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Somali Relief & Development Forum July/ August 2013 Newsletter FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR LATEST PROJECTS AND WORK


It’s been an eventful month for both SRDF and its member organizations on the ground. While food packages have been distributed in hard to reach areas of Mogadishu and Afgooye, our fundraising team has been hard at work raising money and awareness in boroughs across London.

SRDF Trustee’s come together in Birmingham to discuss matters and plan for the coming months On Saturday 3rd August, SRDF trustees came together to discuss a number of issues pertaining to SRDF; including the opening up of membership, matters relating to finance, governance and the allocation of funds for projects implemented by member organizations. The meeting also provided a chance for attendees to engage with one another, to share vital information on project implementation and practice and to find out more about SRDF’s latest campaign Invest in Somalia. All the Trustees unanimously agreed to a greater level of proposed collaboration. SRDF’s Executive Manager Emanuela Rizzo says, ‘this meeting marks a new chapter for SRDF and we hope to work very closely with all the trustees and members, to offer support where most needed.’ Abdurrahman Sharif, a trustee of SRDF comments; ‘a new phase is starting where SRDF and its members will be aiming at delivering long lasting solutions to the Somali people and where, with the appearance of new crises in the world, we will collectively need to maintain the attention on Somalia”

May/ April  Horn of Africa Aid joins SRDF.  SRDF sponsors Ramadan Tent and leads a Ramadan Tent Walk  10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Somalia.  Positive News Headlines  Team SRDF fundraises in the streets of several London Boroughs.  Fundraising Idea’s  Project updates from our member organization ADT.


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Horn of Africa Aid (HAA) joins the Somali Relief and Development Forum

To date, they have successfully completed many projects that have benefitted students and young people in Somalia and other regions across the Horn of Africa.

The Somali Relief and Development Forum are very pleased to announce its recent acceptance of new member organization Horn of Africa Aid. We hope you will join us in welcoming, Horn of Africa Aid into our family of fast-growing Somali NGO’s.

We are looking forward to working very closely with our new member organization, offering them support where needed and ensuring they’re able to keep up the important work they are doing.

Horn of Africa Aid (HAA), a UK registered charity, was established in 2009. It works mainly on education and training and since its formation the organization has been able to build 8 schools and to train around 180 individuals, both teachers and support staff.

Iftin Primary School in Borama

Sh Hassan Barsane Primary and Secondary As well as mainly working to establish schools and to provide vital education to students, HAA also seeks to support the needy people in the Horn of Africa by providing support where most needed. HAA provides emergency food aid, health care and Qurbani and Iftar during the month of Ramadan. Horn of Africa Aid (HAA) is currently working in the most dangerous conflict zones in the region and from its formation, has successfully delivered quality services to those most in need. Its staff members are well trained and very experienced in the fields of humanitarianism and education.

Salahuddin Primary School in Lasanod

Baidoa Primary and Secondary School To find out more about Horn of Africa Aid and the work they are involved in, have a look at their website-


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Ramadan Open Iftar Tent The Somali Relief and Development Forum sponsored the Ramadan Open Iftar Tent at SOAS for the first ten days of Ramadan. As well as raising money, SRDF also sought to support a youth led community cohesion initiative and to feed homeless and fasting people during the Islamic Holy Month. As well as this SRDF wanted to raise awareness about its newest campaign ‘Invest in Somalia,’ and did so through utilizing media exposure. SRDF was featured on BBC Asian Network, GEO TV, the Islam Channel and more!

About the Ramadan Open Iftar Tent The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London and the SOAS Islamic Society captured the spirit of Ramadan by inviting Muslims and non-Muslims, students/staff/alumnus, the homeless and the public at large to break Fast together, sharing meals with one another, raising awareness about Islam, connecting with new friends and families and ensuring charitable endeavours continue; albeit creating a Ramadan atmosphere in the heart of London. The project was a big success and SRDF was glad to be part of it.

Twitter: @RamadanTent #SOASIftar, #SOASRamadan Facebook:



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Ramadan Tent Walk On Sunday 29th July, Team SRDF and its supporters walked while fasting from Hyde Park Corner to the Ramadan Tent. To find out more about the walk, read the interview below.


What was the best part of the walk? The sense of achievement we all felt at the end of it! The walk was a really great exercise into teambuilding, everyone really connected on a basic human level and by the end of it we had all gotten to know each other very well. Also the walk wasn’t at all separate to the Ramadan tent and the ideas behind it; rather they both complimented each other quite well! They both sought to accommodate the coming together of people of different cultures and backgrounds; sharing conversation and idea’s. It was also a great way of gauging people’s interest in the work we do, as well as to find out more about the skills and strengths of each individual partaking in the walk. Many of the people who came along were interested in charity work, thus offering an opportunity for collaboration.

Interview with walker Tanya Das What inspired you to take part in the walk? I really wanted to raise money for Somalia and support a great cause. I also thought it would be a really nice way to meet like minded people, that and I love walking! How did you find the walk? I found it really enjoyable! The atmosphere was just amazing! There were about 13 of us taking part in the walk, all from different backgrounds; there were a couple of girls from Algeria, one from Turkey and a number of people from Somalia. The walk offered a unique opportunity for us to raise money for charity and at the same time to learn about each other and for people unfamiliar with SRDF to learn about the work we’re involved in, the projects we fund and the people we help. En route to the Ramadan Tent we were also able to explain our newest campaign Invest in Somalia to members of the public, as well as to hand out a few leaflets. Everyone really seemed to have fun! It was also the perfect weather for a walk; sunny, breezy and warm. There wasn’t a single complaint from any of the walkers/ fasters!

What were you raising money for? We were raising money for our Invest in Somalia campaign, the money raised will be going towards higher education, community empowerment, the establishment of water wells and food security. Did you manage to reach your target of £100? Not yet, but I’m still in the process of raising money. Is there any project in particular that you would like your funds to go towards? Yes, I would like the money raised to go towards SRDF’s higher education projects.


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Street Fundraising Young fundraisers carrying bright orange buckets descended onto the London Boroughs of Hillingdon, City of Westminster, Ealing and Tower Hamlets on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th of August to raise money for those most in need in Somalia. In Uxbridge and Hayes, eight volunteers along with four staff members from the Somali Relief and Development Forum (SRDF) raised a total of £422.57, which will be used to provide food packages and build water wells for the country’s most needy.


Fundraising Ideas Bank Here at SRDF we would like to put the 'fun' back into 'fundraising’ and as such we would like to encourage YOU to raise money for Somalia doing something you will really enjoy, whether that's organizing a party, hosting a movie night or leading a group hike!

In Whitechapel and Mile End a total of £425.05 was raised. However City of Westminster came out on top with staff and volunteers raising a total $480.77. We would like to thank members of the public for their generosity and kindness. Most importantly we would like to thank our volunteers for their time and commitment; we would also like to thank members of the public for their generosity and kindness.

A total of £2168.77 was raised altogether during the street fundraising. The borough of Ealing came out on top with a total 0f £704! The Fundraising Manager for SRDF said: “This was a great opportunity to raise money for those in need in Somalia. I would like to thank the local community for their support and generous donations, and of course thank our invaluable volunteers.”

Keep a look out for a whole range of idea's we will be sharing on our Facebook page over the coming months! If you have any ideas or firsthand experiencing organizing fundraising events, get in touch with us at and we’ll share them with others.


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Organise a Sack Race #2 1) Set up a just giving page

Organise a Play-station Playoff #1 here:

1) Set up a Just Giving page


2) Think of a local park/ open space you could hold your sack race

2) Decide where and when you want to hold the play-off



Set a date and time (weekends are good!)

Pick a game

4) Order some sacks online (eBay!), or use cheap alternative like black bin bags

4) Organize a league of players to compete against each other

5) Come to our office to collect a free SRDF tshirt, and some leaflets


6) Charge people who want to take part a £5 ‘registration’ fee 7) Invite all your friends, your friends’ friends, your family, aunts and uncles to take part, if they can’t take part make sure they come along to watch 8) Tell EVERYONE you know via email/ phone/ FB/ Twitter! 9)

Charge people £3 to watch

10) Take the collection bucket around and explain to attendee’s why you’re fundraising for SRDF!

Charge all players £5 entry fee

5) Come to our offices to pick up t-shirts and leaflets and to talk to us about the work we do. 4)

Buy snacks and drinks etc


Take a bucket around during a break

7) Talk about out new campaign 'Invest in Somalia' and where the donations will go Take lots of pictures and send them to us and we’ll post them on our Facebook and Twitter along with a thank you message to the organiser(s) 11) Add the offline donations to your Just Giving page

11) Have a practice run-through with your friends. Place a marker (rope) at the start and end and allocate an un-biased time keeper.

12) Once you have reached your target you can send SRDF the money via Bank Transfer.

12) Design and print a certificate for the winner!

Our Invest in Somalia Ramadan campaigners did a fantastic job in raising money online for Somalia. A special thanks to all those who set up a page and actively encouraged donations and investments in Somalia.


Let the race commence!!

14) Take pictures of the event and send them to us and we’ll put them on our FB and Twitter along with a warm thank you! 15) Count all the money and put it towards you offline donations on your justgiving page 16) Once you have reached your target you can send SRDF the money via Bank Transfer and specify what you want the money to go towards, i.e. water well, scholarship programme or food packages etc.

‘It was an honour to take part in the ‘Invest in Somalia’ campaign! Fundraising for this cause was rewarding on so many levels as it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and take part in a challenge, while reaoing the reward from Allah SWT inshAllah.’ –Salma Dalmar You can still contribute to the betterment of Somalia and be part of that change!


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Interview with Interv Fundraiser iew with Fundraiser Suad Bashe How did you first come to discover SRDF and the work we do? I first came to know about SRDF through the SOS event at Westminster University. We felt strongly about doing something to raise money for the East African drought and the SOS event came at a good time for us, this is where we pledged £1000. What inspired you to make the tremendous pledge of £5000 As we had already hit our target of £1000 for the previous pledge, we felt that we could reach £5000 with our combined efforts. Huda had the great idea of a charity quiz night which made the prospect of raising that amount less daunting. What are some of the activities you both took part in to raise money? I began my fundraising activities with the Desert Trek for East Africa, then we started the quiz nights and recently I completed the Live Below the Line campaign. What are some of the challenges you faced? During my first fundraising activity I just mentioned in passing conversation to my friends and family that I would be trekking the desert to raise money for the drought and found that I wasn't reaching my target as quickly as I had hoped. I then built up the courage to ask outright for donations and learnt to never miss an opportunity! What kept you going and committed to reaching your goal? My main motivation was to raise enough money to build at least one well that would provide a sustainable source of clean and safe water. Where would you like your money to go towards? Building water wells and education. Any tips or advice you can offer other people interested in raising money for SRDF? Think of a fun or tough challenge to grab people's attention and get them talking! This will hopefully help spread the word and get more donations! How would you describe your fundraising experience as a whole It has been an amazing experience so far. It has really got me thinking about fundraising in a different way, I now have a can-do attitude and look forward to thinking about different ways of raising money.



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Positive News Headlines  Eid Al-Fitr Passes Peacefully in Mogadishu Heightened security alerts across the Middle East and East Africa and continued threats of attacks from al-Shabaab in the final days of Ramadan left some citizens feeling uneasy as Eid al-Fitr approached. But Thursday morning (August 8th), residents of Mogadishu woke to sunny skies, enhanced security and a cheerful mood.


 Somali Journalists' Union Praises Human Rights Roadmap The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) commended the Somali federal government's "ground-breaking" post-transition Human Rights Roadmap process in a statement Tuesday (August 6th). The NUSOJ praised the consultations taking place among the parliament's human rights committee, the Human Rights Task Force, ministry director generals, and members of Somali civil society, including journalists and trade unions leaders. Somalia's top national security institutions will also take part separate consultations.

Somalia State Formation Takes Shape With Mogadishu now largely peaceful, the African Union Mission (Amisom) troops are ceding once volatile but pacified areas like Kismayu sea area and the airport, to the Somali Government.

Somali men, women and children gathered in the streets wearing new clothes and heading to Eid prayers, while hundreds of Somali police and African Union Mission in Somalia troops carefully searched public transportation vehicles, civilian cars and pedestrians to ensure the day was safe.

 Unicef Steps Up Efforts to Stop Polio Outbreak in Somalia With Help of Japanese Grant  Djibouti Promises Increased Military Aid to Somali

Experts say the handover of control of areas like Kismayu signals one of two things; a drawdown or a surge of troops to pacify more areas or the start of state formation for a ruptured country.


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Positive Pictures

All photos taken from @DiscoverSomalia, copyright photographers



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Project Update’s Our member organisation ADT provided food to a total of 126 families (more than 600 people) on Eid-Al-Fitr in areas across Mogadisu and Afgooye! Thank you for all your kind donations and we hope you will continue to #InvestinSomalia (a special thanks to Hayes Muslim Centre)



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Every year Muslims around the world perform Qurbani, the slaughtering of an animal, in order to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S) intended sacrifice of his son Prophet Ismail (A.S.). Qurbani is not only an act of submission to the will of Allah but also a means of bringing joy and happiness to the poor and needy section of the Muslim community and is Wajib as confirmed by Quran & Sunnah. Last year, with your donations the Somali Relief and Development Forum was able to distribute Qurbani meat to over 11,424 people living across Somalia, in eight locations scattered in six regions. In the Kismayo area alone 200 sheep/ goat were sacrificed providing food for 5,600 people and in a Banadir Orphan Centre in Mogadishu we provided food for 728 orphans and need. At SRDF we have invaluable experience in performing and distributing Qurbani, thus you can


At SRDF we have invaluable experience in performing and distributing Qurbani, thus you can rest assured that your donation will reach the people who need it. Thousands of women, children, orphans and elderly people are waiting and hoping for your Qurbani this year, so please don’t delay and invest your Qurbani to Somalia this year.

Donate your Qurbani now


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10 Reasons Why You Should #InvestinSomalia 1. At present, only 29% of the population has access to clean drinking water. 2. Each groundwater well SRDF funds, ensures a reliable source of fresh, safe water for 15 families –as many as 100 people! 3. An estimated 1 million people in Somalia urgently require humanitarian assistance and a further 1.7 million need sustained support to avoid falling back into crisis. 4. SRDF has the capacity and skills to get aid to those who need it most, even during emergency periods when security measures are heightened. 5. Education is key. Without education; whole communities remain locked in a cycle of poverty for generations, by investing in higher education and university scholarships you can help a young student better his/ her chances of getting work. 6. Our member organisation USS is currently sponsoring over 150+ students into higher education, 44% of which are female. 7. One in seven children in Somalia is malnourished, with your investments SRDF can provide food packages to those most in need, in addition to this SRDF can provide educational workshops on food security and healthcare. 8. Polio has recently re-emerged after more than six years without a reported case. 9. The Somalia Humanitarian Appeal for 2013 is just 33 per cent funded. 10. 140, 000 Somalis are in need of sight-saving surgery. MUFED our member organisation is a leading organisation in ophthalmology, working alongside them we have screened over 2,000 people for eye disorders and carried out 300 sight-saving operations


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Upcoming Events  Invest in Somalia: Launch Event SRDF and its members come together to launch new Invest in Somalia campaign in the presence of community leaders and journalists.  Invest in Somalia Charity Dinner SRDF hosts a fundraising charity dinner with speakers and entertainment.  Women’s Yoga SRDF hosts a women’s yoga session- get fit, make new friends and contribute to a good cause  A Day at SRDF Star Media TV covers a day in the life at SRDF for their TV programme Profile, the programme seeks to showcase successful organizations and their inner workings.  Somali Society Partnerships SRDF seeks to build networks with university student groups; in exchange we will offer support and training in capacity building.

Keep an eye out for updates on our social media!


Newsletter: August 2013  

It’s been an eventful month for both SRDF and its member organizations on the ground. While food packages have been distributed in hard to r...

Newsletter: August 2013  

It’s been an eventful month for both SRDF and its member organizations on the ground. While food packages have been distributed in hard to r...