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JULY 2018

Who we are... We value stories and the influence they have on children. Soma was initiated to turn this value into something worthwhile by providing a diverse collection of books that every child should read. We are an online bookstore, which means we conduct all our business through the internet. We post our books and catalogues on social media, email, and we have a website in the loop as well. You can shop online, and we deliver straight to your door step. With Soma, you can shop for quality books whenever and wherever!

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PICTURE BOOKS BIRD BUILDS A NEST Author: Martin Jenkins Publisher: Walker Books Age: 5+ Price: 1260/Bird is building her nest. She pushes and pulls twigs into place until she's made a cosy cup, ready and waiting... can your children guess what for? Following a bird as it builds a nest, this gorgeous picture book offers an introduction to forces and the concepts of pushing and pulling. From trying to catch the worm to gathering twigs, this is an exciting and accessible introduction to both nature and science. It uses a charming story to introduce children to facts about this scientific - and extremely useful - concept.

MAMA, IS IT SUMMER YET? Author: Nikki McClure Publisher: Abrams Age: 3+ Price: 1430/Young children see the passage of time through the seasonal changes to the world around them in this charming book, illustrated with Nikki McClure’s extraordinary cut-paper art. A little boy who can’t wait for summer keeps asking his mama, “Is it summer yet?” Mama says, “Not yet, little one,” then points to the signs that spring is turning to summer—the softening of the earth, the nest-building of squirrels, the singing of birds—and encourages her son to savor the beauty of spring.

THE ODD EGG Author: Emily Gravett Publisher: Macmillan Age: Toddlers+ Prce: 1300/Each of the birds has an egg...except for Duck. So when Duck finds a beautiful egg of his own he's delighted -- even though the other birds make fun of it. But everyone's in for a BIG surprise when his egg finally hatches! The witty text and playful illustrations appear on cleverly designed cut pages that allow the visual jokes to unfold.

PICTURE BOOKS DADDIES ARE AWESOME Author: Meredith Costain Publisher: Henry Holt Age: 2+ Price: 1000/Daddies are awesome! They're warm and delicious. They tickle and hug you and shower you with kisses. Loving and thoughtful, playful and daring, cuddly and caring--daddies are awesome. This gentle rhyming text celebrates the special bond between father and child. Adorable doggy daddy and pup illustrations make this perfect for sharing!

THE COLOUR MONSTER Author: Anna Llenas Publisher: Templar Publishing Age: 2+ Price: 1500/Today the Colour Monster is feeling very mixed up. He's yellow, blue, red, black, and green all at once. Can you help him? This stunning picture book explores colours and feelings in a fun and gentle way. Through association and categorization of each feeling with a colour, Anna Llenas makes emotions easy to understand and deal with for children and adults alike.

A DAY WITH DOGS Author: Dorothee de Monfreid Publisher: Gecko Press Age: 2+ Price: 1300/This rich and playful album features a cast of funny dog characters enacting everyday scenes. A picture dictionary for the very young, with everything children need to know about the world around them.


EAT SMART COLLECTION Author: Vic Parker Publisher: Quarto Age: 5+ Price: 2500/This is a collection of hands-on healthy eating books that use fun activities, recipes and facts to explore different food groups including vegetables; fruit; meat and fish; dairy; and cereals. From the farm to the shop and then on to your plate, these books explain where food comes from and how the various types help our bodies when we eat them. The activities also encourage children to think about food variety and what they should put into their bodies in order to stay strong and healthy. Accessibly written, these books also have food fact boxes to provide fascinating information about food in bite-sized chunks.

REFERENCE, EDUCATIONAL, ACTIVITY & SPECIAL INTEREST THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Author: Meurig Bowen Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions Age: 7+ Price: 1420/The School of Music is a place bursting with talent and creative energy and is rather special. It encourages children to get the basics right and then let their imaginations run wild! Sergio Trunk is the boss (he prefers The Maestro) and throughout the pages of this fascinating book, he'll lead you through 40 lessons that will teach children aged 7 and over all about classical music, the theory behind it and the sheer joy of making and playing it..

FANTASTICALLY GREAT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD Author: Kate Pankhurst Publisher: Bloomsbury Age: 7+ Price: 1650/Full of fantastic facts, this illustrated book provides children with an introduction to some of the greatest women of all time - and reveals their actions that shaped and changed the world. Presented in a very contemporary style by Kate Pankhurst - a descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst, no less - this book has cool artwork and accessible, bite-sized facts for children (and you!) to pore over.

FRACTIONS AND DECIMALS Publisher: Usborne Age: 7+ Price: 1400/Children who are muddled by maths will be able to get to grips with this notoriously tricky subject by working their way through this activity book from the experts at Usborne. Full of mazes, colour-by-numbers, logic puzzles, sticker puzzles, connectthe-dots and more, each page explains a different tip or technique for fractions, decimals and percentages. There are also appealing themes on each double-page spread that tie the activities together including pirates, a fairground and a dog show.

REFERENCE, EDUCATIONAL, ACTIVITY & SPECIAL INTEREST THE STORY OF TUTANKHAMUN Author: Patricia Cleveland-Peck Publisher: Bloomsbury Age: 9+ Price: 1560/Uncover the troubles Tutankhamun faced as a young king, his untimely death, and his magnificent tomb, which lay undisturbed for centuries. Meet the world-famous archaeologist Howard Carter and follow him on his quest to unearth the mysterious hidden tomb. Prepare to be amazed by Carter’s incredible discovery and our continued hunt to learn more about the secrets of Ancient Egyptian life.

ENGINEER ACADEMY Author: Steve Martin Publisher: Quarto Publishing Age: 9+ Price: 1750/Whether they're interested in racing cars, robotics or space stations, this book will help your budding engineers learn all the skills they need to make incredible things. From designing a robot to learning how to construct a simple car, it includes a range of practical projects that will introduce the skills of real-life engineers and help children pick up all the basics in a fun, hands-on way.

COLOSSAL CREATURE COUNT Illustrator: Daniel Limon Publisher: Barron's Age: 5+ Price: 1300/Throw the gauntlet down to kids who love a challenge with this interactive illustrated book. Kids will have to pay close attention in order to spot some incredible creatures so they can tally them up and figure out the right totals on each page. There are lots of critters to locate: Atlantic puffins, Morey Eels, RedCrowned Cranes, Gila Monsters, American badgers, Macaroni penguins, and more. Kids will work their way through scenes of the Amazon rainforest…the exotic Himalayas…the Great Barrier Reef…the European woods…beautiful Yellowstone...and more. They'll love the added thrill of keeping their eyes peeled for rare breeds scattered throughout the illustrations. It's a fun, exciting way to help children learn about animals while simultaneously bolstering their counting and observational skills.

REFERENCE, EDUCATIONAL, ACTIVITY & SPECIAL INTEREST WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? (BOYS) Author: Susan Meredith Publisher: Usborne Age: 9+ Price: 1320/Growing up is a whole lot easier if you have some idea what to expect. This book describes exactly what will happen to your body in straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and it explains some of your feelings too- all you need to know for this important time in your life.

WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? (GIRLS) Author: Susan Meredith Publisher: Usborne Age: 9+ Price: 1320/Growing up is a whole lot easier if you have some idea what to expect. This book describes exactly what will happen to your body in straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and it explains some of your feelings too- all you need to know for this important time in your life.

YOGA FOR YOU Author: Rebecca Rissman Publisher: Quarto Publishing Age: 5-17 Price: 1750/Fun, confidence-building yoga exercises kids can master themselves or with friends. Yoga for You encourages children and teenagers to get up, get active, and build confidence and self-esteem through a basic introduction to yoga and its many sequences and poses. Learn two yoga sequences with 35 fully explained and illustrated poses: one for getting pumped-up and energized, the other for destressing and relaxation. With Yoga for You, kids of all ages can get started with yoga, a way to exercise, meditate, and gain a better sense of personal well-being.

REFERENCE, EDUCATIONAL, ACTIVITY & SPECIAL INTEREST TRAVEL THE WORLD ATLAS Author: Shirley Willis Publisher: Scribo Age: 6+ Price: 1200/Take a fun trip across the globe, from the Aztec ruins of Mexico to the Golden Temple in India, from Iceland’s Gullfoss Waterfall to the Sahara Desert in North Africa. Children can expand their geographical knowledge with this delightful map book, which will transport them to the continents and countries of the world. It’s filled with fascinating, bite-sized facts about the landscape and the culture of each region.

THE KNOW-NONSENSE GUIDE TO MEASUREMENTS Author: Heidi Fielder Publisher: Walter Foster Age: 8+ Price: 1100/Learn all about different kinds of measurements with The Know-Nonsense Guide. It's a quirky book packed with fun facts that makes complex topics easy to understand. This book combines cute artwork with infographics to teach basic concepts including the differences between the metric system used in the UK and the measurements used in the United States. This interactive guide also looks at mass, volume, bits, bytes, feet and yards. They're all accompanied by simple definitions, memorable examples and funny illustrations and the concept of conversion is also covered.

POLITICS FOR BEGINNERS Author: Kellan Stover Publisher: Usborne Age: 9+ Price: 1100/So many young people are getting interested and involved in politics and this accessibly illustrated book helps children as young as 9 understand more about this complex world. It reveals what an election is, how people get to become prime minister or president and how immigration works. It also covers topics including capitalism, socialism, nationalism, terrorism, voting systems, free speech and human rights. Published by Usborne, this is a great book for children to dip in and out of.

SHORT STORIES & POETRY ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET Author: Oliver Jeffers Publisher: Harper Collins Age: All ages Price: 2250/The letters of our alphabet work tirelessly to make to make words that in turn make stories, but what if there was a story FOR each of the letters instead? Turn the pages of this exquisite book to find out… Here you will discover twenty-six short stories introducing a host of new characters (plus the occasional familiar face). From Edmund the astronaut with his awkward fear of heights, via the dynamic new investigative duo of the owl and the octopus, through to the Zeppelin that just might get Edmund a little bit closer to where he needs to be, this book is packed with funny, thrilling, perilous and above all, entertaining tales inspired by every letter of the alphabet.

MARVEL AVENGERS STORYBOOK COLLECTION Publisher: Parragon Age: 5+ Price: 1750/This awesome collection of stories is sure to please any Marvel Avengers fan. Includes nine exciting adventures starring Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, and more! Children will love listening to these heroic tales again and again.

DINOSAUR POEMS Author: John Foster Publisher: Oxford University Press Age: 6+ Price: 1680/Dinosaurs stuck in the bath, eating in the fridge, bellowing, roaring, raving, dancing. Here’s a collection of poems about every kind of dinosaur you can think of, and the real reason why they all disappeared… A collection of poems about one of children's favourite subjects - dinosaurs. Including the Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Bookoceros, together with dancing dinosaurs and dinosaurs having a party. "A must for the classroom or library. No child could fail to find enjoyment here'" Brian Moses

FICTION REPLAY Author: Sharon Creech Publisher: Harper Collins Age: 8+ Price: 465/Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech's inspired novel tells the story of a boy who fantasizes about who he is in order to discover who he will become. Now with fresh and gorgeous new cover art, this touching tale has received many starred reviews, and was called a "warm, funny, philosophical novel" by Kirkus Reviews. With the backdrop of a large family and a theater as its frame, this is a story about twelve-year-old Leo, who has a talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. That's why he's called "fog boy." He's always dreaming, always replaying things in his brain. As an actor in the school play, he is poised and ready for the curtain to open. But in the play that is his life, he is eager to discover what part will be his. With the universal theme of finding one's true identity, and set amid a loud, noisy, memorable family, Leo's story is one that all kids will relate to.

LOVE THAT DOG Author: Sharon Creech Publisher: Harper Collins Age: 8+ Price: 465/Love That Dog shows how one boy named Jack finds his voice with the help of a teacher, a pencil, some yellow paper, and of course, a dog. Written as a series of free-verse poems from Jack's point of view, and with classic poetry included in the back matter, this novel is perfect for kids and teachers, too. Jack hates poetry. Only girls write it and every time he tries to, his brain feels empty. But his teacher, Miss Stretchberry, won't stop giving her class poetry assignments—and Jack can't avoid them. But then something amazing happens. The more he writes, the more he learns that he does have something to say.

HATE THAT CAT Author: Sharon Creech Publisher: Harper Collins Age: 8+ Price: 465/Return to Miss Stretchberry's class with Jack, the reluctant poet, who over the course of a year encounters new and challenging things like metaphors, alliterations, onomatopoeia, and one mean fat black cat!The Newbery Medal-winning author of Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech, introduced Jack in Love That Dog, a New York Times bestseller. Both Love That Dog and Hate That Cat are approachable, funny, warm-hearted introductions to poetry told from the point of view of a very real kid wrestling with school assignments. These books are fast reads that will be welcomed by middle graders as they too wonder how poetry and schoolwork connect with their interests and how to uncover their true voices.

FICTION A WRINKLE IN TIME Author: Madeline L'Engle Publisher: Penguin Age: 11+ Price: 1100/With her book A Wrinkle in Time, gifted children's author Madeleine L'Engle has created an absorbing science fiction novel that revolves around the likeable, misfit characters of Meg and her brother, Charles. Criticised by her teachers for doing badly at school and worried about her missing father, Meg is struggling with how wrong her life is when events take a mysterious turn. Together with Charles and her friend Calvin, she stumbles upon a gap in time through which the children embark on an amazing and dangerous adventure. A gripping read for any young adult fiction fan aged 11+ who have ever felt like the odd one out!

BOY OVERBOARD Author: Morris Gleeman Publisher: Puffin Books Age: 9+ Price: 1620/A story of adventure, ball control, and hope. Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to football glory in the next World Cup. But first they must face landmines, pirates, storms, and assassins. Can Jamal and his family survive their incredible journey and get to Australia? Sometimes to save the people you love, you have to go overboard.

WONDER Author: RJ Palacio Publisher: 1013 Age: 11+ Price: 1200/R.J. Palacio's Wonder is told using different voices but at its centre is the honest and courageous character of ten-year-old August, a boy who was born with a severe facial disfigurement. August is about to start middle school after being home-schooled by his mum for years. The challenge is a tough one for someone like August and he has to tackle bullies and childish cruelty in his journey. But August's resilience, humour and bravery really shine through, making this an uplifting novel that will linger in the reader's thoughts for a long time to come.

FICTION TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN Author: Philippa Pearce Publisher: Oxford University Press Age: 9+ Price: 1320/When Tom is sent to stay at his aunt and uncle’s house for the summer, he resigns himself to weeks of boredom. But as he lies awake in bed he listens to the grandfather clock chiming in the hall downstairs. Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen… Thirteen! Tom races down the stairs and finds, outside the back door, a wonderful garden. A garden everyone told him didn’t exist. Tom’s midnight garden is full of magic and adventure, and children too. Are they ghosts? Or is it Tom who is really the ghost?

OLD DOG NEW TRICKS Author: Bali Rai Publisher: Barrington Stoke Age: 9+ Price: 1600/DYSLEXIA FRIENDLY Harvey and his family have the neighbour from hell. Mick is bad tempered, rude, and racist. His only friend seems to be his smelly, mangy dog Nelson. But Harvey’s always wanted a dog. And so, when Mick ends up in the hospital, Harvey is the obvious choice to look after the mutt. As Harvey gets to know Mick a bit better, he starts to wonder if there might be more to his story than first meets the eye… but can old dog learn new tricks?

HEROES IN TRAINING (4-IN-1) Author: Joan Holub Publisher: Simon and Schuster Age: 8+ Price: 800/Come along for legendary adventures with the first four books in the Heroes in Training series, now available in one action-packed paper over board edition! The terrible Titans are merciless giants who rule the earth, led by Cronus, the biggest, baddest Titan of them all. Cronus and his cronies have put the world into chaos—but the Titans’ rule is about to be challenged by a group of young Olympians, led by ten-year-old Zeus, as they discover their powers and try to claim their rightful place as rulers in various realms of the universe. This paper over board edition includes Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom, Poseidon and the Sea of Fury, Hades and the Helm of Darkness, and Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire.


A FABUMOUSE HOLIDAY FOR GERONIMO Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Summer is here! New Mouse City is hotter than ever, and Geronimo can’t wait to get out of the office and relax all by himself. Just Geronimo’s luck: the only option left is a rundown hotel with a menu of peanut butter and beetle sandwiches. When his annoying assistant Pinky Pink turns up, surely things can’t get any worse.

CAT AND MOUSE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/It’s Halloween, and Geronimo is lost in a dark, spooky forest! His car has broken down and the nearest shelter is creepy old abandoned castle. But is as empty as he thinks? And what is that mysterious creaking sound? It looks like Geronimo is in for a spooky adventure!

ATTACK OF THE PIRATE CATS Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo’s reputation is in ruins! Never fear, his cousin Trap has a scheme to save him. All they have to do is fly a rickety hot air balloon across the ocean, find a mysterious floating silver island, and come home again. Simple, right? But when pirate cats come into the picture, Geronimo and his family must use all their wits to come up with a rescue plan.

FOUR MICE DEEP IN THE JUNGLE Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo is in serious need of an intervention. With a list of fears growing taller than Ratburger’s extra-large triple cheese milkshake, Geronimo’s family decide action must be taken. What’s better than a week-long jungle boot camp? Geronimo takes on treacherous hikes, roaring rivers, and fierce snakes, but will he come back a changed mouse?

FANGS & FEASTS IN TRANSRATANIA Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/After a mysterious phone call from his cousin, Trap, Geronimo sets off for Ratoff in spooky Transratania. The Garlic-Fuelled town holds many mysteries, not least the residents of Ratoff Castle. Maybe it’s the way they sleep during the day, maybe it’s the blood red drink they have with every meal, but there’s something not quite right about them… who are these mice?.

PAWS OFF CHEDDARFACE! Author: Elisabetta Dami Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo’s got company, and not in a good way. With two Geronimos on the loose in New Mouse City, things quickly get very confusing. Geronimo has to find this imposter, and soon! But who is he? And what does he want with Tne Rodent’s Gazette? Geronimo needs answers before it’s too late for his beloved newspaper and his reputation!


HANG ON TO YOUR WHISKERS Author: Geronimo Stilton Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Love is in the air! Geronimo has met the mouse of his dreams, but he just can’t play it cool. He needs to do something amazing, something incredible, something wonderful, to catch her eye! What better way than travelling to discover the Eighth Wonder of the World: the mysterious Valley of the Chapettes? Will he return home a legend?

I'M TOO FOND OF MY FUR Author: Geronimo Stilton Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo is determined to prove that he’s a good friend, even if it means climbing Mouse Everest! Professor Paws von Volt needs him, so Geronimo sets out on an epic rescue mission with help of his crazy family. But what is that looming shadow following him? And why is Geronimo the only mouse able to see it?

THE CURSE OF THE CHEESE PYRAMID Author: Geronimo Stilton Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo’s lifelong dream of seeing the pyramids in Egypt has come true! But to get there he must do battle with spitting camels, deadly snakes, and forgetful professors. Even worse, he has to leave his beloved Rodent’s Gazette behind!! Will Geronimo get his scoop? And more importantly, what’s going on back home?

LOST TREASURE OF THE EMERALD EYE Author: Geronimo Stilton Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing Age: 7+ Price: 800/Geronimo Stilton: respected journalist, family mouse… adventurous traveller? No thank you!!! But when Geronimo’s sister, Thea, finds a mysterious map to a secret treasure on a faraway island, Geronimo just can’t say no. Before long, Geronimo and his family are on the high seas, getting into ENORMOUSE trouble!

MYTHS & FAIRYTALES ANCIENT MYTHS RANGE Price: 480/- PER TITLE Age: 7+ Written by Geraldine McCaughrean and featuring illustrations by Tony Ross, these books provide children with the perfect introduction to both Greek and Roman mythology. Adapted into short stories, children aged 7 and over who love history and have developed an interest in myths will be excited to hear all about Theseus' battle with the murderous minotaur; Jason and his battle for the Golden Fleece; and Zeus' incredible war against the Titans! These are thrilling page-turners and the shorter nature of the stories makes them extra appealing. They'll come in handy for history lessons, too. Titles in this collection: (16)

GET ALL 16 FOR 5000/-

Theseus and the Minotaur Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa Zeus Conquers the Titans Hermes Tricks the Gods Jason and the Golden Fleece The Twelve Labours of Heracles City of Dreams Daedalus and Icarus The Adventures of Odysseus Burning the Books Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds Phaeton and the Sun Chariot A Shot in the Dark The Wooden Horse Romulus and Remus Athena and the Olive Tree

NEW ARRIVALS! YOU ARE AWESOME Author: Matthew Syed Publisher: Wren and Rook Age: 10+ Price: 1300/Praised by Dermot O'Leary, two-time Olympian Matthew Syed's You Are Awesome is a motivational book that encourages children to challenge the beliefs that hold them back. Full of tips and advice that will inspire a more positive mindset, it's encouraging and empowering reading for any introverted children. Matthew explains how having a negative attitude and thinking you can't do things more often than not leads to not being able to carry out tasks. However, if your children can build their resilience and change their mindset, things could be very different. He looks at how everyone from Mozart to Serena Williams got to the top of their respective fields through hard work and dedication and how kids can use these figures as inspiration on their way to becoming happy, successful adults.

FOR THE RIGHT TO LEARN Author: Rebecca Langston-George Publisher: Capstone Global Age: 8+ Price: 1200/With images inspired by the animated aspects of the documentary He Named Me Malala, this is a powerful book all about activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Malala Yousafzai. Vibrantly presented, it will introduce children who may not be familiar with her to Malala's incredible story. Growing up in a world where women are supposed to stay silent, Malala defied the Taliban's rules and spoke out for her rights - getting shot for her beliefs. A passionate believer of education for all, this is a retelling of the story of one of the world's most extraordinary - and brave - figures.

BALLERINA DREAMS Author: Michaela DePrince Publisher: Faber & Faber Age: 5+ Price: 1200/Beautifully illustrated and carefully adapted for a younger audience, this younger-reader edition of Michaela DePrince's memoir, Hope in a Ballet Shoe, is sure to capture your heart. At the age of three, Michaela DePrince found a photo of a ballerina that changed her life. She was living in an orphanage in Sierra Leone at the time, but was soon adopted by a family and brought to America. Michaela never forgot the photo of the dancer she once saw, and decided to make her dream of becoming a ballerina come true. She has been dancing ever since, and after a spell as a principal dancer in New York, now dances for the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.


SEASHORE WATCHER Author: Maya Plass Publisher: QED Age: 7+ Price: 1100/The perfect companion to a trip to the seashore, this book will help little explorers find fish and spot sea creatures in their natural environments. Explaining the different habitats and all of their inhabitants in a fun an engaging, this practical guide will open up imaginations to a whole new world. It's packed with fact files, photographs and activities to help the whole family make more of a special day out.

ANTI-BOREDOM BOOK OF OUTDOOR THINGS TO DO Author: Andy Seed Publisher: Bloomsbury Age: 7+ Price: 1000/Blue Peter Book Award winner Andy Seed provides your children with the motivation they need to get outside in this brilliant book. It has ideas for all kinds of amazing activities and fun projects. Andy shows your children how to set bug traps, make a rainbow and construct super summer slides when the weather's nice and also offers up ideas for rainy days. It will stop children from complaining about being bored. Children will also find instructions for making parachutes, frisbees and bird feeders among other crafts.

CODING FOR BEGINNERS (PYTHON) Publisher: Usborne Age: 8+ Price: 1200/Python is one of the most popular computer languages around and this beginner's guide offers children step-by-step instructions for writing a simple program. Providing everything they need to get started, this book adds new commands throughout so that by the time a child has finished reading, they will be able to code games, drawings and more. Fully illustrated, this book also contains links to downloads that will provide extra help.


TOO... COLLECTION Publisher: Bonney Press Age: Toddlers+ Price: 2500/- for all 4 These reassuring picture books star endearing characters and will help children learn to embrace their individual strengths and overcome a number of insecurities. There's a giraffe who can't dance; a chick that won't sing; a clumsy monkey; and a hedgehog that won't talk. Including Too Tall to Swirl, Too Shy to Sing, Too Timid to Talk and Too Clumsy to Climb, these books show children that it is OK that everyone is different and that they should chase their dreams and embrace everything they do that makes them feel good.

ANIMAL ADVENTURES COLLECTION Publisher: Top That Age: Toddlers+ Price: 2500/This collection contains four brilliantly illustrated storybooks that will help teach children life lessons in a fun and exciting way. With vibrant artwork and funny moments, it's a must for children who are beginning to get to grips with emotions. The Noisy Foxes is a book that will show children that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It follows a family of foxes who are looking for somewhere to live - but nowhere seems quite right; Tiny Whale: A Fishy Tale will resonate with any child that has ever felt small. It's all about a little, orange fish with a very big family who is starting to feel ignored... he soon looks for attention. In Tig and Tog: The Discovery, Tig is determined not to share her stick. She uses the stick to draw in the snow but then notices something strange sticking out of the ground. She'll need Tog's help to dig it out; finally, Big City Kitty finds a cat lost an along in a strange place. Will she be able to brave the sound, traffic and stray cats to make it safely home?

Soma July 2018 Catalogue  
Soma July 2018 Catalogue