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Growth Leadership Innovation



“Our students respond to

challenges with optimism and curiosity, are confident in their own identities, make ethical decisions, join others in celebrating our common humanity and are prepared to apply what they learn in real-world, complex and unpredictable situations.“ Carlos Symonds Head of School

03 Build The Future Today A little over 25 years ago, a group of parents envisioned an exceptional school - an inviting place of learning where all students, of all backgrounds would receive the finest education available anywhere. They dreamed of a stimulating, student-centred and transformative educational experience unlike anything in Bermuda. They imagined a school where students would be happy and free to develop a love of learning, as well as the skills and confidence to face the challenges of a dawning 21st century. And so our school, Somersfield Academy, was born. What they dared to envision in a future school, is now recognized by today’s most progressive educators as the most effective methods of inculcating independent learning and developing young minds.

Holistic, inquirybased education, championed in both the Montessori and International Baccalaureate programmes, are powerful tools for developing wellrounded students who are openminded, critical thinkers, socially conscious and engaging individuals. Cynthia Thomas Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign

Let’s Realise the Future Together, Today Join us on our journey. Today, we need your help to continue our journey. Become a donor partner in our Capital Campaign as we complete the pre-university continuum for our students with the introduction of the IB Diploma Programme and build the facilities to house it.

Be a part of this exciting commitment to our children – uncovering the passions, talents and dreams of our students, celebrating diversity, practicing peace, and partnering with parents to realise the mission and promise of our school.

Why the IB Diploma Programme at Somersfield Academy? IB Diploma Done Differently Small class sizes and attentive, approachable teachers set us apart. Purposefully small, the goal of our approach to teaching and learning is grounded in the philosophy of IB and Montessori. At the heart of it is the belief that every person has the ability to reveal himself or herself, to realize their holistic potential, through meaningful work that is both academic and grounded in real world contexts. Our teachers understand the power of connecting with students, of inspiring them to find their limits and transcend them. Somersfield’s unique combination of the IB Diploma, the Middle Years Programme and Montessori is a recipe for individual excellence. We hope you join us on the educational journey of a lifetime. IB DP done differently.



UNIQUE IN BERMUDA Two Internationally Recognised Inquiry-Based Curricula:

American Montessori Society International Baccalaureate Programme



Enrolled students 2017/18

3-16 Year old students


3 Divisions Children’s House Primary Division Secondary Division


Nationalities represented


Other languages spoken at home by our students

Gain Accelerated Acceptance at top-tier Colleges & Universities.

Increased likelihood compared to entrants holding other qualifications.

Earn the IB Diploma.

Considered the gold standard of educational currencies by colleges and universities worldwide.

Develop an international mindset and high level soft skills.

Collaborative, self-management and communication skills are essential ingredients to compete in today’s global market.

08 The Power of Diversity Somersfield Academy has been engaged in diversity work since its inception. In fact, our founding families had diversity and inclusion as one of their focal points in developing Somersfield as the nurturing, respectful, educational environment we see today. We truly value community and honour its diversity. Our diversity statement articulates our commitment to sustain a school in which all stakeholders including students faculty and parents, feel represented within the school community. We believe that diversity is essential to achieving educational and academic excellence. That is also why we have strategically partnered with the National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) by becoming a SEED affiliated school.

Our students’ learning experiences are enriched by the diversity of curriculum, faculty and the student body. We can boast that our students represent over 36 nationalities. “Somersfield is committed to building upon what we have always deemed important and that is to provide an inclusive and equitable school environment for our students, regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their identity.”

Stacey-Lee Williams Director of Business Development and Diversity

09 International Day 2018

The History of Somersfield Academy TODAY

Somersfield Academy is Bermuda’s only school to offer both the internationally recognized and respected Montessori and IB Middle Years Programmes. Holistic education by trained Montessori / IB educators to support students’ academic, and social emotional well-being.


Somersfield Academy became a Canadian Accredited International (CAIS) school.


The facility reached maximum capacity of 135 students. A larger school would be required to accommodate this growth.


The Montessori Education Trust (MET), a non-profit, charitable trust was formed by parents. The MET sought to deliver Montessori Education for their own children and student’s across Bermuda and to provide financial assistance and support Montessori teacher training.


Montessori Academy Opened - 72 students aged 3-12.


The Montessori International Academy was relocated to Devonshire and changed it’s name to Somersfield Academy.



A new ‘Makers Space’ was created for the STEM Innovations and Robotics programme.


Somersfield Academy officially awarded EcoSchools Green Seed Award.


The gymnasium was added to the Somersfield Academy school site.

Somersfield Academy became a Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) affiliated school.


The Margaret Hallett library was rebranded to the Learning Commons.


Somersfield Academy introduced the STEM Innovations and Robotics programme.


Somersfield Academy’s IB Middle Years Programme building was constructed and the IB MYP was officially accredited.

TOMORROW We aim to provide the internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme for our Secondary students. With your help we will expand our facilities to realise our goal of an innovative new learning centre.

“By making a donation

to our capital campaign, you’ll be directly contributing to an engaging, supportive and challenging learning environment that is a positive and stimulating alternative to the traditional educational experience.� Colm Homan Vice Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign

Help us grow to meet the challenge

Complete the Learning Continuum The IB Diploma completes Somersfield’s suite of inquiry-based programmes, and distinguishes Somersfield as the only school in Bermuda to offer such an educational continuum from aged 3 to university entrance. Upgrade Existing Facilities The campaign will create opportunities to improve, adapt and optimise use of current instructional spaces. Expansion of the Physical Plant In addition to providing an exciting facility for the delivery of the I.B. Diploma programme, the new building provides fresh learning opportunities and addresses the needs of a growing school. Faculty and Subjects The I.B. Diploma demands the finest teachers to deliver the world’s most respected pre-university educational programme. Additionally, the subject offerings will expand to meet the diverse career interests of our students. Attract and Retain Students Students will no longer have to transfer from the school they love, to a new and unfamiliar learning environment for the final two years prior to university entrance. Additionally, Bermuda’s most capable students will now have an additional local choice for their university preparation.

Deliver Excellence in Education

Wheelchair Solar panels accessible elevator available

Parking access via Vesey Street for bikes and cars Living plant wall

Roof-top garden


Shade panels and seating for lounge and recreation

Art and Digital Media Centre. This will provide expanded opportunities for students to explore the “modern visual arts” through traditional mediums as well as digital design, media and technology.

Learning Support Suite. Our learning strategists, external tutors and therapists will be provided with a dedicated suite of offices and tutorial spaces to offer the respective support to our students.

The programme seeks to cultivate artistic expression by providing the tools, setting and support for students to uncover their creativity, inventiveness, cultural awareness and appreciation of art.

Virtual Reality Science and Language Lab The exciting VR Science and Language Lab will provide enhanced learning experiences for foreign language immersion and conducting simulated science experiments in a safe virtual laboratory.

The Gallery - Multi-use space for Music and Drama. This multi-use space, “The Gallery”, is for the study of music and the performing arts. A meeting room for whole division gatherings, as well as a gallery for wholeschool student artistic expression. Roof-top garden and eco-space. Providing a roof-top garden area for students or staff to study or relax amongst the natural foliage and water feature. Recording Studio. The recording studio will support the music programme and introduce students to sound technology for recording and mastering their audio compositions.

STEAM - While the STEAM subjects are inextricably embedded in our interdisciplinary programmes, the Science and Math programmes will be extended, and both Technology and Engineering, as well as the Visual and Creative Arts will receive dedicated instructional space. Student Study Center. The student study centre will provide a central social lounge with comfortable amenities, surrounded by a set of small private rooms for quiet individual or collaborative study.

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Visual Timeline 01 05

Planning application has been submitted.

IB Diploma Programme will commence in September 2019 with the entire project complete.


Building Permit in hand and break ground in May/June 2018.


Ground floor classrooms accessible for use by September 2018.


Progress as quickly as possible with the core and shell construction.


Robotics First and only school in Bermuda to compete in the challenging VEX robotics programme. Our competitive team competes annually in international competitions and qualified in 2018 for the VEX World Middle School Championships.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both attended Montessori schools. Brin and Page specifically pointed to the curriculum of self-directed learning – where students follow their interests and decide for themselves what they want to learn.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos often compares Amazon’s strategy of developing ideas in new markets to ‘planting seeds’, an integral part of his Montessori education. Montessori gardening activities provide benefits beyond those of Practical Life. Children use many of their intellectual and physical skills in cooperation with others in the real world.

1st school to attend the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) Student Diversity Leadership Conferences

Community Care Through Service Only school in Three students at Somersfield Bermuda that offers Academy created Young the IB Middle Years at Heart in 2017, a project Programme. designed to bring comfort to long-term patients in KEMH Continuing Care Ward through music, poetry, art and conversation. The project is such a success that it Three students at continues to this very day. Somersfield Academy developed the community project ‘BermyBots’ a robotics programme that teaches students at West Pembroke Primary School how to build and programme robots.

1st Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) affiliated school in Bermuda and facilitated diversity days for other local schools to attend.



Community Builders Somersfield Academy proudly supports the wider Bermuda community by allowing our facilities to be utilised free of charge by various sports clubs, outreach activities, boys and girls clubs and community programmes.

Success starts here 01 Peter Dill - 2012 Peter’s Personal Project was an inquiry into boat building in Bermuda and resulted in the creation of a 15’ boat. A true independent learner, Peter’s dedication to academic research through a range of sources provided the theoretical and practical skills needed for the boat fabrication. Since his graduation, Peter has put his love of boats and sailing to good use. He’s recently been an intern with Oracle Team USA and is a member of Bermuda’s Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Team. 02 Hana Bushara - 2015 A critical and creative thinker, Hana used her Personal Project as an opportunity to explore the depths of her creativity. Through a series of original songs and live performances, Hana unlocked her creative potential and inspired her audiences to sing along on her journey of selfdiscovery. Her songs explore complex issues of identity, social justice and personal and cultural expression. 03 Hasna Turner - 2017 A social conscious, independent thinker, Hasna harnessed her passion for social justice in support of a local human rights issue. Her Personal Project was a detailed study of the Uighurs in Bermuda, a group of men originally from Chinese Turkestan who were brought to Bermuda from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2009. Hasna’s study outlines with scholarly detail the context and plight of the men and argues for their right to apply for naturalisation in Bermuda. 04 Robin Horsefield - 2015 An inquirer and kinesthetic learner, Robin has always been fascinated by engineering. Throughout his time at Somersfield Robin was involved and thrived in project-based learning. He developed high level skills in robotics and was a key member of the school’s competitive robotics team. Robin channeled his passion for STEM for his Personal Project and created a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine. He developed a lathe that responds to computer instructions rather than manual manipulation. His project showcased his ability in coding and programming. For more personal project highlights visit our website

Invest In Our Future Bermuda’s future leaders of business, social change, families and politics are being incubated in our classrooms right now. Your role as a benefactor is critical in helping develop and nurture that talent through our expanded facilities and capacity to deliver on our promise of a complete inquiry-based path from kinder learning to pre-university education with our Montessori and IB Diploma programmes. Let’s pledge to build a better society through our holistically educated students, and our bold educational initiatives.

Donate today! Somersfield Academy 107 Middle Road Devonshire, DV 06 Bermuda Cynthia Thomas Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee 441 278 9217 Colm Homan Vice Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee 441 299 7116 Stacey-Lee Williams Director of Business, Development & Diversity 441 239 3340 441 236 9797