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© Copyright G. Harvey, Ltd. 2010

Dreams of a Nation by G. Harvey

Giclée on Canvas 30”x 24” 250 SN $850 50 AP $950

© Copyright G. Harvey, Ltd. 2010

G. Harvey is one of the most admired and collected artists in America. The artist’s turn-of-the-century scenes take the viewer back to the genteel streets of our country’s early days. With our nation’s Capitol in the background, the street teems with people shopping, dining, and enjoying being together. There is a magical sense to the scene reminding us of the heritage of our wonderful country.

* The reproduced works of art are based upon the copyrighted original paintings and sculptures of G. Harvey and are published herein with his permission.

My Father’s Business by James Seward

James Seward is one of today’s most sought-after Christian artists. In his newest release, Jesus, at the age of twelve, is in the temple where He, Mary, and Joseph went every year to celebrate Passover. On their way home, Mary and Joseph discovered Jesus was missing and returned to find Him. Jesus was in the temple talking with the doctors of law, who were astonished at His understanding and knowledge. These scholarly men were unaware of who He was. When Mary and Joseph chided Jesus for lingering, He asked, “Don’t you realize I must be about my Father’s business?” (referring to God, His Father).

Giclée on Paper 17” x 34” 500 SN $175 50 AP $200

Giclée on Canvas 17” x 34” 350 SN $395 35 AP $495

Giclée on Canvas 24” x 48” 95 SN $850 15 AP $950

Grande Edition Giclée on Canvas 30” x 60” 35 SN $1600

Winter Stillness by David Mann

David Mann paints the Native Americans with an intimate knowledge of their culture. This wintery landscape, which surrounds the solitary warrior as he listens to the stillness, may reveal he is not alone. Perhaps this warrior has detected an animal and is on guard for the opportunity to return to his camp with sustenance for everyone.

Giclée on Paper 21”x 28” 950 SN $175 95 AP $200

Giclée on Canvas 21”x 28” 195 SN $295 95 AP $395

Grande Edition Giclée on Canvas 30”x 40” 95 $595

Return of Zhang Qian by HongNian Zhang

HongNian Zhang is renowned for his historical paintings of his native China. Zhang Qian was the first, official diplomat of China in the second century BC during the Han dynasty. Traveling across Central Asia, he brought back information to the imperial court that opened a new world of commercial trade to China. Upon his triumphant return, he became a palace counselor. Today, Zhang Qian is considered a national hero.

Giclée on Paper 18” x 36” 250 SN $195 25 AP $225

Giclée on Canvas 18” x 36” 195 SN $395 15 AP $495

Grande Edition Giclée on Canvas 24” x 48” 35 SN $750

Gray Ghost by Edward Aldrich

Edward Aldrich loves to paint wildlife and is an expert at it. The rugged Western plains can be a challenging environment for the most resilient of animals, but the monarch of the plains is an exception. In the dust storm, a lone bison stands his ground against nature. When the dust settles, this magnificent beast will go about his business as if nothing happened.

Giclée on Paper 20”x 30” 500 SN $175 50 AP $200

Giclée on Canvas 20”x 30” 250 SN $395 25 AP $495

Grande Edition Giclée on Canvas 30”x 45” 35 $850

Spring Loaded by Kyle Sims

Grande Edition Giclée on Canvas 36” x 36” 35 SN $750 Giclée on Canvas 20” x 20” 150 SN $250 15 AP $350 Giclée on Paper 20” x 20” 950 SN $195 95 AP $225

Kyle Sims, one of today’s most talented wildlife painters, gives us a close encounter with one of nature’s most beautiful animals, the mountain lion. This creature’s stealth moves make him one of the most able of hunters. The big cat stalks his prey from his lofty view on the boulders. At just the right moment, the cat will leap through the air to capture his unsuspecting quarry.

Cowboy Up by June Dudley

Open Edition Canvas 16”x 12” Signed $95 Unsigned $75 Open Edition Paper 16”x 12” Signed $35 Unsigned $30

June Dudley paints Western scenes that are very popular with her collectors. She creates images from the heart, giving the viewer a sense of joy and warmth whether it’s a cowboy on his horse or the delightful children she loves to paint. These two little brothers are dressed in their cowboy finery. Wanting to join his big brother for a better view across the field, the little one is given a boost to climb up on the fence. © Copyright Somerset Fine Art 2010