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Girl 1 You look cute though Girl 2 Really? Thanks, I got it in Switzerland Girl 1 When’d you go to Switzerland? Girl 2Over the summer. Mind if I have a tiny bite? Girl 1No *Silence* Girl 1 The chocolate ones are better Girl 2 This place used to be good, at least, read was still better Girl 1 We’re spending a lot of time here Girl 2 Yeah, I know Girl 1 So how are your classes going? Girl 2 I’m getting an a- in one. I’m at like, at 93%, and it keeps taugnting me, 93 93 93. So what’s up? Girl 1 Not much. *Silence and chewing* Girl 1 Did we both get bs in the class Girl 2 Oh, my soc class today had a test Girl 1 How was it? Girl 2 It was bad Girl 1 Aw Girl 2 Like, it was weird. Just like, the placement of stuff Girl 1 So many people I know had tests today Girl 2 Well it was still weird, like it was all stuff I read in the book and stuff like that. And I like, talked to a bunch of people about it – Girl 1 Mmhmm Girl 2 It’s a hundred level course

Girl 1 Okay Girl 2 And the teacher was asking for quotations Girl 1 From the book? Girl 2 No, not from the book ‘cause I read it. Girl 1 Ug, that’s so frustrating Girl 2 I switched out of [some class] for that reason. Girl 1 Yeah, that’s good so frustrating though, so frustrating. I think that’s the worst though, like that anatomy, where we all studied hard, but we still all like, failed. He ended up curbing, so I ended up with like, and a-, but still . . . so frustrating. Girl 2 Yeah, I think I might need to take that over the summer Girl 1 I’m going to be busy over the the summer. Girl 2 Oh *phone rings picks up, thus making me bored and tired of waiting* *stops talking on the phone* Girl 2 One of the girls I was telling you who hadn’t texted me back, texted back and told me she texted the wrong person Girl 1 Are you guys hooking up tonight? Girl 2 Okay, Brianna’s bf is flying in from new york. We’re going with them and some Beta boys, and at midnight it’s somebody’s b-day Girl 1 Yeah. *Silence* Girl 1 I’m just exhausted, although I might visit the beta house Girl 2 Personally, I think we have too many girls in the house Girl 1 Mmhmm Girl 2 I was talking to Evan in the house and he’s a beta *missed big chunk of conversation* Girl 1 Did you make out with him?

Girl 2 No Girl 1 Did you like him Girl 2 Last year, I almost did. But then Dylan came in . . . *another chunk missed* (I apologize for this. They’re facing away from me and mumbling every second word. I’m giving up on following them because I can’t hear them, plus, I really don’t care about Sorority girl exploits . . .)


It's a conversation between two sorority girls that i overheard in the library lobby