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Somali Relief & Development Forum June/ July 2013 Newsletter FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR LATEST PROJECTS AND WORK


We’ve had an eventful few months here at SRDF, with co-founder and executive manager Rahma Ahmed, stepping down and acting manager Emanuela Rizzo taking over, an office move, a very successful Women’s Empowerment Afternoon Tea, a Charity Quiz and much more. ‘

Co-Founder and Executive Manager Rahma Ahmed Hands over Responsibility to new Acting Manager Emanuela Rizzo


We’re very sad to announce that SRDF's Executive Manager Rahma Ahmed has now moved on. We’re really going to miss Rahma and wish her all the best for the future. The team will continue working hard to sustain her legacy and develop a stronger and more unified SRDF that will benefit communities all over Somalia for a long time to come. "Moving on is not easy when one is accustomed to the company of amazing and motivated individuals. SRDF will always continue to teach me important lessons about community, cooperation and commitment" says Rahma.

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SRDF launches exciting new Ramadan Campaign ‘Invest in Somalia’ SRDF are proud to sponsor Ramadan Open Iftar Tent at SOAS. Read about our successful pilot event ‘Empowered Women’ Afternoon Tea Huda Ismail talks about her inspiring fundraising journey for SRDF Live Below the Line has officially ended. See how we did.


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‘It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It makes me look forward to a future... It has given me hope... I can’t wait to graduate so I can get a job and help my family’ University of Burco, Gift of Education scholar.

For the first time in decades, Somalia is slowly but surely undergoing a unique and positive transformation. The Somali Relief and Development Forum aims to be at the forefront of this transformation. Together with your support and contributions, we would like to invest in building a brighter and more sustainable future for Somalia

At SRDF, our people bring a profound understanding of the people and their culture, and of the issues and challenges they face. We bring a multi-dimensional approach to address the most immediate needs, but also, through engaging closely with communities, we establish long-term programmes to ensure sustainable change. We exist to empower and catalyse change. Every man, woman and child in Somalia deserves to live a life in safety, with dignity and with the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family.

Creating Real and Lasting Change SRDF has the capacity and skills to successfully deliver aid and implement a diverse range of programmes. Even during emergency periods, when security measures are heightened and cities and regions becomes classified as hard to reach, our teams make sure that aid gets to those most in need. Our strengths and experiences are varied but what we deliver works because we are united in our desire to make a real and practical difference in the lives of those we serve.



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Ramadan Open Iftar Tent

The Somali Relief and Development Forum are proud sponsors of the Ramadan Open Iftar Tent at SOAS. We will be based in the tent during the first week of Ramadan, so please show your support by visiting us, spreading the word and volunteering.

About the Ramadan Open Iftar Tent This year will see the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London and the SOAS Islamic Society capture the spirit of Ramadan inviting Muslims and non-Muslims, students/staff/alumnus, the homeless and the public at large to break Fast together, sharing meals with one another, raising awareness about Islam, connecting with new friends and families and ensuring charitable endeavours continue. Albeit creating a Ramadan atmosphere in the heart of London. Twitter: @RamadanTent #SOASIftar, #SOASRamadan Facebook:

We Haved Moved The SRDF have moved offices from Zakat House in Tottenham Court Road to Westgate in Hanger Lane recently. We're sad to say goodbye to our colleagues from other charities, but inshAllah we hope this new beginning will see the growth and development of an even stronger and more unified SRDF! Contact details below-

New Contact Details Phone +44 (0)20 8991 3344 SRDF @Charity Hub 7th Floor Westgate House London W5 1YY


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‘Empowered Women’ Afternoon Tea On Saturday 22nd June, SRDF hosted a pilot women’s event at the Grand Connaught Rooms. During the event there were a number of talks given on important topics including FGM, GBV and women’s education. In addition to this, there was also fundraising and a host of entertainment including poetry and singing. Speakers included journalist Amina Weheliye, lawyer Quman Akli and politician Sofia Yusuf and member organization USS’s’ Idil Ahmed. Film-maker Sadia Ahmed also screened the trailer to her incredible documentary film about GBV and Rape in IDP camps. This was followed by a personal account on what inspired her to undertake the project. In addition to the talks, the talented Farah Gabdon and Fahima Abdul delivered moving poetry performances, followed by popular singer Canab Ismaciil Jaamac. The event was in aid of Women’s Education, with all the funds raised on the day going towards supporting Somali women in higher education and funding crucial scholarship programs. You can find out more about our projects here: The event was a big success and we hope to put on similar larger scale women’s only events in the not so distant future. A special thanks to our sponsors Xalwa Craft, Numbi Arts and BihiPhotography.

All photos copyright@ Hanan Bihi photography



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Charity Quiz Night in Support of SRDF Huda Ismail and Suad Bashe On the 29th July, Huda and Suad held their Quarterly Quiz Night! In total there were 10 teams, and each team was made up of 6 participants, in total 60 people turned up!


Interview with Fundraiser Huda Ismail Once you start pledging you can’t stop!

Team Old Skool were pronounced winners! In total £726.50 was raised for SRDF! Well done to all the participants and a special thank you to Huda and Suad for organizing the event

How did you first come to discover SRDF and the work we do? I first came to know about SRDF through the SOAS event in Westminster Uni during the time of the drought in Somalia. What impressed me with SRDF was that it was Somali umbrella group of charities working together across all the Somali regions. I’ve not come across a Somali charity that actively sought working together with other charities in the region so it was great to know that something had been established. On the night there were two brothers who were pushing everyone to pledge and truthfully if they weren’t as encouraging as they were I’m not sure I would have put my hand up to make a pledge! That started off the fundraising journey for me. What inspired you to make the tremendous pledge of £5000? Both Suad and I had previously pledged £1000 at our first SRDF event at Westminster Uni and through friends, family and colleagues we managed to reach our target. We were invited to speak about our experiences at SRDF iFundraise for Somalia SRDF event and again there was that moment to put your hands up to pledge to raise money. Deciding to fundraise together with Suad didn’t make the target pledge as large.


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What are some of the activities you both took part in to raise money? RunHudaRun (5K Run in Hyde Park 11/09/2011) Live Below the line this June 2013 and the ongoing Charity Quiz Night (from June 2012) What are some of the challenges you faced? When I took on the initial £1000 pledge for Ramadan my family didn’t think I would raise it in time. By the end my brother donated an extra £50 because he had to eat his words! Other challenges came with putting together the quiz (logistics, where to start looking for a venue, food etc). Reaching out to friends and contacts who knew other contacts helped immensely. What kept you going and committed to reaching your goal? The target. The target was the end goal; I couldn’t give up until it was reached. The just giving page percentage track really helped as it showed us how much was left to raise. For RunHudaRun, the donations on the page gave me a massive buzz and it was so amazing where some of them came from (old classmates and ex colleagues). Where would you like your money to go towards? Humanitarian work, including supporting IDPs and education.


Any tips or advice you can offer other people interested in raising money for SRDF? Do something you know would get your friends/family/colleagues donating. When I was looking at fundraising ideas for my £1000 pledge my friend said “Why don’t you run, I would pay to see you run” so I looked online and found the Adidas Women’s 5K run in Hyde Park and set up the RunhudaRun Just giving page! When we were looking into fundraising for the £5000 I thought of the types of event I personally would like to go to and I remembered having fun at a work quiz night (even though my team did SO badly there). I thought it would be fun and something different to the usual charity events out there. How would you describe your fundraising experience as a whole? A series of VERY fortunate events. It was and is still a great experience! I have met some amazing people many of whom I have come to call as friends and family. The Charity Quiz Night has grown tremendously and I didn’t expect so many people to get involved and get into the competitive spirit (some of the team names and quiz answers have made us laugh so much we have started giving prizes for them). We’re 4% away from our target and have pledged to raise £816 (One year school fees for 2 students) Once you start pledging you can’t stop! We’ve been told by various teams not to stop the quizzes once we’ve reached our targets so the fundraising and quiz nights will continue! Get involved! Open up your own Just Giving page and start fundraising for SRDF now!


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Ramadan Volunteer Call out SRDF is currently looking to recruit a number of volunteers during Ramadan. In return for your hard work and commitment, you will receive access to training workshops, a reference and invaluable experience working for a grassroots Somali NGO. Further, by contributing to our charity during the blessed month of Ramadan, you will also inshAllah gain much barakah and ajar



Live Below the Line 2013 We’re pleased to announce that this year’s Live below the Line participants raised a total of


A massive thank you to everyone who got involved and took part in this challenge. The money raised will go towards our lifesaving projects such as the establishment of water wells and the distribution of emergency food packages.


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The Somali Relief and Development Forum would like to wish you all a blessed Ramadan. InshAllah we hope you will continue to support our worklike forto awish long The Somali Relief and Development Forum would youtime all a to come. to support our work blessed Ramadan. InshAllah we hope you will continue for a long time to come.

Social Media Follow us on: Twitter: @SomaliRDF Facebook: /SomaliRDF Tumblr: Website:

Contact us: Phone: 020 8991 3344 Email: Address: Somali Relief and Development Forum 7th Floor Westgate House London W5 1YY Registed Charity Number: 1143208

Volunteers needed for Street Fundraising and Mosque Collections Brent Mosque: 11/07/2013 Al Noor Mosque(Acton Town) Collection: 15/07/2013 Al Huda Mosque (Mile End) Collection: 20/07/2013 Hillingdon Street Fundraising: 01/08/2013 Westminster Street Fundraising: 02/08/2013 London Borough of Tower Hamlets Street Fundraising: 03/08/2013 Goodge St Mosque: 06/08/2013 Camden Street Fundraising: 08/08/2013 Ealing Street Fundraising: 09/08/2013 email:

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