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Maryland State Fire Marshal

News Release Martin O’Malley Governor

William E. Barnard State Fire Marshal

YOUTH CHARGED IN CHARLES COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL INCIDENT WALDORF, MD (May 26, 2011) – Deputy State Fire Marshals charged a 13 year old male in connection with intentionally setting fire to an accelerant he had poured on the tile floor in the classroom of John Hanson Middle School on Vivian Adams Drive. On Friday, May 20, 2011 at approximately 11:20 a.m. the juvenile lit the ignitable liquid with a cigarette lighter and caused approximately twenty-five dollars in damages to the tile floor. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident. The juvenile has been suspended from school and awaits disposition before the Charles County Board of Education. The juvenile was charged on May 25, 2011 with Malicious Burning 2nd Degree and released to the custody of his grandmother pending Juvenile Services actions.


Media contact: Bruce D. Bouch, Deputy State Fire Marshal; 443-324-6876

1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208

2011-05-26 Charles Arrest John Hanson Middle School