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PATIENT VOICES In this recurring section of The Solve ME/CFS Chronicle, SMCI features the creativity and talent of the ME/CFS community. In every issue o

an find the art, riting, or other reations

of ME/CFS patients here.

This quarter we feature community builder and ME/CFS patient DJ Gilbert. Over the past nine years, ME/CFS has taken DJ on a journey littered with trials and tribulations. DJ likened his experience to a hot air balloon ride. “You begin to see things from a grander perspective. The green pastures become more vibrant. Your worries begin to fade, because from this view, it’s only you.” As DJ gained experience living with ME/CFS, he progressively gained a broader understanding

The Spoonie Planner is much more than a calendar.

of how to live his life to the fullest. DJ feels that ME/CFS

It’s a tool designed to teach people with chronic illness

has taught him how to appreciate the little things in life

how to live their lives to the fullest through a system of

that he missed before.

allocation. For DJ, The Spoonie Planner communicates a subtle message; “just because our batteries may never

DJ decided to give back to others with ME/CFS when

reach 100% charged (or even 10% for that matter), it

a friend pulled him into a new project: The Spoonie

doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to make the most of

Planner. The spoonie concept is that one begins each

the little energy that we do have.”

day with a number of spoons and must decide how to “spend” those spoons for that day. It means making

Thanks DJ for dedicating your time and energy to help-

conscious choices, e.g. get the dishes done or let them

ing others with ME/CFS and other chronic diseases. n

sit while enjoying playing the piano. The Spoonie Planner is a calendar/planner created for the chronic illness

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community as a whole.

Aside from the all-encompassing “Spoonie” message, there were no labels. “And with no labels attached, I was ecstatic to help introduce it to the ME/CFS community,” DJ reports.


Spring Chronicle 2017