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Cops & COURTS By Lauren Procopio Staff Writer On Friday Jan. 9, Calvert County Circuit Court Judge Marjorie Clagett sentenced Aimee Warhurst, 36, of Chesapeake Beach, to 35 years, but suspended all but 12 years at the Division of Correction for the charges of seconddegree rape and conspiracy to sexually abuse a minor – continuing course of conduct. The victim in the case was the defendant’s stepsister. Aimee Warhurst abused her stepsister over a course of five years. The abuse began when her stepsister came to live with the defendant and the defendant’s now deceased husband, John Grady Warhurst, when she was 13-years-old. The defendant, along with her late husband, was indicted in November of 2013. The couple has a three-year-old daughter, Jordan. John Grady Warhurst committed suicide Sept. 26, 2014; he was a 21-year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department. Christopher Mooney, Aimee Warhurst’s attorney, described his client as a “very delicate, gentle and honest person.” Mooney’s defense tactics consisted of describing the defendant’s deceased husband as “controlling” and the main perpetrator in the abuse of Aimee’s stepsister, as well as previous romantic relationships and her childhood. Mooney stated his client’s parents divorced when she was two years old and the defendant felt “abandoned” by her mother. Mooney then stated to the court that his client was raped at age 14, then from ages 20 to 22, she was involved in a physically abusive relationship, where she was allegedly forced to perform “sex acts.” Warhurst ended

her for therapy in January of 2014 and saw the defendant weekly until September 2014. Dr. Walters gave her professional opinion about Aimee Warhurst, but Judge Clagett ruled the psychiatrist was not qualified to give an opinion regarding whether or not the defendant would be a harm to herself or society. Dr. Walters did not perform any forensic testing, which is used to determine issues such as, the likelihood of re-offending or if the defendant is seen as a danger to society. Dr. Walters described Aimee as “childlike,” but then stated the defendant was “competent and came to therapy accepting full responsibility.” Following the witness statements, Mooney requested his client not serve any jail time, but have an “extended period of five years on home detention.” “Home detention will allow her to receive the rehabilitation,” he stated. Calvert County Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Marsh prosecuted the case and argued each point Mooney presented in his defense. “It gives the impression the defendant is the only one left holding the bag. This wasn’t somebody who just stood by. There are some victims in this case and the defendant is not one. To let the defendant go back to that house as if nothing happened is offensive,” Marsh said to the court. “When this defendant thought no one was looking, her conduct was to abuse her sister over and over again. The acts were committed over and over again while her daughter [Jordan] was present.” Marsh also stated the defendant took “topless photos” of the victim during a trip to New York, which John War-

Man Sentenced to 18 Months for First-Degree Burglary On Friday, Jan. 9, Calvert County Circuit Court Judge Mark Chandlee sentenced Dustin Dietz, 32, of Joppa, Md. to 18 months at the Calvert County Detention Center for first-degree burglary. Calvert County Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Marsh argued the defendant caused the victims in the case “a loss of security” and stole items that had “deep sentimental value.” Marsh also stated the defendant has no “longterm career goals” and seemed incapable of living a drug-free lifestyle. Del Lynch, of the Public Defender’s Office, represented Dietz and argued his client had “short-term career goals” and he was drug-free for four to five years. Lynch stated his client became addicted to pills and subsequently heroin. Dietz stated he was taking the pills due to depression and said the medication “changed” him. “He is eager to get some treatment…he has tried to better himself; he is just facing these demons,” Lynch said to the court. Lynch also said his client would require maintenance and aftercare.


Woman Sentenced to 12 Years at Division of Correction

the relationship and moved to Annapolis, Md to live with her biological mother when she was 22. The defense then stated his client’s first marriage was also physically abusive, but Warhurst divorced her husband. Aimee Warhurst met John Warhurst shortly after her divorce. Mooney stated his client was “swept off her feet” by her second husband. However, Mooney then stated quickly after their marriage, the deceased became “emotionally abusive.” “It was mind games. It got to the point [John] didn’t want to do anything unless it was with other women,” Mooney said to the court. “[Aimee] would come home to find strange women in her bed with her husband,” Mooney continued. During the hearing, the defense called three witnesses to the stand. The first witness was Donna Hamilton-White, the defendant’s neighbor. White stated she knew the defendant for eight and a half years and gave the defendant high praises. “Aimee’s not just a good mother, she’s a fantastic mother. I hope she will be given a chance to raise her daughter. I’m very glad and very blessed Aimee is my neighbor.” The second witness was Marian Forshee, the defendant’s stepmother, who asked the court to “have mercy” on her daughter. “Aimee has made some poor choices… there will not be a single day she doesn’t regret her decisions. I pray her child will not grow up feeling abandoned by her mother,” Forshee said to the court. The third and final witness for the defense was Dr. Randi Walters, who is a psychotherapist. Dr. Walters stated the defendant came to

By Lauren Procopio Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

“The more support we can provide him, the better he will be and the better the community will be,” he continued. “I’m really sorry about all this. I have lost so much. I can’t even see my kids; I can only talk to them on the phone,” Dietz said to the court. “All I want is some help; I need some help,” he continued. “You’re a really good example of how drug addiction is a cancer. It’s probably a good thing you won’t be around your kids,” Judge Chandlee said to the defendant. “No one should feel unsafe in their homes and it’s sad people have to worry about people breaking into their homes because of [an addiction to drugs.] You, unfortunately, are going to have to think about the decisions you made.” Judge Chandlee sentenced Dietz to 15 years at the Division of Correction, but suspended the sentence to 18 months at the Calvert County Detention Center. The defendant was ordered to pay $5,557.53 in restitution to the victims in the case. Dietz was also ordered to participate in the JSAP program, which is designed for inmates with a drug addiction.

hurst was not present for. Marsh also presented evidence via text messages, which showed the defendant saying “you wanted it” to the victim and advised the victim not to tell anyone about the abuse. The victim was present during the hearing and gave a statement to the court. “What was done to me forever changed my life. My adolescence was completely taken from me. She hurt me in a way I would have never imagined possible.” Aimee Warhurst was also able to give a statement and became extremely emotional during her testimony. “No words can describe to you how sorry I am. I loved you since the day you were born. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for the hurt I caused you. All I can do now is tell you how truly, truly sorry I am. These poor choices have caused a lifetime of punishment.” Judge Clagett stated in her 20-year career as a judge this sentencing was “one of the most difficult.” “I don’t have a sense as to what your makeup is; there are so many sides of you,” the judge said to the defendant. “I don’t want to put any individual in jeopardy of you,” she continued. Judge Clagett sentenced the defendant to an active sentence of 12 years at the Division of Correction. The defendant will be on lifetime probation and will be registered as a lifetime sex offender. Judge Clagett ordered the defendant to complete a psychosexual evaluation; she recommended the defendant be transferred to the Patuxent Institute for her incarceration.

Juvenile Charged in Stabbing By Lauren Procopio Staff Writer On Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 7:55 p.m. patrol troopers from the Maryland State Police (MSP) Prince Frederick Barrack responded to the area of Bandera Lane and Catalina Drive in Lusby for a reported fight between two women. According to a press release from the MSP Criminal Enforcement Division, Central South Region, as troopers arrived on scene they found a female, who was identified by police as Kayla Marie Wallace, 19, suffering from numerous stab wounds to the upper chest and lower abdominal area. The second victim, who was not stabbed, was identified as Hali Lynn Marie Gribble, 20. Both women are of Chesapeake Beach. According to the press release, a 16-year old female was identified as the suspect in the stabbing. The juvenile was located at her residence and transported to the Prince Frederick Barrack for further questioning. She was charged with first-degree assault and second-degree assault and trans-

ported to the Calvert County Detention Center. According to the statement from police, the two women were transported to a local hospital and treated for their injuries. Wallace was then transported to a local trauma center for further treatment; at this time, Wallace’s injuries are non-life threatening, according to the press release. Investigators from the MSP Criminal Enforcement Division, Central South Region, responded to the scene and assumed the investigation. MSP Crime Scene Technician from the MSP Forensic Science Division also responded to process the scene, according to the press release. The investigation was conducted in collaboration with the MSP Prince Frederick Barrack, MSP Forensic Science Division, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division and the Calvert County States Attorney’s Office, according to the release.

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The Calvert County Times newspaper. Serving Calvert County in Maryland. Published by Southern Maryland Publishing. Online presence is provid...

2015-01-15 Calvert County Times  

The Calvert County Times newspaper. Serving Calvert County in Maryland. Published by Southern Maryland Publishing. Online presence is provid...