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In Solva we aspire to change the sustainability scheme on a global scale. Through our offerings, we tackle the most pressing issues in the logistics sector using cutting-edge solutions. Our solution offerings include delivery fully-electric motor bikes with the highest standards optimized for functionality and sustainability. Combined with our data offering, our value added to our customers expands beyond financial savings, into full automation and truly sustainable solutions through logistic optimization, adding to their core values and helping their business transform into a green offering. We are a team of trained scientists, engineers and strategists ensuring the mission and vision of Solva expanding beyond the classic business cycle into a community based movement for change. Through our customers and community supporters our movement will extend beyond logistics to achieve a higher community role as a leader in the green movement and scalable sustainability.


Transform Power and data to Create Positive Change. Solva believes smart energy is key to making cities smarter, easier and more livable for everyone. Through radical design, engineering and business thinking, Solva is turning the old fuel/vehicle model upside down. Every improvement is aimed at creating more flexible and sustainable energy systems while allowing a new generation to choose a cleaner, smarter future - now.

Lead the innovation of accessible electric fuel and smart vehicles in logistics sector combining it with a solid data analysis platform to provide us all a better future. Starting with Solva’s technology, advanced design engineering and built in technology to a fresh culture of creativity in the logistics sector, we are putting our focus into liberating energy and utilizing data to help power a new era of logistics mobility. Solva is building the GCC most advanced, accessible, and intelligent energy platform, distribution network, fixed and switchable batteries that will transform the way we use and share power. To accelerate the shift towards sustainable electric power, Solva aims to lead the revolution of smart urban logistics electric motorbikes to establish new markets and inspire us all to choose a better way forward.

What problem Solva comes to solve?

55K piston engine motorbike in Dubai ONLY

It also contributes 74% of UAE’s CO2 It contributes 7% to the UAE’s GDP

Transport Sector Breakdown:

Hight Entry Barrier

Served e.g. Tesla



Effect of Solva electric motorbikes !

The 1st Electric motorbike supplier in the GCC for the logistics industry

Higher value for money

Lower maintenance

Lower CO2 emissions


Smarter data driven solution

Mohamed Al Abd

Yousif Al Abd





Solva Technologies

Solva Technologies

Chief Engineer at Al Thani Group (AGC)

Infrastructure Financing Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers


Alexei Filippov Business Development Manager Solva Technologies

James Nelson Manager at PWC

Advisory Board Member at Solva


Amro Alkhatib Head of IT and Technology Solva Technologies

Priyanka Jatania

Sustainability Specialist Solva Technologies




Solva Charging Stations Solva’s biggest challenge is the limited charging infrastructure. We extended our challenges to define the charging hotspots to sort this issue by tracing the logistics pattern of our current clients, using a bike built-in GPS tracker. The charging station is designed to accommodate electric bikes and cars, having a universal plug makes it usable to any EV owner, in addition it has a charging unit for switchable batteries to be used by ST 5000 electric bikes and its equivalents. The station to be constructed with fully recyclable materials, a canopy made of solar cells to minimize power plant electricity usage and LED high illuminance lights. It is featured with a built in tablet, making it user friendly using a simplified app. The app will provide the rider with a detailed analysis of the daily, monthly and yearly power consumption as well as the closest charging station from the current location, aiming to create a fun experience to the end user.


Solar Cells

Solva Logo

Night LED Lighting

Recycled Wood Switchable Batteries Unit

Red & Green Charging Light Indicators

Universal Plug Outlet

Built-in Tablet

Company profile  

Solva Technologies

Company profile  

Solva Technologies