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How to live with varicose veins How to live with varicose veins Meet the main treatments to get rid or reduce the problem How to live with varicose veins There are several ways to treat varicose veins, spider veins those dark, boring and who insist on appearing in the leg of many people. Become A Muscle Builder As a reason for them to show is genetic, that is, willingly or not they will emerge at some point, the way is to deal with this aesthetic nuisance and sometimes painful. In this case, it is important to seek medical help to get directions to the correct use of medicines and treatments specific to the problem. There are people who will need elastic compression stockings, others just dry up the vases by the technique of sclera therapy or surgery is still needed. Learn some of the most recommended treatments. Surgery The operation is the safest method for treating varicose veins caliber and even today, which offers less risk. Doctors 'switch off' the diseased vein at two points, then withdrawing it. The surgery does not require many days in the hospital and recovery can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on the case.

Chemical sclera therapy Treatment best suited for small vessels. The doctor injects a substance inside the patient vein, forcing the movement to be made by the next veins. Cry sclera therapy Similar to chemical sclera therapy, with one difference: the temperature of the injected substance is 40 degrees below zero.

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