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The Self Awareness Issue volume 1

Features Enrich Your Body

12 Hello Body I Love You Loving your body includes treating yourself to ice cream.

Paintings by Robbi Firestone

18 The Facts: Eating Disorder NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) discusses the effects of eating disorders. 49 What is a Healthy Body Image? Yes, I know I should love myself just the way I am, but how does this really look and feel? 56 Say, I’m Too Busy for Healthy Cooking Improvising with a few core ingredients is the best way for busy people to prepare tasty, nutritious meals.

Love Your Soul

80 Embrace Your Feminine Power It is our birth right to feel safe in our bodies and enjoy our feminine energy. 90 Check You Out Exercises to tune up your self-knowledge 96 The Study of Sex Dr. Nina Harawa spends a lot of time studying sex, including who has sex with whom, how, and how often. March 2011 Sample Issue


65 Coloring Life With Your Spirit A successful portrait artist takes the time to uncover her client’s passions. She explains how what she sees in others influences her unique style of painting. 74 Career Advice for the Artist Learn the business basics for balancing your creative talent with entrepreneurial savvy. True Beauty An Essay by a Beauty Industry Veteran. An insightful account on how seeing your own beauty frees your soul.

By Misty Tripoli

When a woman has come to a complete and total acceptance of who she is, then her body is hers to cherish.

Your body is what you were born in and it can’t be different than what it is.Yes, your body weight may go up and it may go down, but fat or thin it is your body. It’s the only one you get. There’s a shift that happens when you go “Oh, this is me.” Because there’s an inner peace, you can see and feel this shift in a woman. It’s the inner peace we will never obtain until we actually accept ourselves. I might have a little extra dimple here or pimple there, but it’s all beautiful and it’s all perfect. I’ve found when a woman becomes comfortable with who she is and relaxes in this Truth, they exuded health and confidence. Continued on Page 7 March 2011 Sample Issue 2

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3 March 2011 Sample Issue

Exercise Your Mind

Self Awareness Issue Summer 2011 - Volume 1

15 She Finally Has a Home Khadijah Williams at the age of 18 overcame a lifetime in homeless shelters and went to Harvard.

Special Feature: Navagating a Successful Mentoring Organization

33 A Need for Mentors Regardless of your beliefs or interest, mentoring provides advantages to both the giver and the receiver. Rev. Cecil Murray of FAME Church lays out the benefits from both sides of the table.

15 82 Career Spotlight: Self Defense Instructor The owner of Impact Personal Safety in Los Angeles, tells how she turned a seemingly random turn of events into her dream job. 86 Inner Strength: Tap into Yours Training your mind and body to set boundaries improves communication skills.

Growing By Example

37 The Choice to Give a Solution Read how one woman’s vision of creating an empowering teen sorority has made a positive difference in young women’s lives across America. 42 From Stepping to Sisterhood The Results of Receiving 17-year old Alexandria tells how participating in a teen-mentoring group changed her life.

82 92 A Letter to My Little Sisters The story of little Dee Dee. A woman describes how she stood up against her abuser at the age of 10.

50 Career Spotlight: Reverend Rev. Najuma Pollard-King This women accepted her call of ministry at the age of 24. Required skill set? Acknowledge your passion.

92 109 Gina Rene: A Story of Music & Passion Gina’s music gives heartfelt rendition of what it means to grow on Life’s journey. Find Gina’s music on the Step Up Movie Soundtrack

109 March 2011 Sample Issue

Self Awareness Issue Summer 2011 - Volume 1

120 From the Outside looking In: The Man’s View Men can see our many forms of beauty. What the media presents versus what really attracts men is vastly different.

135 Real men are beautiful to us 135 The Truth About Men & Physical Attraction Men from different races, backgrounds, and age groups discuss their perspectives on the women in their lives. 140 Cracking the Man Code: When Men Fight When men participate in physical aggression they have unspoken codes to their behavior. A man lets us in on the secret. (This article contains mature language.) March 2011 Sample Issue

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Tapping Into Your Inner Strength : The Case for Self-Defense

Whether or not you have ever experienced an inappropriate verbal request at school or a direct physical assault, taking a personal safety course is a great way to tap into your physical and inner strength.


here are very few venues where a woman can go to learn valuable self defense techniques geared toward the female body’s points of strength. Impact Personal Safety is one organization dedicated to empowerment by teaching women multilevel self-defense training. The techniques taught at Impact not only address the physical aspects of self-defense, but also provide strong tools for improving self-awareness and inner strength. As a student you’ll learn and practice physical and verbal techniques used to safely remove yourself from high stress, dangerous situations. Self-confidence can increase

See an Impact Self-Defense Training Video on

just by knowing you have not only taken steps to learn how to protect yourself, but have also taken responsibility for your own well being. Real Life Simulations: Impact classes are taught with a layering teaching style that the instructors describe as “learn it, drill it, do it” Once you’ve learned and drilled the techniques, the fun starts with the doing. Part of the curriculum includes fighting padded assailants. With the motto being “Every class ends with a fight.” All Impact classes from Introduction to Advanced incorporate real life simulation scenarios where the student will have to fight their way to safety several times during the course. The point of the fighting simulations is to put you in touch with your emotional and physical response to uncomfortable and dangerous confrontations. Because the assailant trainers are safe and secure inside padded suits, students can place their full force behind the newly learned fighting strikes and kick techniques. Placed in a safe environment, these classes provide you with the chance to see and feel just how powerful your mind and body really are. Walk Out Of The Last Class With A Smile On You Face & Strength In Your Heart Impact reports that “Almost all of the students who take our courses leave with an increased sense of self confidence and value – even if they felt strong and confident prior to the class. “ March 2011 Sample Issue 6

I hear women talking smack. They know all the metaphysical lingo and stuff, but I can look straight at them and I’m like, you got issues sister. I can see by the way they talk and sit. By the way they dress and carry themselves. You just know it. You can feel they have an inner angst of “I am not OK with me.” It’s not about thinking that you are not a good person, but getting to the point where you can look at your body and say, “Wow, I am fantastic!” and not have any criticism. Most of why we feel this way is because of the media. There are very few women who feel confident in their body, and this is unfortunate. I can probably count on my hand the women I have come across who are comfortable with themselves and have accepted what is. I found it typically comes with age, however I have met a few younger women with a healthy body image. I have found that this is because their mother had a positive self image and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Their mothers never beat themselves up verbally, nor ever went on a diet. These young women never heard their mothers saying nasty things about themselves as they were getting dressed. If their mother exuded a healthy self appreciation in front of her children, then the daughters developed a healthy self image within themselves. For example, I met a woman in Canada who grew up with a positive self image. She said ”Misty, when you talk about women and their negative body images, I can’t even relate. I get it and hear what you are saying, but there is no resonance inside me. I have never felt that. Because my mother loved her body, I have loved my body since I was little.” And that’s what it is to be free.

Misty Tripoli is a Nike Elite Instructor and

photos by Alex Slattery

See Misty’s Video Getting Real With Your Body on

7 March 2011 Sample Issue

the creator of The Groove Method Body Movement™ class. She describes the method as “a new way to think about how we move our bodies.” Formerly a professional dancer, Misty is now a promoter for helping women to grasp the reality of the beauty in their bodies.

Frequently Asked Question What is Soluv Magazine? Soluv Magazine is here as an alternative to the “You are not skinny enough and you will never be enough” fashion and pop culture magazines of today. Soluv recognizes mental and physical beauty is a very unique part of every woman. Because one size does not fit all, we promote the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle and the consideration that loving who you are is the key to a fulfilling life.

How is Soluv Magazine Different? It is becoming common knowledge that media and advertisements impact how a woman views herself. Our audience is assured that the marketing and articles found in Soluv Magazine are of the utmost integrity. We aim to: • Use healthy body images of women from all races and body types in our promotions. • Promote good nutrition and fitness for balanced lives. • Present beneficial products and services that promote educational pursuits, a physical lifestyle, and spiritual growth. • Present honest information to fit into the lives of our busy readers.

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Premier Issue Available Summer 2011 for details March 2011 Sample Issue 8

You will find Gina Rene’s music featured on the popular movie soundtracks Mean Girls and Step Up. After producing numerous highly acclaimed singles, she debuted her first full-length CD this summer titled Renegade. By passing on the “American Idol make me a star” track, Gina is doing for herself. Her face the truth lyrics accompany both beautiful thought filled melodies and strong soulful raps. Her music delivers heartfelt renditions of what it means to grow on Life’s journey.

The Music

My new song “Be the Change” talks about the need for everyone to contribute positively in Life in order to make room for peace in this world. I’ve grown bored with today’s radio and don’t listen to it anymore. The music’s the same, the beat’s the same, and the words are the same. There is no originality, no passion. Everyone just follows the same formula with nothing new to offer. “Cluck, Cluck” is another song on the new CD that talks about selling out in the music industry. It’s meant to be funny, but it really speaks the truth about where the industry is right now. The main reason why I started to write my own raps was to counter the stuff that’s out there now. The way women are degraded in the music industry really pisses me off, especially in hip hop. So, I just went to clubs and started freestyling and singing songs with messages that were important to me. When I started I thought no one would want to listen, but I got over it. I know it’s up to us to decide to change it, so don’t buy into the negative images ladies.

Hear songs from Gina Rene’s CD on

9 March 2011 Sample Issue

The Passion

Can you discuss the aspects of your thoughts while growing up that you had to work through? As a teenager I was intimidated by my brother Gabriel’s skills as a songwriter and musician. He is amazing and I felt I could not compete. This thought held me back for a time, until I realized that it was not about competing with him, but about me being myself. So I began to keep a journal of my poems and songs. I wrote and sung wherever I could. After graduating from high school I joined my brother’s band, Soulstice.

The Fear

You eventually broke away from Soulstice and began a solo career. You’ve gotten your music out there and the internet buzz loves you. Yeah, I’ve produced a lot of singles these past years and I released my first CD, Renegade, this summer. Its kind of funny when I think about it, because when I received one of my checks from the movie Step Up, I was actually homeless and sleeping on a friend’s couch. I really want to speak on this to say that the reason I was in that situation is because of mismanaging my finances. I had come to a point where I no longer wanted to support myself with a day job. I wanted my music to be my sole means of income. When the money came in, I attempted to pay off everyone up front and ended up not paying myself. This left me with out enough money for my living expenses. When it came time to reach out find a good manager and talk to the music companies, fear caused me to put on the brakes.

Also, I created a story in my head where I convinced myself that I could not ask for help. I was at a point where I didn’t know where my daughter and I would sleep. At the same time I let my fear convince me that I could not do what it took to move my career forward.

Inner Strength

I put myself in a painful fantasy.

I needed to get a CD produced. My fear created an atmosphere where I was too afraid to move forward, but I refused to go back. I eventually realized that I had no choice. There was no other answer and I refused to go back. I had to ask for help. So I heard about a women’s shelter in Los Angeles called the Alexander House. This shelter is for battered women and I didn’t necessarily qualify, but I gave them a call anyway. We were lucky because they were usually completely full, but at the time I called by some miracle they had a room available where my daughter and I could stay.

The Fearlessness

Inner strength very powerful when you tap into it. How long did it take you to get to a place where you were self sufficient? The Alexander House was a welcoming place and taking action to call them created a safe space that allowed me to concentrate on my music. It took about a year for me to get back on my own. I want to say that I’m still growing and working on not buying into the fear.

I still have fear, but now I examine it as an observer. I don’t deny my feelings, but I also try to not participate in them. When feelings come up either negative or positive, I take a step back and know that my fears are not me, they are just feelings.

I now know that its not my reality, my feelings of fear are just a symptom of a old wound that needs to be healed. So I just step back, look and say hmmm this is what I’m feeling. Interesting.

By looking at my emotions without trying to fix or act on them let’s me see where I need to heal. It doesn’t need to mean that I have to buy into them or let my fear control my actions in life.

Giving Back

You mentioned on one of your You Tube interviews that “Set Me Free” was a song you gave for a documentary done about the Alexander House. You give a lot back to your community. This summer you participated in a 3-day benefit concert called Live H2O. Can you talk more about this event? The Live H2O Event is one of the most recent benefit concerts I participated in. I was a featured singer for this June summer event. It is a 3-day concert put on in over 30 places around the world. The mission of the organizers was to have a global event and prayer vigil to support peace and sustainability of our earth’s water supply. I was a lead performer at the Long Beach, California concert. It was a very powerful experience.

Interview by Aldeana Frazell

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