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Hard to believe, SOMAS CURE, one of the most acclaimed newcomers within the Spanish metal scene, are just 27 years old; five young musicians that have gone a long way in bridging fans and their favorite melodic metal music, and definitely with new grounds to conquer with their latest effort, ÉTER.



Whereas EQUILIBRIUM and MITOS, their previous albums, were dark, city-like and, at times, corrosive, ETER is powered by the band’s insatiable hunger to constantly and consistently reinvent, to confront stagnation, even when all signs point to staying put and relying on a successful formula. This endurance is, as expected, a challenge for the listener as well; from the catchy yet heavy riff of “Kelt” to the explosive “Dunas de Marte”, it is inmediately obvious that SOMAS CURE is no ordinary band. Indeed, their music has carried seriously honest qualities throughout the years, album after album, fans have connected deeply with the band’s lyrical weight. After all, it is all about that passion, all about its feeling, and nothing compares to what ÉTER has in store for the band’s legion of followers. With the main motivation of crafting the best songs possible, the record was mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios and mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren; meticulously shaping a razor-sharp blend of brutality and epic melody. TRACKLIST: 1. Génesis (1:00) Then, ready to reach new horizons, the band will do what they do best, 2. En Carne Viva (4:19) hitting the road and taking their latest anthems to the people. Their cur- 3. Leviatán (3:33) rent headlining tour is already proving to be a sales success and around 4. Aire (4:24) the time of the release of ÉTER, SOMAS CURE will play some of the most 5. Kelt (4:40) important summer festivals in Spain such as Download Festival or Resur- 6. Adicta (4:12) rection Fest and the buzz has even reached overseas, as they prepare for 7. Éter (0:50) their first South American tour. 8. Dunas de Marte (4:38) 9. Abrir la tierra en Dos (3:44) Whatever, go ahead and listen to ÉTER, it definitely won’t be long until this 10. Pangea en Llamas (1:28) phenomenon invades the rest of the world so be sure get your party pants 11. Ceniza (4:13) out so you’re completely ready for their global takeover. SOMAS CURE 12. Mil Voces (3:48) will be causing more then just a stir, they might start a revolution! Recorded and mixed by Carlos SanAVAILABLE AS: Vertical Digipack CD, Digital Download. tos @ Sadman Studios (Madrid, ES) Mastered by Jens Bogren @ FascinaSOMAS CURE online: tion Street Studios (Orebro, SWE). Photos: Nat Enemede ( Artwork: Alonso Urbanos. LINE-UP (from left to right): Victor “Vitti” Pérez (bass), Álvaro Longarela (guitar), Txema Fonz (vocals), Darío Gómez (drums) and Borja Iglesias (guitar). Label: Rock Estatal Records.