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In this Traffic Travis Review I'm going to delve into one of the most talked about Keyword Research tools out there. Firstly let me say that after using Traffic Travis for some time that it is definitely a tool of high quality. It combines keyword research with other tasks such as SEO Analysis, PPC Project Analysis, Page Analysis, and more. In this review I'll talk a little more about each of the features of Traffic Travis and then sum up how it compares with other similar tools out there. First and foremost, Traffic Travis made its name as a Keyword Research tool. I've found it to fulfil this role very well. In the free version you can pull out a maximum of 200 keywords for each topic entered while in the Pro version you can get up to 2000. For each and every keyword displayed, this top class tool shows the search counts on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. This information allows you to make decisions about the strength of each keyword. Another aspect of this tool that I like is the fact you can filter your keywords easily. If for example you only want to see keywords that have 3 words or more you can do so at the push of a button. The second tool offered in the TT package is designed to help those in the field of Search Engine Optimization. This tool allows you to monitor your sites rankings, analyze the competition for each keyword, and keep and eye on the movements of your competitors sites. These tools are a massive help when setting up and monitoring SEO projects. All data displayed by Traffic Travis can be downloaded and displayed in a number of formats such as graphs and reports. The PPC Project tool is another one that is a favourite of mine. The reason I find this tool very useful is that it can be used to "spy" on competition by analyzing which keywords they are bidding on over time. This is very powerful because by knowing what keywords your competition is bidding on you can effectively copy their campaigns. If a competitor is bidding on the same set of 30 keywords for 3 months then you'd have to assume those keywords are making a nice profit otherwise the affiliate wouldn't be bidding on them for such a long time. The PPC tool also allows you to identify the keywords that are most heavily advertised on, another indication of profitability. Lastly, Traffic Travis can identify words that have a high turnover and report these to you as a "Warning". If a keyword has a high turnover chances are its not profitable. Another tool which is extremely useful, especially for those involved in SEO is the page analysis tool. Traffic Travis can analyze your webpage's and rate them according to the number of SEO optimized factors they have on the page. Traffic Travis's optimisation tool is a massive help for moving up the search engine rankings. This tool tells you how well your page is prepared for each keyword.

All in all the tools offered in Traffic Travis are of exceptional quality and a real help whether you are working in the field of Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click marketing. Traffic Travis can uncover goldmines and save you a heap of money by preventing you from bidding on underperforming keywords. Traffic Travis offers everything the competitors offer and more making it the benchmark in not only keyword research but also in campaign analysis and competitor watching software.

Raymond Clarksen is an expert in Internet Marketing with over 10 years experience. Discover Raymond's Traffic Travis Review and compare it to the much hyped Market Samurai keyword research tool to see what comes out on top.

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