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Amanda’s Adventures in Bimini By Amanda Gilbert Photos Pat Ford

The adventure began when Capt. Robert Trosset III, Pat Ford, and I stepped into Tropic Ocean’s seaplane for a 30 minute flight from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Bimini, Bahamas. Soaring through the air, I looked down at the vast blue ocean and thought to myself, “This is incredible” and… “I hope I see whales!!” Although whales were out of the question, the pilot pointed out dozens of sting rays and lemon sharks swimming through the gin clear flats as we neared Bimini’s coastline. We buzzed over the Bimini Big Game Club and touched down on the main navigational channel just like the Chalks planes of old. Our main goal was to descend beneath the water’s surface and swim with some sharks and then spend a day on the flats where I hoped to catch my first permit. The sharks hang out at Triangle Rocks and have become familiar with the dive boat’s engine. Within minutes of making our descent, there were 3 then 4 then 10 sharks swimming around and between all of the divers.  We saw reef sharks, nurse sharks, and bull sharks. Their mysterious eyes gazed into mine as they gracefully swam over the coral reef bottom.

My first instinct was not “Oh a lovely shark, let me get close and touch it,” but after several minutes observing their docile behaviors I was less skeptical of their supposed man-eating intentions. Organized diving with sharks is a thrilling

experience that every diver should consider. Now if diving with sharks does not tickle your fancy, permit fishing is an excellent alternative. Pat and I went out with Capt Fred “Eagle Eyes” Rolle the following morning. Pat’s fished with Fred for several years and catching permit on fly is their specialty, but since this was my first flats trip, I elected a spinning rod and a live crab which increased my odds of a catch immeasurably. We ran right across the Harbor and onto and enormous crystal clear flat in search of sting rays. This might sound like an odd expedition, but we were actually looking for permit trailing behind them. Once a permit was spotted, as instructed, I cast my crab right on top of the stingray. Without a moment to spare, the permit crunched down on the crab. I gave my rod a sharp tug ensuring a hooked fish, and then I started the game of tug-of-war. My first victim was probably around 17 lbs but a few hours later I nailed one in the 25 lb range. You never get a lot of shots at permit on the flats and I was ecstatic to catch two on my first day.

The Bimini Big Game Club is a destination that makes for an unforgettable vacation. There was fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, gambling, and so much more!! Check out the Bimini Big Game Club at, book a day on the flats with Eagle Eyes Fred by calling him at 242-473-0580 and get there with:

Tropic Ocean Airways – 800-767-0897.

Baha in the

Getaway to your home or Marina

Picture this: When your day of shopping and sight-seeing is done, your home away from home is a gated enclave on

the east end of Nassau — and the gateway to the Exumas. You drive past homes along the beach valued at more

than $3 million. Once you enter Palm Cay’s private gates

you enter your own quiet island haven, your beachfront Bahamian home, where the lifestyle here is like nothing you’ve known before.

Scan this QR code to see Palm Cay for yourself.

amas Palm Cay is a private residence enclave that upon its completion will feature 300 expertly designed residences. Each home features quintessential British Colonial architecture with colorful palettes that exude warmth and liveliness all year round. Our powder soft beaches are ideal for sandcastles and moonlit walks along one of the most intoxicating ocean views in the Bahamas. The Marina clubhouse has an in-house restaurant that serves all weekend long as well as available to cater events as needed at The Club at Palm Cay. For the sports enthusiast, fishing, sailing, motor boating, snorkeling, diving, tennis, yoga, a playground for the kids and a fitness center – all available for your pleasure. Palm Cay offers a full-service, 194-slip deepwater marina that can provision your boat beautifully for a week at sea or a day of big game fishing. The Bahamas is hailed as the Billfish Capital of the world, and Palm Cay is the launching pad for what is quite possibly a boater’s paradise – the 700 islands of The Bahamas. The tax advantages are well documented in the Bahamas as are their beautiful, warm waters.



Gino Maycock at the largest marina on New Providence (on which Nassau is located) – The Marina at Palm Cay.


Latitude N 25 01.129 longitude W 77 16.277

Nassau in all its glory is a hustling little city-center, and the capital of the Bahamas, so everything that you need is where you need it to be. New Providence Island in particular provides amenities that the other 700 islands can’t claim: • Nassau’s International Airport has numerous daily international flights to and from all over the world. • Your Palm Cay home is only 15 minutes from downtown Nassau. • Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas, so Bahamas business is centered there. Some of the largest accountant and law firms that service the US can be found in town. • Paradise Island, Atlantis, and soon to open Bahamar, offer gambling, non-stop nightlife and world-renown shopping pleasures.

The Palm Cay development will have 300+ residences that will include beachfront and beachview townhomes, marina cottages, condominiums, and single-family homes. Above left Beachfront townhomes; right, interior decor in a furnished home; bottom left, The Club at Palm Cay and one of the developments numerous pools, and; right, the Marina at Palm Cay.

For more information call Palm Cay at 242-324-5132 or email /PalmCay

homes: Marina: Bahamas/242.676.8554

Bahamas/242.324.5132 U.S./786.270.2299




An Encounter with Three Icons of Italian Sport Fishing By Dr. Martín Aróstegui During my recent trip to Italy, I had the opportunity to visit with three friends that are leaders of Italian Sport Fishing and recognized international anglers. These gentlemen are working hard to enhance sport fishing and angling conservation in Italy.

Massimo Brogna I met Massimo approximately five years ago in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) Billfish Championship. We have also worked together on behalf of the IGFA for the past few years. Massimo has been a Representative of the IGFA in Europe for the last ten years and has been very involved in the promotion of sport fishing and conservation of marine resources. Massimo is the President of the Italian Sport Fishing Association and member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Sea Anglers. I had the opportunity to have lunch with Massimo during my visit to Catania, Sicily. Massimo has represented Italy while fishing in many international destinations where he has registered many very impressive catches.

Enrico Ghedini Enrico and I have worked together for more than two years as contributors to Sol y Mar Magazine but I had the opportunity to meet him in person for the first time this past summer in Bologna, Italy. Enrico was a most gracious host, taking my wife Roberta and I for a tour of the old city as well as some very wonderful Italian meals. We also had an opportunity to fish together on the Po River for two days with renowned guide Paolo Pacchiarini. Enrico is a successful businessman in Bologna who promotes catch and release as well as other forms of ethical angling in Italy. He also writes for multiple European angling publications. Enrico has travelled widely in his fishing adventures and has captured outstanding fish all over the world.

Paolo Pacchiarini When I was organizing my trip to Italy, I asked Enrico Ghedini to recommend a fishing guide. Enrico wrote me back and said that Paolo Pacchiarini is the best fly fishing guide in Italy. After fishing with Paolo in the Po River, I agree completely with Enrico. Paolo Pacchiarini is a successful businessman in Milan, Italy that guides anglers mostly as a hobby. He is a true believer in catch and release of all the fish caught on his boat and teaches conservation measures to all of his costumers. Besides his fishing activities in Italy, Paolo is a renowned international fly angler who holds multiple fly-fishing world records and has most impressive catches from many exotic destinations. Recently he caught a very large Black Marlin on fly gear while fishing in Australia. As a member of the Board of Directors of the International Game Fish Association, I am very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to many countries and meet so many outstanding anglers as these three gentlemen are. I learned a lot from the three of them and hope to get to fish with them again soon.

Sol y Mar Magazine also advertises with us!


Fotos: Richard Gibson and Dean Barnes St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The Wave Paver team pulled away from the pack and lengthened their lead with four blue marlin releases today – tallying a whopping nine total in four days of fishing – to win the 41st USVI Open Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament (ABMT) or ‘Boy Scout Tournament’ so nicknamed for the event’s chief beneficiary. What’s more, Jr. Davis, owner/ angler of the Port Canaveral, Florida-based 61-foot Garlington, released six of the blue marlin to earn Top Angler and pocket $10,000 in cash. The 28 boat fleet released a total of 115 blue marlin in four days of fishing. Started by Chuck Senf back in 1972 – and nicknamed The Boy Scout Tournament since a portion of the proceeds have always benefited the VI Council of the Boy Scouts of America, one of Senf’s favorite charities – the ABMT has evolved into one of the most competitive saltwater sports fishing events in the world. It’s one of legs of the prestigious Bermuda Triangle Series and Spanish Main Series. The ABMT is fished under International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) rules, and is overseen by a professional Board of Captains and well-qualified observers. The ABMT benefits the V.I. Council, Boy Scouts of America. For more information and full tournament results, visit or visit the event’s Facebook page.

Wave Paver Team. From left to right : Ryan House Glasscock , Jerry Owens an

e, Jason Parker , Jr. Davis (Top Angler ) , Scott nd captain Jason Sinclair

Wave Paver Team. From left to right : Ryan House, Glasscock , Jerry Owens and House, Jason Parker Jr. Davis

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The advantage of installing on your windows and doors against hurricane protection accordion, not only protects against the elements of nature, but also offers security against theft, because each accordion has installed a lock with a key.


Marine Electronics & Electrical Services


1360 SW 14th St. Miami, FL 33145

We provide maintenance and repair of marine electronics and electrical systems for recreational and commercial vessels. We specialize in engineering design and systems integration for all marine applications.


Multifunction Display, Pc Nav Systems, AIS, WAAS/GPS, E-LORAN, RADAR, AUTOPILOT, CHART PLOTTER. C o m m u n i c a t i o n s VHF, SSB, SST, GMDSS, SATCOMM, HAILERS, INTERCOMS.

Power Distribution a n d C o n t ro l



P h o n e : ( 7 8 6 ) 5 5 4 - 11 7 9

MY VISIT TO ITALY LIVING NEXT TO A GREAT VOLCANO By Dr. Martín Aróstegui Photos Willy Williams

Mount Etna was born approximately a half a million years ago in the island of Sicily, Italy. Since that time Etna has had frequent eruptions that helped it grow to be the tallest active volcano in the European continent. Today this stratovolcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The city of Catania was built centuries ago only a few miles from this magnificent but dangerous mountain. In the year 1669 Etna produced a major eruption that destroyed many adjacent villages and sent lava flows into the city of Catania, where many buildings were

destroyed. Since, the great mountain has continued to have frequent but less dangerous eruptions and the citizens of Catania have had to learn to live with the volcano’s presence and potential danger. This past spring, Etna had multiple eruptions that were captured in film by Willy Williams, a family member that lives in Catania with his wife and children. Willy’s photos clearly show how close this volcano is to the city of Catania. This summer my wife Roberta and I visited Willy and his family in Catania and were able to travel to the flank of the volcano and hike to one of its older craters. Luckily for us the volcano was very quiet at the time of our visit. An excursion to this great mountain is a must if you travel to Sicily.


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iTunes/Android App “Bahamas Bliss: Bimini” To Offer Expanded Content By John Bell Photo Credits: Sandra Davis For a tiny Out-Island with a fulltime population of just 1,600, Bimini has garnered a huge amount of interest around the world. So much so, that veteran travel photojournalist Sandra Davis has announced an expansion of her popular “Bahamas Bliss: Bimini” App designed for iPhone, iPad and Android users. Davis, who has explored the Bahamian Out Islands, Caribbean and Mexico in words and in photographs for the last 35 years, has launched a more robust and user-friendly App, adding more hi-def photos and entries as the tiny island continues to add more travel attractions. Bimini is booming. Malaysia-based Genting Group is spending around $300 million on the expansion of Resorts World Bimini including more rooms, a casino, nightclubs and restaurants. Local resorts such as the historic Bimini Big Game Club in Alice Town have spent millions of dollars on facility upgrades and have recently added new attractions, including the Shark Bar and Bimini Bull Run, the world’s first at-the-dock shark cage encounter experience. Less than 50 miles from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Bimini has also added new travel services such as a the Superfast gambling

cruise ship and the return of scheduled seaplane flights with Tropic Ocean Airways and increase in schedules by Silver Airlines (formerly Gulfstream), and Pioneer Airways, charter-by-seat. On the south island, home to the international airport (BIM) or a five minute water taxi way via floatplane arrival in North Bimini (NSB), is the condo/villa rental community, Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, with its’ popular Bimini Nature Trail and infinity pool. “I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating this App, which is a great way to instantly resource all that is available in Bimini in one simple click,” said Davis. “I feature more the 2,300 hi-def vivid images, along with many new entries, and frequent auto-magical-instant updates within the App so readers always have the latest news and are free.” An example is this video of the Bimini mangroves and bonefish flats:

Para aquellas muchachas jóvenes que sueñan en modelar para una publicación, Sol y Mar Magazine le ofrece ahora la posibilidad de publicar sus fotos, en esta revista internacional. Debe tener entre 18 y 35 años de edad. Analizaremos sus fotos y le informaremos oportunamente si usted ha sido aceptada. Las fotos deben ser tomadas en traje de baño en una playa, muelle, yate  o ualquier escenario relacionado con el mar y la pesca.Envíe sus fotos y una breve reseña biográfica suya a:

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Photos Willy Williams

and Bob Godber

When traveling to exotic places, my favorite place to visit is the fish market. When I found out that Catania had a famous fish market, it became my top priority for our visit to Sicily. A visit to the market is one sure way to find out a lot about the inhabitants of the region and the food they love to eat. Sicilians are known for their seafood. The Catania fish market has the freshest of Mediterranean seafood and is the largest in the region.

To get the most out of a visit to the fish market, you have to get up early in the morning, by midday, most vendors are closing up shop. During our stay in Catania we made a family visit to the market in order to pick up fresh seafood for the evening’s meal. We arrived early just as the vendors were setting up shop in their booths. We selected Octopus, Large Shrimp, Swordfish, Clams and Mussels for our evening meal. Our Sicilian dinner was exceptional. We grilled the Swordfish and Shrimp and cooked the Octopus in olive oil, onions, peppers and Italian spices. Grilled vegetables, a Caprice salad and fine Italian wine completed our meal. Our visit to the market was a great family experience. If you want to learn a lot about the inhabitants of a region, visit their market.

ANGLING LEGEND GEORGE HOMMELL JR. PASSES By Alex Lovett-Woodsum It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of George Hommell Jr., one of the founding members of BTT. George will be remembered as one of the pioneers of fly fishing in the Florida Keys as well as one of the early champions of fishing conservation, and leaves behind an indelible mark on the fishing world. George moved to the Keys in 1945, at a time when fly fishing was in its very early days and began fishing by himself, eventually becoming a full-time guide. George is credited with refining the techniques for poling for bonefish, was one of the first people to trailer his boat around to find fish, and also developed a number of important shrimp fly patterns, including the Hommell Evil Eye. George guided presidentPresident George H.W. Bush and was fishing buddies with baseball legend Ted Williams, helping him initiate the infamous Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament in 1964. George had many fishing successes, but is perhaps best known for what he did off the water. In 1967, George, along with fishing clients Carl Navarre and Billy Pate, founded World WWide Sportsman, a shop that was one of the first of its kind and remains one of the great landmarks in the Florida Keys. World WWide Sportsman made saltwater fly fishing more accessible and helped to grow the sport, and was also responsible for a number of innovations including the Billy Pate Reel, which changed the saltwater fly fishing world forever. In 1997, they sold the store to Bass Pro Shops, and that new shop remains

a Keys landmark today. Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris decided to keep the name World Wide Sportsman in part because of his tremendous respect for George. While his health permitted, George still came to the shop almost every day at the crack of dawn to greet customers. In the 1970s, George became one of the early proponents of fishing conservation. In the early days of saltwater fly fishing, guides killed most of their catch. By the 1970s, Keys guides started to notice that catch numbers were declining, and as part of the Islamorada Fishing Guides Association, George became one of the first proponents of catch and release fishing. He promoted tarpon and bonefish protection and Everglades Restoration through World Wide Sportsman, promoted awareness about the importance of seagrass preservation, and under his leadership, Bayside Marina became the first certified “green” marina in the Keys. In 2002, George was named one of NOAA’s environmental heroes in recognition of his numerous contributions to conservation causes. In one of his most significant conservation initiatives, George was a Founding Director of Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (then Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited) in 1998, whose mission is committed to sustaining and enhancing the flats fishing for future generations. BTT Chairman Tom Davidson noted that George being an enthusiastic supporter of BTT was vital to the organization’s success. He will be dearly missed by BTT and the greater fly fishing community, and will always be remembered for his incredible contributions to the sport of fly fishing and his deep commitment to conservation of his beloved fishery. In his memory, BTT has set up the George Hommell Jr. Florida Keys Habitat Fund, which will be used to support BTT’s efforts to bring back the golden years by bringing Keys flats habitats back to health. Donations to the fund can be made by mail to 24 Dockside Lane PMB 83 Key Largo, FL 33035, or by phone at 321-674-7758

Ford EcoBoost 400 Champ Jeff Gordon

Wins New Contender Bay Boat Unique Race “Trophy” Features Guy Harvey Designed Wrap By John Bell Photo Credit: Courtesy of Homestead-Miami Speedway

Homestead-Miami Speedway’s uniquely South Florida “trophy”— a Guy Harvey wrapped Bay Boat built by Homestead-based Contender Boats— was awarded to Jeff Gordon following his win in the Ford EcoBoost 400. The high-performance boat, presented to Gordon by Contender Marketing Director Les Stewart Jr., features a twin stepped hull design, a first in the industry for inshore boats.  The Bay Boat, wrapped in a design featuring checkered flags, sailfish and marlin, is powered with a 250 horsepower Yamaha four stroke engine.

About Homestead-Miami Speedway The Speedway has been open since 1995 following an initiative to spur economic recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. Homestead-Miami Speedway, featuring a 1.5-mile oval and 2.21-mile road course, generates more than $250 million annually for the region.

About The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) funds inspired scientific research and innovative educational programs to encourage conservation and best management practices for sustainable marine environments. The GHOF will help ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish.

YACHT ELECTRICORP. Dedicated to the installation of all electrical systems any type of recreation and pleasure boat

We are an authorized dealer of electronic controls Mather, Sturdy and DDEC. We manufacture our own electrical panels and elaborate designs. The plans of complete electrical systems of any vessel. We convert alternating current systems for yachts that will operate in other countries and vice versa. We are the exclusive designer and manufacturer of alarm systems, fire, bilge level and installation of all electrical systems Bertram Yacht 67, 70 and 80 feet in length.

30 Years serving the marine industry a

7770 N.W. 53 rd Street Miami, FL 33166 PH: (305) 994-7779 / FAX: (305) 994-7575 E-MAIL:


Unfortunately everything is very uncertain. Changes are happening daily and many more should be coming our way. Lets’ mention some that will be in effect by 2015. Companies of 50 employees or more will have an extension until the year 2015, in which they will have to provide health insurance that is accessible with minimum value to full time employees and their children up to the age of 26. Those who do not comply will be subject to penalties. Some religious groups will not have to comply with the law. Native Americans will be exempted from the individual health mandate. The federal government, through previous treaty obligations, assumes responsibility for Native Americans in the areas of health, education and housing, which are extended to the new law allowing them a unique treatment. Inmates are also exempted.

Victims of domestic violence will not have to comply with the new law. Victims of natural disasters are also exempted. The new maximum out of pocket expense that insureds have to pay will have an extension until 2015. These changes affect millions of citizens that do fall under the mandates of the health reform, making them vulnerable to this law. They will have to obtain health insurance, either through an individual policy or through the Exchange. Those who qualify, will be able to use the subsidies to buy private insurance through the Exchange. Penalties will continue for those who do not comply with the law. The federal government does not have all the funds available to fully fund Health care reform. At the same time there is a big dissatisfaction among the population due to these new changes, which in the long run create an unjust situation. Therefore, more changes are expected before the end of the year. Even if you belong to one of the groups just mentioned, that does not mean you need to be unprotected. We always have to find the best way we can keep some kind of coverage because we are not exempt from a sickness or accident. Keep yourself informed.

Carmen N. Crespo, LUTCF Pres. Terra Insurance & Financial Services Health Chairman for NAIFA “National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors�

Roberto Guerra, creator of La Caja China, was presented on the Show “Martha Stewart presents: Secrets of great chefs Grill” which aired popular show on the Hallmark channel and lasted 60 minutes, in Stewart’s farm in New York. The show was attended by Guerra and five renowned chefs, who created and cooked a special recipe of barbecue with Martha Stewart for a private holiday that it celebrated in his farm. “Has been a pleasure working with Martha Stewart.” “It is a very nice person who has all my respect and friendship,” said Roberto Guerra.

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Pedro DĂ­az

President and Editor of Sol y Mar Magazine Journalist, editor, writer. Graduated in journalism from the University of Havana, as well as in literature and Germanic languages. He has collaborated on numerous magazines and newspapers from over 15 countries. He has also served as the editor, journalistic director and president of six publications for which he has received international journalism awards. He graduated as a Naval Pilot from the Escuela Superior de Pesca AndrĂŠs Gonzalez Lines, in Cuba. He is also a graduate of the International School of Real Estate. In addition, he has been honored with Proclamations from Miami-Dade County, City of Miami Beach, City of Coral Gables, City of Hialeah Gardens, City of Miami, City of Doral, City of Hialeah, City of West Miami, Town of Medley, and Town of Miami Lakes.

Alberto Borges

Graphic Designer of Sol y Mar Magazine

A graduate of Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Technical Sciences. Technology specialist in glass and ceramics. Developer of several scientific papers related to the industry of glass and ceramics. Computer systems engineer.

Dr. Martín Aróstegui

Travel and Exploration Director of Sol y Mar Magazine Travel and Exploration Director of Sol y Mar Magazine He is a medical doctor by profession who, for many years, worked as a specialist in emergency medicine. His life has been devoted also to professional fishing. Dr. Aróstegui, member of the Board of Trustees of the International Game & Fishing Association (IGFA), is the holder of more than 400 fishing world records, including 200 with fly-fishing equipment, and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. Dr. Arostegui is also a professional photographer specializing in fishing and nature. He is currently the Director of Travel and Exploration for our magazine, for which he travels to different regions of the world to capture with his lens the most beautiful images that human eyes have ever seen.

Pat Ford

Angling Photographer

Pat Ford is considered the best sport fishing photographer in the United States of America. He graduated as a lawyer from the Columbia University School of Law in 1965. He is currently a senior litigation lawyer in the courts of Florida, as well as a photographer with a passion for fishing. Pat Ford has traveled extensively throughout the world and has won 32 world records in several fishing tournaments held by the IGFA. He is the author of “The Best Fly-Fishing Trips Money Can Buy” which tells about different places he would rather go fishing with a fly hook.

Nick Faroy

Aviator and Aerial Professional Photographer A pilot for many years, specializing in aerial photography. The perspective of buildings and man-made structures, coupled with an appreciation of nature, inspire him to capture on aerial photos what his eyes behold from above so that others may enjoy them, too. His preference is to take aerial photos of coastal locations because they have a visual impact that is very special to him from a professional point of view. For Nick Faroy, rock formations and marine life are, indeed a impressive and beautiful scenes worthy of admiration.

Enrico Ghedini

Angler and fishing writer

Enrico Ghedini was born in 1974 and lives in Bologna, Italy. He is a globetrotter angler and a fishing writer with passion. He has traveled the four continents. He is a lure and fly angler mainly, but he also likes bottom fishing and live baiting. Enrico fishes in freshwater in Europe and Italy, and in salt and freshwater when traveling to tropical locations to target specific species. Enrico is involved in Their main activity is to organize lure-fishing tournaments to promote recreational angling among young people and to promote catch and release as well as ethical fishing techniques.

MarĂ­a Julia Bello

Scientific Director of Sol y Mar Magazine

Information specialist for the Agency for Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA (NOAA). She has experience in scientific information, preparation of documents and scientific documentation, editing and reviewing scientific literature and finding information on specialized topics, among other things. She received a Masters in Biological Science from the University of Havana Cuba in 1980, a Masters in Marine Policy from theUniversity of Miami, Florida in 1997, as well as a Masters in Information from Florida State University in 1998.

Dirsia Vergara

Director of Marketing of Sol y Mar Magazine Specialist in accounting, real estate management, exports and sales monitoring. She has also taken accounting courses at FIU. She is passionate about the sea, reading, and her two children.

Clemente Atia

Professional diver underwater cameraman. .

Writer, naturalist, artist and professional diver. He studied at the Cuban Naval Academy, been later part of the underwater search and rescue team. He worked at the National Aquarium of Cuba drawing fish for scientific publications worldwide. Creator and writer of the series of nature documentaries PROJECT 5, in the 80’s. He has also worked for different magazines and digital magazines on topics related to the sea and the environment. Cameraman, editor and specialist in underwater recordings have won four Emmy Awards. Favorite hobbies: stay under water, the investigation and search for lost treasures.

Steve Kantner

A freelance writer, editor, and fishing personality whose byline has appeared in Fly Rod & Reel, Salt Water Sportsman, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and numerous other outdoor publications. Steve also worked as a guide, while hosting a drivetime radio show. Plus, he’s appeared in a number of television episodes that showcased his particular specialty—fly fishing from land for inshore species. Steve just finished a book titled Landcaptain; the Secrets of Fishing South Florida on Foot for Wild River Press that’s due out later this year.

Do you wish to publish your photos and videos in our magazine? Photos are visual reminders of important events. Sol y Mar Magazine offers professional photo and videos services covering multiple types of events, including weddings, birthdays, family reunions, business meetings and other events. We can also publish your photos and text in the social pages of our magazine. Please call for details 786-506-2943 or write to us at:

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It›s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For the many sportfisher owners who are turning to Seakeeper for gyroscopic stabilization, it›s also a means for gaining the maximum fishing advantage. In increasing numbers, owners and builders recognize that a gyro not only increases crew comfort, but can also help deliver the winning edge. Seasickness and fatigue can plague even the most experienced fishermen. Seakeeper gyros ease these problems by reducing resonant boat roll up to 95%, whether the craft is underway, trolling, or at zero speed. Having a safe, stable platform from which to fish and perform everyday tasks allows owners and crew to handle challenging sea conditions with ease. They can go farther offshore, stay out longer, and better fight fish.



Helping customers choose a complete sound system for their boat, Prospect Electronics offers convenient stereo packages that combine popular products. Prospect’s INFMPK250 package includes an Infinity PRV250 receiver, one pair of Infinity 612 speakers, one SEAUSBMINI (dual aux and USB adaptor), and one SEADP36AXT dipole antenna. Featuring Bluetooth® audio streaming, the INFPRV250 is a 50 watt x 4 receiver. It has a solid aluminum chassis and measures 6” W x 4” H x 2-1/2” D. It comes with a handy cutting template and also features aux-in, USB input for USB drives, one pair of RCA output and is wired remote and RF remote ready. Remotes are sold separately.



Aquabus, a new water-taxi service in Ottawa, Ontario, promises elegance and silence on an eco-friendly boat. For a clean, quiet river cruise, Au feel de l’eau (Go with the Flow) is powered by electric motors from Torqeedo. Torqeedo’s innovative propeller design delivers a cruising speed of 6 knots, with a top speed of 12 knots.  Supplying 16 hp on 48V, the motors are the highest efficiency outboards in their power class with propulsive power equivalent to an 8 hp gas outboard. In addition to having no environmental impact, Hénot wanted Aquabus to be powered by ultra-lightweight batteries. At only 38.5 lbs. each, the Torqeedos were perfect.



With large open spaces, huge windows, a storage garage for a tender and the largest in-class master suite, the Lazzara Yachts new LSX64 is the next innovation in express cruising. To complement such a beautiful and luxurious yacht, Lazzara chose Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America›s Series 80 Marine Sunroof to bring in light and ventilation. The Lazzara LSX64 will offer the Series 80 as a standard feature. With the Series 80, Webasto offers every customer a fully integrated roof design.



Novurania’s luxurious Chase 38 yacht tender and sport boat is in a class of its own. Its generous, sophisticated amenities are fitted precisely into a sleek, deep V hull design with a high freeboard for a smooth, dry ride.  That’s fortunate because the new Yanmar 8LV-370 from Mastry Engine Center pushes this distinctive boat to previously unattained speeds. Novurania is so sold on Yanmar, and the support it receives from Mastry, that powerful and lightweight 260 hp diesels are also used on the Chase 31 and throughout the company’s offerings.

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Sol y Mar Magazine Edition 22 Nov-Dec 2013 English  

Sol y Mar Magazine is the first and only digital magazine in the world that includes tourism, fishing, waterfront properties and maritime in...

Sol y Mar Magazine Edition 22 Nov-Dec 2013 English  

Sol y Mar Magazine is the first and only digital magazine in the world that includes tourism, fishing, waterfront properties and maritime in...