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Men sitting in a room at the head of a table, venetian blinds are horizontal, letting in the sun. Man has lines going across his face. MARTIN starts talking about how he became the Muffin Man, crime boss of Cincinnati. Martin starts talking about his childhood in a small town, where he lived an unremarkable life in a middle class neighborhood on a tree-lined street. “I always wanted to be a baker, with a specialty in muffins, with my own shop. So I left my home, my family, everything I loved to come to a better place and chase my dream.” Fades to a small muffin shop in a rough neighborhood, the store is the brightest part of the street. “It wasn’t that easy. The only neighborhood I could afford with the loan the bank gave was in the rough bit of town, where no person wants to end up. But I took it. I wanted to build up my dream.” See people shuffling in and out, heads down, cloths patched. Nighttime, see rock thrown through window, night after night. He realizes that he needs to find a way to stop it. Martin spends one night outside to catch the people throwing rocks. He catches them, and they tell him that if he wants the rocks to stop coming through his window to give half his daily profits to the gang. Later that night, at home, Martin is sitting with his wife GENETTE (GENE) and they’re talking it over. She tells him to not let the gang walk all over him and to stand up for himself. The next night, when the gang comes to throw a rock through the window, they’re severely beaten up by customers from the shop who were hired by Martin and Gene as protection in return for free muffins. A couple months down the line, with more businesses requesting Martin’s highly effective protection service, which stopped several more attacks on the Muffin Shop, a local gang boss is getting annoyed with the lack of “protection money” coming in and decides to pay Martin a visit. LOCKNEY storms in with an entire group of thugs and shoots up the store while the family is out, but he thinks they’re dead. Martin and his helpers plan how to get revenge on Lockney. The following night, Martin and his helpers attack Lockney’s hideout, Martin doesn’t kill anybody, but his helpers do and they kill Lockney’s game before cornering Lockney in his office. Martin is told to go in there and deal with the “fuckin’ bastard” so he can take over Lockney’s operation and become a crime boss. Martin walks in and looks at Lockney, who’s sitting behind his desk, cool and confident. Martin looks at him and raises his gun to shoot, but doesn’t. Lockney laughs at him, trying to dare him into killing him. Martin looks at him and tells Lockney that it’s not his place to call judgment into Lockney’s life and play executioner so that he doesn’t suffer at the hands of the people he hurt. Martin turns to walk away and back to his life. Lockney jumps over the desk so he can kill Martin, but Martin turns around and hits him with the gun. Martin walks out of the room, “Before you ask, no, I did not kill Lockney. It isn’t my job nor my calling to do that, but I am taking him back to Drury

Lane, it is those people who he wronged and it is those people who will decide his fate.” They go back to Drury Lane to find it crawling with Federal Agents looking for Martin. Martin manages to slip in and find Gene to find out what’s going on. She pushes him out the door as the agents come looking for him, again, in his house. Lockney escapes from the people who were guarding him and chases down Martin before hailing Federal Agents to get him. They arrest Lockney and refuse to listen to him because he is a known criminal that isn’t above lying to get out of jail time. Eventually, the Agents give up and leave, after attaching cameras to every possible surface. The cameras start disappearing five minutes after they leave and the bugs that were planted in the house and shop turn themselves off. Martin goes to his office and sits down, watching for the Agents, knowing that they’ll be back to get him. Gene starts making some muffins. Minutes later, the Agents come charging in and go through the house again, know that Martin is somewhere inside. Martin doesn’t move, hearing the Agents move closer and closer until they are outside his door. Two men with guns burst into the room and we go to back real time instead of him telling the story. Martin looks at them and smiles, asking what they want with him. They tell him that he’s wanted for being the brain behind at least five murders. Martin looks at them and asks where they got their information. They tell him it doesn’t matter. Martin replies that his entire life is devoted to his muffin shop, and that he wouldn’t order a hit on anybody, he’s not even a crime boss. The agents arrest him and take him to trial. The neighborhood unites to pay his legal costs and he gets off because there is no direct evidence to link him to the murders since Lockney was injured and placed in a coma and they don’t know if he’ll recover. Martin returns to the neighborhood his followers accept him back and the neighborhood throws a celebration because he’s revitalizing the neighborhood. His last line, “I never wanted this adoration or to become this type of person, I just wanted to chase my dream and become a Muffin Man. If it means that I protect my shop by becoming a crime boss, then so be it; I’m still living out my dream.”

The Muffin Man (Treatment)  
The Muffin Man (Treatment)  

my treatment for the script that will be coming later . . .