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Exotic Catfish Invades Cuban Waters By Dr. Martin Ar贸stegui Travel and Exploration Director of Sol y Mar Magazine

Two decades ago, the Cuban Government introduced the African Sharptooth Catfish (Claria Gariepinus) to the island of Cuba for aquaculture purposes. This fish was introduced in the hopes of providing a good source of fish protein for human consumption. The Claria are very strong fish that can survive

under very adverse conditions, they can survive in very shallow water and since they gulp air from the surface, the Claria can survive in low oxygen water as well as out of water for long periods of time. Soon after the aquaculture program started, a hurricane brought high winds and floodwaters to the island, resulting in the escape of the Claria to rivers and streams throughout the island.

Today the Claria can be found in almost any body of fresh water around Havana. Since they have no natural predators, they have multiplied in large numbers and are causing considerable ecological damage to the indigenous fish populations. Rumors about the Claria are extensive. Some people think that this fish was genetically engineered in Cuba. Other rumors have this fish walking on land and attacking children as well as small animals. Most of these rumors are simply not true. On a recent trip to Cuba, I had the opportunity to fish for the Claria in the Hatiguanico River close to the Zapata swamp. This fishing trip was arranged by Jose Ramon Cuza Delgado, who is the president if the Cuban Federation of Sport Fishing. Even though the conditions were not good for Claria fishing, we still saw many and caught ten fish in a few hours. The Claria are very aggressive and good fighters.

The Claria are now well established in Cuban rivers, lakes and streams and in my opinion, it will be impossible to eradicate them. One positive aspect of this exotic fish is that they are very good to eat and are providing a source of fish protein for many people in Cuba.

Beauty, Sun and Sea By Teresa Pineda S.

Photos of the Author Makeup: Elizabeth Pantano

Today with Marcelle SantamarĂ­a Our model and guest star, with her sympathy and beauty, is featured in this article of Sol y Mar Magazine, which in this opportunity brings us fashion trends appearing at the end of summer and beginning of fall 2012. She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and their ancestors are a mix of Caribbean tropical with the elegance and riches of the Old World and the Italian Peninsula. Passion for painting and with a special talent, she loves colors and all the joy accompanied by summer, reason why today she wanted to wear tones from the previous season such as fuchsia, hot pink and earth tones as an announcement that inevitably summer will be gone soon giving way to autumn and the dry leaves that adorn our landscape. The French couture is inquiring for Royalty to show off their fashion trends and make them more accessible to consumers while launching a trend that will be seeing in the streets this season from youth to senior citizens who would like to be more attractive and fashionable.

The brilliant colors will continue to be appearing as the previous seasons only that now will be mixed with soft earth tones proper of the fall season. High heels and platform shoes will continue to be women’s inseparable friends, besides styling your silhouette, they come on various colors and youthful tones without forgetting the black and white that will always say “present” in any season. In tropical cities, will have lots of blues combined with white and red, since marine fashion always appears in coastal cities and its a regular visitor in every season. Among the colors, shapes and cuts you can highlight the romantic styles that give a touch of naive while projecting a more youthful image.

Feathers of all colors and accessories are a fashion trend with any type of garment and we can also see it accompanying a formal suit or giving it a touch of “chic� to the beach fashion. The Miami sky has been an inspiration for pink and purple tones, rare for most, but for the people of Florida, they are their daily motivation because it is difficult to see the colors in the skies of other cities. The black and white combination accompanying the forms and styles that we see present in all kinds of garments. The large brimmed hats to protect us from the intense sun, glasses and other accessories to give us shade, will be in a variety of colors like the beach saran that will add the finishing touches on our beach fashion, decorating our silhouette.

Some designers have chosen androgen trends but I am with those who defend women fashion. I like romantic and light wear dresses for everyday but at night, I agree with renowned designers that highlight solid and bright colors are an inspiration to cartoons and superheroes costumes. Finally, we have light jackets for the fall season and the color and style depends heavily on the look you want to get. My advice is: If you look in the mirror and you like it, wear it.

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The Most Popular Game fish in Salt Water Text by Dr. Mart铆n Ar贸stegui Photos: Pat Ford

Dolphin fish are one of the most popular game fish in salt water. They are abundant, hard fighters and delicious to eat. These fish can be found in the warm waters of the Atlantic as well as the Pacific Ocean. In Florida as well as the Pacific coast of Central America we call these fish Dolphin, but in Hawaii they call this fish Mahi Mahi, a more romantic name. In spring and summer, these fish

can be found in good numbers roaming the gulfstream off the Florida coast. The best way to find them is to look for floating seaweed, debris or rip currents in the gulfstream. I like to look for sea birds congregating in one area; this usually means school of Dolphin are roaming, looking for baitfish to eat. You can fish for Dolphin by trolling baits or lures, but it is more exiting to cast artificial lures and flies to them. In the following photo essay, my good friend Pat Ford has captured the essence of the fight with these beautiful blue water predators. Please remember that all gamefish are under a lot of fishing pressure; so only keep what you can eat in one or two meals. Conservation of our ocean ecosystems is very important.

Memories of El Farito By Lilene Faroy The Lighthouse, better know as El Farito, located in the Bill Baggs Cape Florida state park, is a special place, full of nostalgia and pleasant memories, a type of icon for the Cuban exile. In the

latter part of the sixties, and in the decade of the seventies, El Farito experimented its true glory days. Each Sunday, the family gatherings there were a must. Everyone would enjoy the delicious traditional Cuban dishes, such as moros rice, fried pork, barbecue chicken and pan con lech贸n (pork sandwich), along with simple sweet ham and cheese sandwiches and the usual timbitas (white cheese with guava paste). Of course, no one could do without the Cuban coffee in a thermos to top it all off. The young people would go to El Farito to use their new bathing suits for the first

time and to make new friends. The sand and the beach itself are nothing special, but that was not a hindrance to prevent El Farito from enjoying a special attraction to young and old alike. Furthermore, avid fishermen spent hours and hours in the retaining wall made out of stones trying to catch a snapper or a grunt. That was the place where many boys experimented their first whiff

of live bait in their little fingers, when they were initiated by their parents in the exciting art of fishing. Unfortunately, on August 24th, 1992 hurricane Andrew destroyed a great deal of the Key Biscayne flora, specially the Australian pines that were aligned like sentinels throughout the length and width of El Farito. In their shade, many of us enjoyed family picnics, football and softball

games and other beach sports as well. The lighthouse, which used to be brown in color, was painted white and restored to the same look that it had in the year 1846. There is no doubt the El Farito holds unforgettable memories for those of us who enjoyed it in its

prime years. Maybe, those who visit it now will still hear between the sounds of the waves the echo of the laughter and the whispers of joy from past generations.

Bimini is Back and The Big Game is On By John Bell Dive Photo: Michael Lawrence Set in the midst of forever moving cobalt blue and turquoise green waters, Bimini may only be a mere 50 miles due east of Miami but this island in the stream is light years distant from the hustle and bustle of South Florida. From the Lucayan Indian word meaning “two islands�, North and South Bimini along with its smaller cays, is part of the Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands sweeping across 500 miles of open ocean. For generations of angling and diving enthusiasts, Bimi-

Kayaking in the backcountry flats in Bimini is a popular family-oriented outing.

ni has been and remains the gateway to the Bahamas, a portal to adventure and experience perched at the edge of a sheer underwater cliff and the eastern edge of the mighty and mythical Gulfstream. Legendary angler and western novelist Zane Grey and his captain, Tommy Gifford, recluse billionaire Howard Hughes and retailing genius turned

Closeup of a bonefish.

Bimini Blue, the largest recreational dive boat in the Bahamas, is located at the Bimini Big Game Club in Alice Town.

scientist/naturalist Michael Lerner heard the call of Bimini. Ernest Hemingway was an early apostle to the Bimini experience in the 1930s, where he drank, brawled and wrote his way through several fishing seasons, traveling back and forth between home in Key West and his beloved “Island in the Stream”. His creative workshop was the Compleat Angler and his characterizations came from a world populated by giant blue marlin, blue fin tuna and schools of sharks almost too large to count.  With his literary acclaim and sporting prowess, Hemingway, together with countless other kindred spirits, established Bimini as the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World—home today to some 50 world record catches and counting.

Mike Myatt of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) presents a plaque to legendary bonefish guide Ansil Sauders for the part he played in establishing a 40 year old bonefish catch near Alice Town in Bimini.

Guide Eagle Eyes Fred Rolle shows off a bonefish catch

A Junkanoo parade in Alice Town last year.

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IGFA Participates in Scientific Exchange Programs in Cuba By Dr. Martin Ar贸stegui Travel and Exploration Director of Sol y Mar Magazine

The IGFA recently sent a delegation to Cuba in order to participate in various scientific programs at the invitation of Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, Commodore of Club Nautico Internacional Hemingway of Cuba. President Rob Kramer, Conservation

Director Jason Schratwieser and Trustee Martin Arostegui represented the IGFA. The IGFA delegation fist participated in a conference sponsored by the Club Nautico Internacional Hemingway to discuss the current status of billfish stocks and the effects of climate change on the migration of billfish in Caribbean waters. Multiple American and Cuban scientists attended this conference. Jason Schratwieser discussed the most recent information available on the declining levels of billfish and the IGFA’s most recent conservation initiative, the Great Marlin Race satellite- tagging program that is being conducted throughout the oceans of our planet in partnership with Stanford University. To learn more about the Great Marlin Race, please visit

Another important aspect of the visit was a trip to Cayo Largo in the south coast of Cuba to evaluate the status of a marine reserve designed to enhance catch and release fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon. The Avalon Fishing Team headed by IGFA Representative Giuseppe Omegna has introduced a number of dynamic conservation methods that are designed to preserve this fishery for many years to come. Among the most innovative tactics we observed was the rotation of fishing zones in a way designed to give the fish in a given area adequate rest between fishing periods. This marine reserve is closed to all commercial fishing and all flats fishing is strictly catch and release only. During our visit to Cayo Largo we caught multiple fish on fly and President Kramer was able to complete two Grand Slams that involve the capture of a bonefish, permit and tarpon on fly on the same day. The IGFA delegation concluded its visit to Cuba by participating in the opening ceremonies of the Hemingway Billfish Tournament. At that time, President Kramer made a proposal to convert the tournament to the use of circle hooks only and promised to make an official proposal to have the tournament participate in the Great Marlin Race satellite tagging program next year. These proposals were extremely well received by all tournament participants. The IGFA delegation had a very successful trip to Cuba and hopes to return next year to continue its conservation initiatives.

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Pedro DĂ­az:

President and Editor of Sol y Mar Magazine Journalist, editor, writer. Graduated in journalism from the University of Havana, as well as in literature and Germanic languages. He has collaborated on numerous magazines and newspapers from over 15 countries. He has also served as the editor, journalistic director and president of six publications for which he has received international journalism awards. He graduated as a Naval Pilot from the Escuela Superior de Pesca AndrĂŠs Gonzalez Lines, in Cuba. He is also a graduate of the International School of Real Estate. In addition, he has been honored with Proclamations from Miami-Dade County, City of Miami Beach, City of Coral Gables, City of Hialeah Gardens, City of Miami, City of Doral, City of Hialeah, City of West Miami, Town of Medley, and Town of Miami Lakes.

Alberto Borges:

Graphic Designer of Sol y Mar Magazine

A graduate of Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Technical Sciences. Technology specialist in glass and ceramics. Developer of several scientific papers related to the industry of glass and ceramics. Computer systems engineer.

Dr. Martín Aróstegui:

Travel and Exploration Director of Sol y Mar Magazine He is a medical doctor by profession who, for many years, worked as a specialist in emergency medicine. His life has been devoted also to professional fishing. In the past twenty years, he has accumulated more than three hundred fishing world records, including 200 with fly-fishing equipment. He is a member of honor of the IFGA (International Game Fish Association Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum) and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. Dr. Arostegui is also a professional photographer specializing in fishing and nature. He is currently the Director of Travel and Exploration for our magazine, for which he travels to different regions of the world to capture with his lens the most beautiful images that human eyes have ever seen.

Pat Ford:

Angling Photographer

Pat Ford is considered the best sport fishing photographer in the United States of America. He graduated as a lawyer from the Columbia University School of Law in 1965. He is currently a senior litigation lawyer in the courts of Florida, as well as a photographer with a passion for fishing. Pat Ford has traveled extensively throughout the world and has won 32 world records in several fishing tournaments held by the IGFA. He is the author of “The Best Fly-Fishing Trips Money Can Buy” which tells about different places he would rather go fishing with a fly hook.

Nick Faroy:

Aviator and Aerial Professional Photographer A pilot for many years, specializing in aerial photography. The perspective of buildings and man-made structures, coupled with an appreciation of nature, inspire him to capture on aerial photos what his eyes behold from above so that others may enjoy them, too. His preference is to take aerial photos of coastal locations because they have a visual impact that is very special to him from a professional point of view. For Nick Faroy, rock formations and marine life are, indeed a impressive and beautiful scenes worthy of admiration.

Mark Farber, PHD Marine Scientist

Fisheries research scientist who worked for 23 years in Miami for the Agency of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA (NOAA). Now, he is a professor at the University of Miami.

MarĂ­a Julia Bello

Scientific Director of Sol y Mar Magazine

Information specialist for the Agency for Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA (NOAA). She has experience in scientific information, preparation of documents and scientific documentation, editing and reviewing scientific literature and finding information on specialized topics, among other things. She received a Masters in Biological Science from the University of Havana Cuba in 1980, a Masters in Marine Policy from theUniversity of Miami, Florida in 1997, as well as a Masters in Information from Florida State University in 1998.

Dirsia Vergara:

Director of Marketing of Sol y Mar Magazine Specialist in accounting, real estate management, exports and sales monitoring. She has also taken accounting courses at FIU. She is passionate about the sea, reading, and her two children.

Clemente Atia

Professional diver underwater cameraman.


Writer, naturalist, artist and professional diver. He studied at the Cuban Naval Academy, been later part of the underwater search and rescue team. He worked at the National Aquarium of Cuba drawing fish for scientific publications worldwide. Creator and writer of the series of nature documentaries PROJECT 5, in the 80’s. He has also worked for different magazines and digital magazines on topics related to the sea and the environment. Cameraman, editor and specialist in underwater recordings have won four Emmy Awards. Favorite hobbies: stay under water, the investigation and search for lost treasures.

Steve Kantner

A freelance writer, editor, and fishing personality whose byline has appeared in Fly Rod & Reel, Salt Water Sportsman, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and numerous other outdoor publications. Steve also worked as a guide, while hosting a drive-time radio show. Plus, he’s appeared in a number of television episodes that showcased his particular specialty—fly fishing from land for inshore species. Steve just finished a book titled Landcaptain; the Secrets of Fishing South Florida on Foot for Wild River Press that’s due out later this year.

Do you wish to publish your photos in our magazine? Photos are visual reminders of important events. Sol y Mar Magazine offers professional photo services covering multiple types of events, including weddings, birthdays, family reunions, business meetings and other events. We can also publish your photos and text in the social pages of our magazine. Please call for details 786-506-2943 or write to us at:

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