No Pain, All Gain with the Hydrafacial Elite

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No Pain, All Gain with the Hydrafacial Elite What is a Hydrafacial ? Contrary to what the name implies, the Hydrafacial is not your typical “facial”. It is a completely customizable, 3-in-1 treatment designed to supercharge your skin care program. By merging invigorating spa treatments with advanced medical technology, the Hydrafacial will restore the vitality and overall health of your skin which makes this amazing procedure a perfect fit for Embody MedSpa!

Using patented “Vortex-Fusion Technology” the Hydrafacial leaves the skin healthy, refreshed, and radiant with a 3 step process: 1. Cleanse & Peel: exfoliates, resurfaces, and provides a deep clean 2. Extract & Hydrate: painlessly removes debris from pores and nourishes the skin 3. Fuse & Protect: saturates the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to repair and maximize skin health for an instantly gratifying glow Hydrafacial Treatment Options Hydrafacial is for everyone and every skin condition, from oily to dry, sensitive to damaged, young to mature. The active solutions can be customized to deliver the best results for your concerns. There are 3 Hydrafacial treatment options to choose from. Signature Hydrafacial (30 min): A great introduction to the Hydrafacial that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin using powerful serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

Deluxe Hydrafacial (45 min): The most popular of the treatments offered, this Hydrafacial includes all of the essentials of the Signature Hydrafacial plus LED light therapy and “Booster” serums. The LEDs use Blue, Red, and Infrared light. The Blue LED treats acne conditions. The Red & Infrared LEDs tighten skin while increasing collagen and fibroblasts proliferation for anti-aging, and reduce inflammation and redness to heal the skin. The Deluxe Hydrafacial can be customized to:    

Improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, and elasticity. (Restorative) Minimize the appearance of dark spots, brighten, and restore skin’s glow. (Radiance) Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. (Age-Refinement) Improve acne breakouts & clogged pores while reducing inflammation. (Clarifying)

Platinum Hydrafacial (60 min): The ultimate Hydrafacial experience! This treatment begins with detoxification through lymphatic therapy to optimize skin health, followed by the Deluxe Hydrafacial of your choice to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. This treatment concludes with LED light therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.

You Need To Try It Hydrafacial is the only procedure of its kind. By combining cleansing, extraction, hydration, and infusion simultaneously this procedure delivers clearer, more radiant skin with little to no downtime. You will leave the office with glowing, refreshed skin that will continue to feel smooth and hydrated for 1-4 weeks after the Hydrafacial. Longer lasting results are achieved with monthly treatments or what is recommended by the Embody MedSpa professionals. Pricing ranges from $199 to $325 per treatment. Call Embody MedSpa to schedule a FREE consultation 978.207.0345 For more info log on to Contact us: 315 Main St, Suite 201 North Reading,MA 01864 (978) 207-0345 Boston USA