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1. (TCO 1) Microsoft Visual C++ is an example of a(n) _____. (Points : 4) C++ programming language debugger compiler IDE 2. (TCO 2) Which characters make up the stream extraction operator? (Points : 4) >> ::

// 3. (TCO 2) Which of the following statements is not a C++ syntax rule? (Points : 4) C++ is not case sensitive. Blocks of code are defined by curly braces. Statements must end with a semicolon. Every C++ program must have a function named “main.� 4. (TCO 2) To assign a value 1 to variable x, you write _____. (Points : 4) x++; 1 = x; x = 1;

x == 1; 5. (TCO 3) What is the value of x after the following statement? float x; x = 3.0 / 4.0 + (3 + 1)/ 5 ; (Points : 4) 0.75 1.55 0 1.25 6. (TCO 4) _____ is often used in the design of a program to describe the program processing. (Points : 4) Pseudocode Algorithm Program control Data flow 7. (TCO 4) What is the decision symbol in a flow chart? (Points : 4) Square Rectangle Circle Diamond 8. (TCO 4) Programmers often write the if statement on two lines to visually separate the decision-making condition from its resulting action; however, only one _____ follows the entire statement. (Points : 4) colon semicolon curly bracket parenthesis 9. (TCO 5) In a count-controlled loop, the counter performs which of the following actions? (Points : 4) Counter initialization Counter testing Counter adjustment All of the above 10. (TCO 5) When should a programmer select a do while loop for his or her program? (Points : 4) When the programmer knows the exact number of times the loop will be executed When the programmer knows the loop must be executed at least once When he or she is not sure how many times the loop will be executed There is no reason to select a for loop. Any loop can be used at any time. 11. (TCO 5) The while loop has two important parts: an expression that is tested for a true or false value, and _____. (Points : 4) a statement or block that is repeated as long as the expression is true a statement or block that is repeated only if the expression is false one line of code that is repeated once if the expression is true a statement or block that is repeated once if the expression is true 12. (TCO 5) A loop that is inside another loop is called _____. (Points : 4) an infinite loop a pretest loop a posttest loop a nested loop 13. (TCO 6) Debugging is like being a(n) _____. (Points : 4)

accountant attorney police officer detective 14. (TCO 7) Code written in a specific format to perform a single task or calculation is called a _____. (Points : 4) function loop decision statement task 15. (TCO 8) A value that is part of a function header is called a(n) _____. (Points : 4) argument parameter initializer referenc


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