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Brian S. Geraci State Fire Marshal

PROTECT FIRE SPRINKLER PIPES STATEWIDE (January 31, 2014) – Fire officials throughout the State have reported multiple situations regarding frozen fire sprinkler pipes. The most common cause for these instances has been determined to be the result of a lack of insulation protecting the piping in the attic spaces. This was usually the result of insulation being moved, allowing the pipes to be exposed to the freezing temperatures. Many other occurrences involving leaks have been the result of heat being turned off inside the structure. It is important to ensure sufficient insulation remains in position between the unconditioned environment and the fire sprinkler piping. Please review the following tips to protect your home from leaks resulting from unprotected pipes: • • • • •

Keep properly installed insulation in place. Ensure the insulation is on top of and not under the fire sprinkler pipes. Do not allow any exposed gaps to occur between sections of insulation. Never compress insulation. Compressed insulation loses its ability to properly insulate against variations in temperatures (‘R’ value). During cold months, maintain temperatures in unoccupied structures at a minimum of 45°F, to protect all water supply and drain pipes from freezing.

Following these simple guidelines will help to protect against water leaks caused by frozen pipes.


1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is an agency of the Department of State Police dedicated to helping protect citizens from fire and explosion through a comprehensive program of education, inspection, investigation and fire protection engineering. For more information on fire safety call 1-800-525-3124, log onto our website at: and/or Media contact: Bruce D. Bouch, Deputy State Fire Marshal; 443-324-6876

1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208

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