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Features and Benefits • Two longitudinal grooves cross through angled lateral grooves evacuate water efficiently, improve wet performance. • Special compound with reinforced filler improves tread wear resistance and improve tire lifetime. • Interlocked tread blocks improve pattern stiffness, which delivers excellent handling stability. • Innovative design of shoulder blocks work as a fork to bite the road surface, which improve off-road capability in mud and snow. • S-shaped central rib provide excellent grips on soft surface. • Interlaced grooves and sipes provides excellent handling on and grips off road in mud and desert. • 3D grooves with chamfered edges provide stones ejection function, deliver consistent off-road capability. • Innovative sidewall design help improve wear-resistance and punctureresistance. • Rim protector prevents wheel from damage.

ADVENTURO A/T II All Terrain Features and Benefits • Special tread compounds with big pattern blocks. Ensures directional stability on all surfaces, in all weather conditions • Large grooves in shoulder and small sipes. Delivers high speed superior cornering performance • Balanced void ratio. Resistance to aquaplaning and consistent wet traction

ADVENTURO A/T All Terrain Features and Benefits • Special block tread design with multiple sipes. Extra off road traction • Wide tread pattern with deep solid blocks and lugs. Delivers superior handling and extended tread life • Open shoulder design with wide grooves. Improves antihydroplaning capability and provides enhanced wet grip performance

ADVENTURO M/T Mud Terrain Features and Benefits • Outstanding grip, traction and skid control on muddy terrain. • Extra deep and extra wide tread. • Long life even in difficult conditions. • Abrasion and puncture resistant performance. • Excellent on dirt roads with anti-stone trapping. • Double and triple tread / sidewall protection.

CHAMPIRO 128 Features and Benefits • Dynamic pattern with four wide straight grooves. Effective water drainage for superb wet performance • Circumferential central rib and interlocked blocks and lugs. Enhances handling, traction and braking • Optimized casing profile and variable pitch. Quiet and comfortable driving • Extended shoulder grooves. Provides enhanced cornering

CHAMPIRO 228 Performance Touring Tyre Features and Benefits • Enhanced compound exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. • Four wide circumferential groove arrangement - delivers outstanding straight line stability. • Extended shoulder grooves - enhanced cornering stability. • Advanced variable pitch tread design - excellent comfort and quiet ride.

CHAMPIRO BAX-2 Features and Benefits • Gives excellent control, comfort and true pleasure in various driving conditions. • Asymmetric tread design - excellent stability and cornering with a silent ride. • New full silica compound - optimum wet handing and low rolling resistance. • Wide circumferential grooves - optimum water evacuation.

CHAMPIRO HPX Ultra High Performance Tyre Features and Benefits • Full silica compound. • Directional tread design with good stability. • Solid centre rib with two main grooves. • Ultra high performance and control with maximum performance on wet roads. • Increased corning traction, fast steering response and low rolling resistance - saves fuel.

CHAMPIRO HPY Premium Ultra High Performance Tyre Features and Benefits • Y Speed rated to 300km/h. • Full silica compound for excellent wet handling. • Variable pitch design - smooth and quiet. • Solid centre rib for stability and fast steering response. • Asymmetric design for enhanced grip. • Twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon.

CHAMPIRO UHP1 Features and Benefits • Big pattern blocks on tire shoulder. Strengthens the grip force when cornering • Optimized pitch variance design. Reduces the noise level when driving • 4 straight grooves design. Ensure smooth water dispersion and wet performance • Center-rib design. Ensures linear stability during high speeds • Tread formula with High Silica. Improves dry and wet handling

CHAMPIRO VP 1 Features and Benefits • Four deep, wide circumferential tread grooves. Provide excellent water channeling and antihydroplaning performance • Stable shoulder block with lateral groove. Reduces tread block movement and ensures quick steering response and cornering grip • Continuous circumferential center rib. Improves straight line stability and uniform tread life • Optimized tread block design with integral lateral grooves and sipes. Provides better wet handling and reduces road noise • Advanced tread compound. Generates excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, and delivers reduced rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency

MAXMILER CX Features and Benefits • Reinforced construction comprising of two steel belts and full nylon protector. Delivers robust load bearing capacity • Vertical grooves and open horizontal grooves. Provides excellent wet and dry grip • Special tread compound. Maximum mileage performance with reduced heat

MAXMILER EX Features and Benefits • Optimised weight construction economy and comfort : Reduces fuel consumption and provides a high level of comfort. • Reinforced belt construction economy and safety : Safely enables high load capacity whilst driving at speed. • New bead design economy : Reduces heat build up under high load conditions, extending the life of the tire. • Silica based compound safety and economy : Combines good wet and dry handling with maximum mileage performance. Reduced heat and fuel consumption

Maxtour Features and Benefits • Advanced tread pattern. Smooth, quiet and reliable performance • Modern casing structure. Consistent endurance and durability • Enhanced tread compound. Extended tread life

SAVERO A/T PLUS All Terrain Features and Benefits • Specially designed for on and off road terrains, with aggressive and sporty tread design. • The newly improved Savero A/T Plus provides good traction, handling, stability and better floating force on mud terrain, ideal for the ultimate 4WD vehicle. • The zig-zag circumferential grooves and added curves on each block give better grip. • Large shoulder blocks enhance handling stability and steering response on all terrains. • Wide lateral grooves remove water and mud effectively.

SAVERO G1 All Terrain Features and Benefits • 4WD tyre for sealed and unsealed roads. • Superior performance on wet and snowy roads. • Lets you handle a wide range of road types. • Excellent driving stabiltiy and grip. • Good water dispersion.

SAVERO H/T PLUS Highway Terrain Features and Benefits • New highway terrain 4WD tyre for city and highway driving. • Exceptional performance and comfort on highways. • Zig-zag design block pattern for high traction. • Excellent tread rigidity and handling stability in heavy duty conditions. • Double steel belts provide extra tough durability keeping tread firmly in contact with the most challenging roads.

SAVERO M/T Mud Terrain Features and Benefits • Special tread compound. High resistance to cuts and chips • Wide lug angle grooves. Excellent traction on muddy surfaces and superb selfcleaning • Double steel belts. Extra tough. Keeps tread in contact even in heavy duty conditions

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