pm). Minimum of

Pay for five nights and stay

four and maximum of eight. »» Half day fly special: K640,000

seven nights. From K7,555,600

and K320,000 for children

per person sharing. Includes

under 12. Includes landing fees,

return flights between Lusaka

lunch and one activity in the

and Zanzibar via Dar es Salaam

afternoon. Minimum of

on Precision Air, return airport

four and maximum of eight.

transfers in Zanzibar, 5/6/7 nights

»» Drinks, park fees, curio shop and

accommodation at Blue Bay Beach

spa are not included.

return flights between Lusaka

Resort and Spa on half board basis in a superior room.

Green season specials

Rates are subject to flight

Zambezi National Park. One of the

availability and currency fluctuation. Offer is from Voyagers Zambia and

A luxury destination in the Lower few lodges open in December to March with fantastic green season

ends on 21st December 2012.

rates. Get in touch for offers.



+260 (0) 211 253064


+260 (0) 211 242 919

Offer information: »» K800,000 per person per night sharing instead of 975,000 »» Favourable kids’ rates available on request »» Offer from December 27th 2012 to January 5th 2013 Offer includes »» Accommodation in luxury meru style tents or family house »» All meals, coffees and teas »» One activity per day (Extra activities from K50,000 to K160,000) »» VAT and service charge on food and beverages »» Offer does not include: »» Transfers to and from the lodge »» All drinks from the bar

Information +32 478 485029

Win with meaningful gifts from Planet Books

Christmas specials from Mica Zambia

Reduced prices from Chunyu Tree Nursery

Books are meaningful gifts! Spend K200,000 this December and enter a lucky draw where everyone’s a winner! Planet Books are also giving away fabulous gifts for readers with qualifying purchases.

Mica have a range of special offers in store on items like generators, braais and tools.

Plants that have outgrown their pots, desperate to be in the ground, though still healthy.

»» SDMO HX 6000 generator is K8,600,000 »» CADAC skottle braai 57cm is K1,025,000 »» SDMO HX 3000 generator is K6,100,00 »» SUPA FIX tile adhesive is K21,500 per 20kg »» BOSCH angle grinder 230mm is K2,200,000 »» CADAC celsius water heater is K1,230,000

Reduced from K10,000 to K5,000 »» Orchid tree (Bauhinia Variegata) »» Mexican lily (Gliricidia Sepium) »» Kassod tree (Senna Siamea) Reduced from K10,000 to K7,000 »» Yellow thorn (Acacia Kirkii) »» Mopane (Colophospermum mopane) »» Wild mango (Cordyla Africana) »» Peeling bark (Diospyros Sinensis) »» White-leaved grewia (Grewia Bicolor) »» Wild syringa (Kirkia Acuminata) »» False marula (Lannea Schweinfurthii) »» Bean tree (Markhamia Zanzibarica) »» Rain tree (Philenoptera violacea) »» Bastard baobab (Sterculia Africana) »» Flame creeper (Combretum Microphyllum) »» Knobbly combretum (Combretum Mossambicense) »» Entada (Entada chysostachys) »» Tailless tailflower (Strophanthus Courmontii) »» Jacaranda (Jacaranda Mimosifolia) Reduced from K10,000 to K8,000 »» Neem (Azadirachta Indica)

Planet Books have book shopping covered this Christmas. The spacious and well-stocked Planet Books shop at Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka offers a large selection of books covering both fiction and non-fiction. The range of African publishing and Zambian literature available is comprehensive. The children’s stock is exciting, the cookbook section is mouth-watering! What’s more, customers can place orders for specific titles for delivery within three weeks. If it’s magazines you’re after then browse a variety of local and international magazines alongside weekly editions of international newspapers.

Information +260 (0) 211 256 714

Mica Zambia is a well established and trusted store, packed with an extensive range of hardware and home ware goods. Visit the Mica Zambia store in Arcades Shopping Mall and enjoy great prices. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 to 18:00 hours, Saturday 8:00 to 16:00 hours and Sunday and public holidays 8:00 to 14:30 hours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mica Zambia!

Information +260 (0) 211 257 040

Information +260 (0) 216 245 133


— Hot off the press: NEWS Christmas events with Jackal and Hide

Christmas festivities at Pumulani Livingstone

New fabric stocks in at Madina Sales

Jackal and Hide are currently taking bookings for Christmas lunch parties - great for work parties and for friends and family. For the run up to Christmas, the shop will be open until 20.00 hours on some Fridays.

Enjoy the festive season in Livingstone by staying at Pumulani Livingstone and get a taste of Africa at their traditional restaurant.

Madina Sales has stocked up with canvas material used for making tents and carport material used for vehicle protection. These fabrics are in all the way from Australia. New stocks of curtain fabric and upholstery material are also available.

Christmas lunch parties This Christmas take the office out for a pucker traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings. Roast turkey, sausages, stuffing, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables, gravy, bread sauce and cranberry sauce all topped off with Christmas pudding and brandy butter. Late night shopping On December 7th, 14th and 21st, you can do your Christmas shopping in style with a glass of wine and a plate of scrumptious snacks at The Design House. Jackal and Hide is on Sugarbush Farm, on the outskirts of Lusaka. It offers a relaxed venue for friends to meet, ladies to lunch, mums and toddlers to play and makes an ideal place for a family day out in Lusaka.


With a name that means to rest, take it easy or to sleep, “Pumulani” Lodge in Livingstone, Zambia, is an ideal spot for a leisurely break and the opportunity to enjoy village chicken and charcoal grilled tender t-bone and rump steaks at the authentic Zambian restaurant. In addition the lodge is in the heart of Livingstone, on the tourist capital’s main road, Mosi -O-Tunya Road, so you’ll have easy access to a host of other festive activities. Pumulani Livingstone is a charming city lodge that offers some of the best quality town accommodation in the area. The Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport is only 10 minutes drive away and all bus stations for all major coach operators (local and regional) are all within a 10 minutes walk.

Madina Sales supply all kinds of quality fabrics and textiles at affordable prices - from cool cottons for dresses to rich upholstery material and everything in between. Find the Madina Sales shop in Kamwala Shopping Centre in Lusaka. Madina Sales are textile importers, wholesalers and retailers - supplying Zambia with a vast collection of up-to-date fabrics.



+260 (0) 211 841 081

+260 (0) 213 320 981


Madina Sales also offer a professional customised curtain making service (available to order) and a complete range of accessories for curtains, including curtain rods in wood or metal, tie backs and wall hooks. It’s a onestop shop for all your curtain needs.

+260 (0) 211 238 512

Christmas shopping with Mercury Zambia

Magnum goes from strength to strength

Action Auto launch new Chevrolet Trailblazer

This Christmas get access to the best brands and prices in the USA, UK and South Africa by using the Mercury Mailing Address Service.

Magnum Security has evolved from just offering a guard service when it first began, to broader services, incuding vehicle tracking that assists Police in stolen vehicle recovery.

On the 11th of December Action Auto will launch the brand new Chevrolet Trailblazer in Lusaka.

Click, shop and ship with the Mercury Express Logisitics’ Mailing Address Service, from any online site directly to you. Deliveries are from as little as: »» K47,000 from the USA »» K14,200 from the UK »» K21,000 from South Africa To pay for the order online, you will need a suitable credit or debit card. When entering a delivery address you will need to enter your name followed by your Zambia telephone number. Then complete the delivery address as ‘C/O Mercury Express Logistics’ and their address in the country you are ordering in. Mercury Express will then ensure that your order is delivered speedily to Zambia. You can then collect your parcel from a Mercury Express office convenient to you, or arrange for them to deliver to your address in Zambia.

Information +260 (0) 211 257 361

Magnum Security has been in Zambia for 20 years. Staff have come and gone but Magnum has remained true to clients. It has increased services from guard services, to security equipment installation, recruitment and training of security personel, the Netstar vehicle tracking system, and onwards to more advanced technology in the security sector. Vehicle tracking has improved with new technology and systems which helps locate stolen vehicles. This is a sophisticated electronic vigil system to provide real time fleet management and stolen motor vehicle tracking. Recovery services are provided through an operations network covering most of central and Southern Africa.

Information +260 (0) 211 231 076

The new-generation TrailBlazer combines the hauling and towing capability of a body-on-frame SUV with the ride comfort and efficiency of a crossover. Developed in tandem with the all-new Chevrolet Colorado pickup by General Motors, it shares the same architecture as its truck sibling, with a chassis tuned to combine heavy-duty offroad capability with refined city driving. This is about great power combining with great looks as well as ensuring no destination is out of reach. Packed with style, luxury, top features, power and towing ability driving just got better! Action Auto in Lusaka is the authorised retailer of Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet motor vehicles in Zambia. Cars are sourced from General Motors in South Africa, assuring customers of genuine motor vehicles that provide exciting and enjoyable mobility.

Information +260 (0) 211 226 205


— Hot off the press: EVENTS IN DATE ORDER Live R&B at Chicago’s Bistro Lounge

Christmas and New Year’s Eve at Plates

Peg â Leg Couture exhibit on 15/12/12

Every Wednesday night Chicago’s have live R&B music courtesy of Zu from 21:00 hours till late. To fit in with Chicago’s all American Hollywood theme, Zu hails from Philadelphia, USA.

Celebrate the festive season at one of Lusaka’s most special restaurants. Plates Restaurant has a fabulous new December menu, including Crispy Duck with Spiced Figs, Crayfish Ravioli, and a special new dessert! Join them for your New Years Eve celebrations complete with live music!

Peg â Leg Couture is exhibiting at the Dutch Reform Church Christmas Fair on Saturday the 15th of December 2012.

Private functions Plates also caters for private functions at the restaurant or at private locations. They’re filling up for December but there are still some dates available - don’t miss out on the wonderful Plates experience.

This is a very popular event so get

Plates offers a fine dining restaurant in Acacia Park, next to Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka. American and Mediterranean cuisine perfectly paired with international wines at Plates. Make this Christmas a special one - wine and dine your family and friends at Plates.

Peg â Leg Couture and Design

Chicago’s draws its inspiration from 1940’s and 1950’s icons such as the legendary American gangster Al Capone and actress Marilyn Monroe. Since Chicago’s trades under a tourism license they are open till late everyday. Located within Lusaka’s largest shopping mall, Manda Hill, Chicago’s Bistro Lounge is a stylish place to eat, wine and dine. It is a first-rate host for corporate events or parties . Chicago’s Bistro lounge comes alive at night as the bar opens up, serving an amazing variety of drinks, from cocktails to shooter, hot drinks and cold drinks and a selection of tangy foods. Chicago’s Bistro Lounge is famous for its large variety of Cuban cigars and customers can also enjoy a variety of flavours from a wide choice of hubblies.

Information +260 (0) 976 204 852


Information +260 (0) 211 841 015

Event details »» Date: 15th December »» Time: 08:00 to 15:00 hours »» Place: Grounds of the Dutch Reform Church along Kabulonga Road

there early to catch the best offers. You’ll be able to view and buy curios, furniture, clay pots, beadwork, second hand books, kuba cloth furnishings, wire keyholders, handbags, and of course clothes made from traditional chitenge.

creates special occasion outfits that include wedding dresses, theatre costume designs, corporate clothing and inspiring casual wear. Most outfits are custom made but ready-made garments are also available.

Information +260 (0) 211 213 808

Christmas events at Rhapsody’s Lusaka

Konzani Gardens Christmas Festival

A special Christmas themed salsa night, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties at Rhapsody’s.

Konzani Gardens is MAC Recruitment is hosting three exciting the Licensee Partner of events over the Christmas FranklinCovey USA. and New Year break!

Event details Dress in red, black, white and silver. Lots of prizes to be won! »» Date: 15th December »» Time: 20:00 hours »» Place: Rhapsody’s Lusaka Make it a Rhapsody’s Christmas It’s not too late to book your corporate Christmas events with Rhapsody’s. In addition Rhapsody’s are hosting Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties. Whether it’s a quiet drink or a big celebration with friends, you’ll find stylish surroundings and a wide selection of exotic cocktails at Rhapsody’s in Lusaka. The ambiance suits every taste, making you want to come back for more. Rhapsody’s is for clientèle who are trend setters not followers.


Training workshops from Mac Recruitment

The 7 habits for managers

Family Christmas party »» Date: 25th December 2012 »» Price: Free entry! »» Details: Children’s dancing competition, raffle draws, jumping castles, braai and children’s menu New Year’s Eve party »» Date: 31st December 2012 »» Details: Dinner with fireworks display Relaxing braai »» Date: 1st January 2013 »» Time: 11:00 to 18:00 hours »» Details: Shake off the 2012 hangover at the Konzani Garden braai. Music from DJ and kids meals will be half price! Situated in Lusaka West this lodge offers a distinctly African theme, a good restaurant and rolling grounds. With high standard accommodation, you can choose to stay over night.


Gain that mountaintop perspective and develop the skills required to better manage yourself, lead others, and unleash your potential. »» Date: 28th and 29th January 2013 »» Time: 08:00 to 17:00 hours »» Place:TopFloor Regus Training Rooms, 2nd Floor, 2 Elunda House, Corner of Addis Ababa Drive The 5 choices to extraordinary productivity Measurably increase the productivity of individuals, teams, and organisations. Participants understand how to make more selective, high-impact choices about where to invest their valuable attention, energy, and time. »» Date: 30th and 31st January 2013 »» Time: 08:00 to 17:00 hours »» Place:TopFloor Regus Training Rooms, 2nd Floor, 2 Elunda House, Corner of Addis Ababa Drive Contact Mac Recruitment for pricing and booking forms.


+260 (0) 211 256 705

+260 (0) 211 845 237

+260 (0) 211 260 247


Noteworthy tweets from those we follow @BBCAfrica Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel’s fictional documentation of the failed 1960s space programme in Zambia

@missbwalys “In the last decade $29 billion worth of copper has been exported out of Zambia.” We are rich, yet we’re poor.

@dreamsoftruths_ Foto: funnywildlife: The first glimpse of a “white” baby baboon around the Mfuwe Lodge grounds, Zambia... ZrXZCxY6-HmN

@zambia_travels Times of Zambia Editor, Enock Ngoma, Tells His HIV Story to Inspire Others Zambia Reports

@siddhartha At the #IBM Tech Roadshow, making storage and data solutions efficient in Zambia! #2013

@c1rca1964 National Arts Council of Zambia (NACZ) hosted the 2012 Ngoma Awards nominees’ party at LIV nightclub in Lusaka....


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